I had big ambitions of doing a DIY book page amazing tutorial every day this week leading up to my sister’s party. Instead I’ve been too busy getting ready for said party and reading all the reviews for my sister’s book on Amazon.  Hello 5 stars.  Hello top 1000 in books.  Hello they had to order a second printing of the book because they sold out the very day the book released.  My sister will never ever utter a word about any of that–so I’m taking it upon myself to tell everyone I meet.  I feel like I’m the ultimate winner in this whole book publishing shebang.  I didn’t have to write a word of the book but, I’m close enough to my sister that I get to enjoy all the benefits of writing a book plus, I get to actually read and enjoy such a good book.  It’s a win win for me. I highly recommend making your sister write a book so you can enjoy it.

Anyway, I’ve been busy getting ready for the book release party.

Have I ever told you HOW MUCH I LOVE HOSTING THINGS?  I put it in all caps just in case you might have missed it.  I am so so excited about Saturday–we have over 70 people stopping by my nest to hang out and meet Emily, it’s gonna be so fun!   A few of my beautiful friends came over yesterday to help destroy books and make them even more artsy to help glam up the nest and draw the eye {eyes if you have two} away from the grime and wonkiness that my house has to offer.  Why clean when you can create?  Just kidding, my mom is coming tomorrow to clean for me while I move stuff around. work along side me while we both clean the house in an equal balanced fashion with no one person doing more work than the other person.

So, I’m planning on doing some tutes next week–that’s short for tutorial, not the other thing you are thinking.   Hope to see you Saturday!

Caroline, Greta, Christiana, Reeve, Lorna, Natalie, and Kelly~thank you!  Angela, we missed you…feel better now!



  1. Hurray for the success of Emily’s book! It is on my list of awesome things to read ASAP. :) I can see from the bits and pieces shown here that you have a real heart for hospitality, and you party is gonna rock!

  2. What great news about Emily’s book! I’m reading it slowly. I don’t want to rush through. Too much good stuff in there. The leaves! I love those book page leaves! Waiting on the tutes…I can tell you live in a house full of guys.

  3. “tutes” is totes my new fav abbrev.

  4. Congratulations to Emily. What great support she has in you. You are both truly blessed. Good luck with the release party.

  5. “Why clean when you can create.” :)

  6. Can’t wait!

  7. I absolutely LOVE project days!!!!! I just finished my best friends wedding weekend and it was the best! Lots projects and girly time over hot glue and twine. You gotta love it. Thats why I keep insisting that I’m starting a craft club. Someday . . . ;)

  8. I just finished Emily’s book “love Life and See the good Days.” it really came at a good time in my life…helped to clear my perspective look at things in a different light and see the good. {both my Dad and Husband are fighting cancer right now.}
    Thanks to your sister.
    Sounds like you have a wonderful time planed.
    Love your site.
    Happy Day….or should I say….seeing good days =)

  9. First of all, I have to say that you are hysterical and I would read your blog even if I hated your house (which I don’t, of course) just because I can’t wait to read the witty things that you say.
    Secondly, I am feeling your excitement of having a party! Hosting a party just puts you in a different level of consciousness, doesn’t it? I am always on a high when I am planning for a party!

  10. Looks like great fun! Can’t wait to see how things turned out. :)

  11. Congrats to your sister! That’s very exciting!

    I love any project involving book paper, so I can’t wait to see what you ended up doing.

  12. You’re slaying me with your bookishness.

  13. PS – Thank you for bragging on Emily and telling us all the secrets about her Big Time Book.

  14. Congratulations to your sister! Looking forward to hearing more about your book-page projects. That wreath that we got just a sideways glimpse of looks amazing – and so budget-friendly!

  15. I soooooo wish I lived near the big party. I’d be there with a busload of friends. Wisconsin is a tiny bit too far for the road trip, but I am loving the book and sipping punch from a distance.

  16. As always your have made me smile and laugh this morning reading your blog! I am so happy and excited for your sister and you too of course!! I plan to buy her book in the near future! Have a fantastic day and keep smiling!

  17. I love how you take it upon yourself to toot (as in blow your horn – not what you might be thinking!!) for your sister!!! I have no sibs and that just made my day. And if that wasn’t enough….well…your closing remarks…hinted at already….made me laugh. And laugh. And then I read it out loud to my husband who snorted in his coffee (okay he doesn’t drink coffee) and then I belly laughed. And kept on chuckling. I gotta say I love you girl…and we haven’t even met. Thanks for a great post and so much more!!!

  18. Really enjoying the book. So excited for Emily!! Have a lovely time celebrating this Saturday, wish I was there.

  19. THANK YOU for the head’s up on your sister’s book. I just put it on my Kindle :-) You should get some sort of commission – lol.

  20. sisters are pretty much the best thing ever. it’s oh so great when you get to celebrate with them, for them!

  21. I really heart your blog… it’s such a true mirror of who you are in real life. You’re amazing, you and Emily are both amazing.

    Love you!

  22. OH. Such fun.

    I want with all my heart to be at your house on Saturday. Alas, I don’t think I’m going to be able to come, and I am sad. I’m going to review Emily’s book on my blog on Friday, and I swear I’m excited about just doing that little thing! I have to admit that when I opened my copy of the book and saw my little endorsement in the front, I nearly peed my pants. To be an OFFICIAL fan of Emily and her writing–well, what more could I want?

    Now, a question: if I ever write a book, will you please be my sister? :)

    Love you! Have fun, fun, fun this weekend!

  23. Girl, you crack me up! I so love you! I bough Em’s book. I cannot wait til it gets here. The house looks gorgeous! Well I would stay and chat but I have to go call my sister and convince her to write a book. Wish me luck. ;)

  24. I’m DYING here. You have no idea how much I want to be there. I’m reading her book at top speed just in case a miracle occurs and someone agrees to be bring me on a private plane over to the Nest. As for the equal work you and your mother will be doing tomorrow, I offer this story:
    When I was in residency and has absolutely zero time to be hosting anything, I hosted a party with a live blue grass band. My mom came to help me cook (cleaning didn’t even make it to the agenda) and while she stuffed mushrooms and made bruschetta, I was cutting magnolia leaves and lighting floating candles for my bathtub. When she had taken all she could stand, she marched into the bathroom where I was delicately ‘creating’ and said, “YOUR FRIENDS CAN’T EAT MAGNOLIA LEAVES, EDIE.”
    And I haven’t changed a bit. I would be absolutely the wrong person to help you clean but we would be deadly together.
    I love you both so much and will think about you and pout all day.
    I’m so proud of you both and especially proud to call you friends.
    And now I’m all teary eyed.
    My heart aches to be with you.

  25. your first paragraph made me cry .. your love for your sis. . how proud of her you are. . how you are spending your time reading all the reviews. . .how you are throwing her a party and going all out with the book theme!! It is a beautiful thing!!

  26. kelly in georgia says

    Ahh…nothing like a big party to bring on the big doses of creativity and cleaning! Soooo wish I could be there. Love reading Emily’s writing. It is pure gorgeousness. Your “I highly recommend making your sister write a book” cracked me up!

  27. I love your blog and glad to hear the book is such a hit ( I need to buy it soon) sounds like a good read.

  28. Thanks for letting me be involved! I had so much fun:) can’t wait for saturday!!

  29. I just literally laughed out loud when I read that line about “tutes”! I’m looking forward to them. :-) And congrats to your sister!

  30. Is it just me or does that top picture look like it’s moving if you don’t look straight at it? :) So happy for Emily’s success!

  31. I so wish I could come up there and meet you both. But I have to work. Otherwise, I really would come. I love your theme of all the print decoration. I would really love to hear the story on how you thought of that.

  32. Oh my. That comment about “tutes” had me laughing out loud at the computer (at midnight, I might add.)
    You crack me up. And the other thing I want to say is that the blue color you have in your living room accents makes me happy every time I see it. Seriously, it makes me smile inside EVERY time I see the pics of that room. So I know it’s a must have color for me! I am using it as the accent in my to-be-decorated-in-a-new-way-soon dining room. Can’t wait! Thanks for the inspiration!

  33. What a fun, wonderful, loving thing to do for your sister! I’m getting the book and I don’t even like to read that much, unless it written on a blog. But after all this book ripping, tooting who-rahs, I’m getting it. Hope it’s not sold out. Can I get it on my kindle!

  34. I’m so glad I happened on your blog. Or am I? I’ve sat here way too long winding my way from post to post. I’ve recently decided to try to like my house (love is too much to hope for, we’ ll take it a step at a time), so it really hit me where I live..haha, so to speak. Your site is beautiful and your home is lovely. I’m enjoying your writing and all your thrift finds. I’ll be a regular visitor.

  35. Excited to see all the neat projects you’ve done with the old books. I have a ton of old books myself and am looking for inspiration! I’m so thankful for my sister, too. Blessed to have her in my life!

  36. At least you didn’t call it tuts. :)

    Totally smiling for Emily!!!!! How inspiring!


  37. Well now I wish I’d just come on up a couple of days early to cut paper, drink coffee, hold babies, and hang out with silly, creative girls. So fun! Excited to see you Saturday. And so excited about your sister’s famous book! Writing a review of it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I love the book so much I just completely froze up when it came time to put my love into words. Crazy.

  38. Just bought Emily’s book this weekend. And can I say that the cover is lovely, and I relish the sensation of a new trade paperback in my hands? I know, I’m a freak about books. Can’t wait to dive into it. Have fun at your party, ladies!

  39. Congratulations to your sister…….I MUST ask – where did you get your striped curtains – I LOVE THEM!

  40. WOW!!!! it looks like you’ve been busy. Your sister is VERY lucky to have a sister like you. I have a younger sister and think she is a gift from god. I can’t wait to read the book, I’m hoping that I can get it on my kindle (Just give me a sec, I will go check) Okay here’s the scoop it will me available on the Kindle Oct 7, 2011, but you can pre-order it -I did. Congrats to Emily can’t wait to read the book.

  41. I love how excited you are for your sister! Makes me want to call mine :)

  42. Congratulations to sweet Emily! I have GOT to get my hands on a book! I love these posts, btw. of you with your friends. they’re what make you, you! ;) ps. totally laughing at the cleaning bit. I’m the saaaaame way. ha!

  43. Fun! I’ll be there in spirit tomorrow–what a wonderful celebration for this accomplishment! I can’t wait to get my hands on that book.

    And, now, a moment of silence for all the books who sacrificed their lives to become decorations. ;) Can’t wait to see the nest all decked out.

  44. Good luck on your party! I’ve been reading the both of you for years and am so happy for you.

  45. Virginia Mom says

    Best Wishes to Emily on the launch of her book. Would love to be there, but Lovely Dancing Teen Daughter has me committed … err…well, not that kind of committed. Yet.
    Ironically, she’ll be dancing and competing in your area next weekend, a week late and a dollar short. Have a wonderful time and don’t be Good Girls!

  46. I just linked up to your sister’s book – it looks great! I’ll definitely have to add it to my list!

    You’re so creative! Can’t wait to see all the pics from the party! :-)

  47. Um, I totally want to be your sister now. Like for reals. Unless you always make me drive on long road trips. In that case I want Emily to be my sister too. #BestOfBothWorlds

  48. I loved, loved, loved seeing all of your totally fab book page creations today at Emily’s open house/book signing! If I had a sister, I would totally make her write a book. Alas, I think I’m going to have to be the writing sister. Many blessings!!!!! Bethany (Bonita’s friend)

  49. Your blog is one of my faves, so I nominated it for “The “Versatile Blogger” award. Please see my blog on Monday for details! Thanks for being one of my favorite reads!


    P.S. I am dying over this wreath…and pretty much everything else in your house!

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