31 Days of Lovely Limitations Day 3:: Found Drawers


Yesterday we talked about dressers with missing drawers and how they can be turned into a beautiful display piece.  What about if your dresser falls apart but you still have decent drawers?  Or maybe you come across a few spare drawers at a yard sale…maybe you even REMOVED a drawer from a perfectly good dresser so you could show of grandma’s quilts?

A few weeks ago we priced medicine cabinets for our boys bathroom–the cheapest one I found was $79.  I’m not paying that~I love the idea of using a drawer on the wall instead of a mass produced cabinet.  I even saw some drawers while I was at the dump today.

Here are a few other  ideas of clever ways to use those drawers around your home…

also BHG

How about using spare drawers as servers pinterest via simply rose photography

Nest Full of Eggs

drawer shelves via Home Made

via Design Sponge

pinterest: dresser drawer book shelf

Something tells me that the people who did these projects didn’t go out and buy a new dresser and then take out the drawers so they could create these fun solutions.  My guess is that they had a spare drawer or three laying around and then figured out how to solve a problem using their extra drawers as the solution.

Is there a problem area in your home?

What solutions do you have buried in the attic and stacked in the garage?


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  1. I would’ve never thought to do this with a drawer but, I LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the fun idea!

  2. I love this idea! SO creative! Now I’m going to be on the hunt for drawers.

  3. What great ideas. Now I just need to find me some drawers.

  4. I love the idea of reusing old items for new purposes,
    We recently reused/repurposed cutlery trays into jewelry storage
    Here’s the link:
    Hope you like it!
    Lots of Love

  5. Love these ideas! The possibilities are endless♥

  6. I don’t have a creative bone in my body when it comes to this type of thing. But I am really getting inspired by visiting your blog this week!

  7. link doesn’t work for the last bookcase :( but love the ideas!

  8. Love these ideas so much that I pinned this post on Pinterest to remember for later. THANKS for sharing!

  9. These past two posts make me wish I had taken the dresser a neighbor was offering up for free. The bottom drawer was broken! And NOW I have ideas for it. OH well. Next time. Thanks for the doing the 31 days..I’m having a great time. :)

  10. So creative. So fun.

    31 days of Christmas wonder

  11. Thanks for the great pins!

  12. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous idea! Beautiful!

  13. For years I’ve had two supports for a towel bar on my bathroom wall. My son grabbed the bar and bent it way back when and I’ve never done anything with it. Oh, I’ve thought about it, but there will be two big holes in a wall that’s painted with granite texture paint. I saw a picture similar to the next to the last one up there and mentioned that I wanted to use drawer fronts with pulls as towel holders. My mom thinks I’m nuts. She seriously jokes about it every time she comes over. I must do it so she can see how pretty it is!

  14. You just blew my mind… thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  15. I am amazed at the creativity here. Never would have thought of any of these! Thank you for sharing — this is one of the reasons I read your blog and others. I think I missed the creativity gene and must use my very active “copy” gene for decorating my home ;)

  16. Great ideas. Thanks!

  17. These are so cute and such a great way to reuse something which otherwise would be wasted. I love photos of things like this, but so often I can imagine where I would put it in my own house – I think I need to be a bit braver and give it a shot.

  18. I have a skinny sewing cabinet drawer beside my stove…it holds my olive oil and coking spray. So handy! (I bought it alone, never saw the cabinet it came from)

  19. I just rescued a drawer while visiting my daughter, it’s piled up in the garage right now! Dear Lord, please let me get through some of these projects! Thanks Nester for the cool ideas!

  20. I LOVE the above-stove drawer shelves! Wish I needed more shelving there …

    On an unrelated note – I’m so excited to see the HUGE number of 31 dayers, but the sheer number is really going to limit how many I can follow through reading – not having endless spare time to sit at the computer – so I’m not sure if I want to choose just a few to read for the month or read a few different ones every day.

  21. LOVE all of these ideas!!

  22. Drawers for SHELVES!? Gasp. Genius. I have to do this now…

  23. I am loving your 31 days so far! I feel like since I have been introduced to your blog, my life has gotten so much more stress-free. And so much more creative and interesting. I used to be a creative person – what has happened to me?! God bless you.

  24. Oh. My. Word. I wish my brain saw things like you. This is just so creative, fun, and beautiful. Loving all your ideas as I try to do some remodeling here at my casa. Blessings.

  25. What great ideas. I don’t even know which one I liked the best – they were all so unique, attractive and creative. Makes me wish I had a few drawers laying around. Once I find some I’ll be able to recognize it as a good thing!

  26. Such a great idea. I would have never thought of this, yet it is so cute and creative! I guess that is why I look to people like you for ideas :)

  27. This is a perfect example of where a little creativity will take you – wow! Excellent posts, yesterday and today. So much simple, easy inspiration – can’t wait to re-do, un-do some of our dressers.

  28. You’re a genius. This series is going to be awesome! I still remember specifics from last year’s series because I put so many of your ideas into practice. I love the idea of embracing limitations and imperfections…story of my life. And thank you for opening the door wide for so many of us to join in the 31 day fun!

  29. You always share such great ideas! I just redid a small bathroom and wish I had thought to use a drawer for a shelf. In fact I may just have to replace the shelf that’s in there! Guess I’ll have to add old drawers to my thrift hunting list!

  30. So beautiful and unique! Thanks for the inspiration!

  31. Great ideas. We’re using drawers as snack trays, instead of the usual bed tray. The drawers have sides, which make things less likely to spill all over the place. ;)

  32. LOVE these ideas!!! :)

  33. I LOVE the last one – sooooo pretty and unexpected!

  34. Great examples of using drawers. I will have to keep my eye out for drawers to play with. These photos are really inspiring!

  35. LOVE THIS! I think you have solved a major design hiccup for me. Thank you!!

  36. LUH-UH-UV the way days 2 and 3 relate. The drawer “servers” are awesome…very creative!

  37. LOVE these ideas….. have seen similar ideas with this recycling drawers before…. you mentioned you found some at the dump? Do you regularly go to the dump to find things and how do you go about doing that? Thanks! :)

  38. I just thought I loved yesterday! I super love today’s idea! :)

  39. I LOVE the use of an old drawer for a shadow box! I have been wanting to make some for memorabelia for our grandparents for so long but shadow boxes are pretty pricey in stores. Using older drawers seems to be in keeping with my grandparents’ depression generation mentality: never throwout something that can be reused. The original upcyclers ;)

  40. I loved yesterday’s post so today’s post was that much more fun! Thanks for the great ideas!

  41. Mm-m-m, will have to check my attic. LOL!

    Love your series – Nester-girl!

  42. After we remodeled our kitchen, my Dad and I built a new chicken coop with leftover scraps and used the old kitchen’s drawers for nest boxes. I found this a rather elegant solution for the problem of egg-gathering without fighting off sitting hens.

  43. too cool!!! I’m sure learning a lot of great ideas from you in just 3 days.

  44. I LOVE THIS!! You might see a few of these ideas in my place eventually. Which dump did you see them at?

  45. LOVE this idea…now I need to fine some lonley drawers!

  46. Genius! I love the uses for these drawers! And over 600 31dayers that is amazing!

  47. These ideas are very neat! I don’t think I would’ve thought to use dresser drawers as decor pieces.

  48. love LOVE love these

  49. thanks for featuring one of my photos :)

  50. Right after I read this, my son’s dresser broke. Now I have a dresser without a drawer and a drawer that could be hung on the wall.

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