Fall Mantel Mantle Also Fantel

fall mantel mantle

I’m still tweaking our mantle.  But who am I kidding, I’m always tweaking.  Our corner farmer’s market doesn’t have the good, warty, muted colored pumpkins and gourds yet so I’m using what I can find around the house which consists of a few stripped books, weeds from the yard, a stick and some feathers.  Plus one of my dried gourds from last year and a few interesting vase like containers I got from shopping the house.

Oh wait, I found another gourd.

fall mantel mantle

We have a new addition to the mantel family this year.  The mirror is from my favorite local shop, Bebe Gallini. In the two years we’ve lived here I’ve used shutters over our mantle and I’ve always loved them. But last month when I spoke at the Becoming Conference, they paid me {!I know, right!} and whenever I do a job like that, I try to use the money for something special.  And since speaking is such a chore for an introvert like me, I knew I wanted to get something from Bebe and be able to point to it and say “that was worth all the trouble of speaking”.  It was.


fall mantel mantle

So I put some of the money toward the mirror and I in deep love with it.  Mirrors are one of my favorite decorating tricks.  It’s like installing a window only easier, and although you don’t get to see outside, your house looks bigger.  I didn’t know where I was going to put the mirror when I bought it~ it’s one of my weaknesses.  I figured it would end up on the wall in the landing up stairs but it never made it past the family room.

fall mantel

Here’s last year’s creepy mantle.  My boys requested it about 5 days after I did up the fall mantle. Lucky for me it only takes like 3 minutes to do a mantle.

fall mantel mantle

Here’s the mantle in its natural state~how it looked for the past two years but for holidays and fall with the pair of painted thrifted shutters.

Here’s the mantle in the summer, I love that sign but after a few hours, most things begin to bother me on that mantle.  It’s a sickness.

Here’s another summer mantle.  It stayed like this for 2.8 seconds.  The older I get, the less stuff I can put up with.  But I have to admit, those shutters were a great backdrop to experiment with different looks.  And as renters, it’s nice to have a large, architectural pop of color in the room.

fall mantel mantle

And just for kicks here’s our fall mantle from last year. I took the blue shutters down and tried our family photo, but I only liked it that way in the fall.

There are over 250 links to all sorts of fall mantles here, and fun side note, Better Homes and Gardens loved some of your mantles from the party from last year and featured lots of your mantles at their website~so if you were contacted this summer by BH&G, go check out your mantle.

Don’t forget to link up with Layla today for her fall mantle party!


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  1. I love the white mirror too! I agree with you about the shutters making a good backdrop! Great post and nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your mantel looks beautiful! I love the gourds and the mirror too. Perfectly Fall! I did mine in a vintage theme with old metal minnow buckets and an old stove board…along with bright orange. I love this time of year!!! :)

  3. they contacted me!!!! BH&G…I’m gonna go check out the page!

    Your fall mantel this year looks amazing…BEST EVER.

  4. The mirror was worth it! I agree there’s nothing better than a new mirror and it’s always money well spent because they never go out of style!

  5. What a beautiful mirror!

  6. I love the mirror and what a wonderful reminder of how you put yourself out there at the conference and wiggled out of your confort zone.

  7. My mantel is there! I was so excited when they emailed me!!!!

  8. What a gorgeous mirror – such detail! But I have to say my favorite is the This is Life sign. Did you make that or did you find it somewhere?

  9. But…the green chair. What about the green chair? It is delish.

    ps – Your title has me thinking about baby heads. Makes me nervous.

  10. At least you have ideas for your mantle even if you like to change it often. I have NO ideas for mine so it looks the same until the holidays roll around.

    The mirror is beautiful!

  11. Books, some weeds, and a stick…you are like the MacGyver of the decorating world! ;) I love all your mantels—I envy the quick way you are able to put together such nice looks!

  12. Totally an aside, but I absolutely LOVE those curtains, and the chevron pillow, and the butterfly pillow…and so much more!

  13. fun stuff. i love that pic of you and your family from last fall’s mantle.

  14. love it! We have our pumpkins already down here in FL and I think its just too soon. It’s still so hot down here!

    I’m really excited because I’m going to have a mantle in November finally again and now I will have to poke around and get some good ideas!

  15. Firstly, I adored your fall mantel last year. In fact, it’s the very reason I am currently so obsessed with green and cream gourds/pumpkins. Alas, I have yet to find them locally, but they will be mine. Oh yes, they will. Secondly, you have now given me a new obsession. Perhaps one a tad more difficult to fulfill: that dang mirror. Adore it, want it, gonna have a hissy fit cause I can’t get it. Your mantel this year is perfection. Sticks, always a favorite natural decor element, combined with that ornate mirror are the perfect compliment to eachother. Kinda like my hubby and I: him, all pretty and swirly like your mirror, me, all natural and wild like the sticks…maybe =)

  16. Beautiful…would you please share the source of the gorgeous blue lamps in the photo with the green leather? I NEED to have those for my entry:) – thanks so much – lovely blog.

  17. I love your vignette(s)! The mantel looks fresh but definitely fall-like. :)

  18. Wow, it’s amazing how making simple changes to the mantel can completely change the look of a room. I especially like the creepy mantel. :)

  19. So much prettiness in this post! I love every evolution of your room, but that mirror is gorgeous. Love it! I just agreed to a speaking gig, something I really hate to do (fellow introvert here), so now I’m thinking I deserve a mirror like this at the end of it. :)

  20. gorgeous mirror. you crack me up with your mantle obsession. I am quite opposite… a non-mantle changer. Is that even acceptable in blogland???? maybe I am a rebel! {always and ever the deepest aspiration of the good girl}

  21. I love that you’re always tweaking your mantle mantel! I actually love that you’re always tweaking a lot of stuff! I love (really even though I say love a lot, I mean it!) your mantles mantels!

  22. I adore that mirror! Great buy and good for you for treating yourself. Like it all. Still love the shutters. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  23. I’m just going to come hang out and stare at your mantel.. I mean, that’s not weird or anything. Don’t mind me…Just staring at your mantel.

    ha..ha..ha :)

    Obviously I love it.

  24. LOVE the white mirror! Go ahead with your splurge…you deserve it! I have an old(er) mirror I’m considering painting white. I really like that look! I think I may do it now!

  25. Ok seriously, LOVE that mirror! I really RWALLY think you should put it OVER the shutters. How GORG would that be? I love that pop of color the shutters give, and having the mirror in front of it would be breathtaking!

  26. I’m a huge fan of mirrors as well, especially in a small house it really makes everything lighter and brighter.

    Really looking forward to the 31 days series, I finally commited and posted on my blog today, I’m going to do 31 days to the perfect city.

  27. Love it!…Without giving away why I wanted to ask you if you watch Desperate Housewives and if not, maybe you should watch just the most recent one (the first of the new season): it made me think of you…BTW they have it all wrong, of course…

  28. Oh my! Those HUGE gourds are fabulous. And, I really a few mirrors. Would you believe I actually have a dearth of mirrors? I should head to the Goodwill an see what’s shaking.

    I have an amazing picture frame with glass that I was going to make into a mirror – bought the spray to silver it – but didn’t. I was afraid. I should try it….

  29. The new mirror is gorgeous and even more special because it was such a meaningful purchase. I bet you’ll still be able to do lots of layers around it and the light bouncing around will be fantastic!

  30. The new mantel is so p r e t t y!!! The mirror and the medallion on the fireplace look terrific together. And there’s just a bit of rough edgyness that makes it all come together perfectly. Your best yet!!! Gotta say…your creative juices are in high gear!!!

  31. That mirror is GORGEOUS!

  32. very pretty! i definitely ove the mirror the most

  33. That mirror was a great choice and the chair and gourd are a really nice touch of color. Your mantle looks beautiful and I really like the Fall mantle from last year, as well as the mantle with your family picture. Looks like a great family shot.

  34. So pretty and simple.

  35. Your mantel is beautiful and that mirror? Hello Gorgeous!! I’m thinking that maybe us “tweakers” should get together and start a support group – I have friends and family who think I’m nuts, always moving things around. But, I find that moving things around is often what sparks my creativity and inspiration!

  36. Paola Norman says

    I love your mirror I’m so glad you treated yourself. I admire how you kept it neutral. I don’t have a mantel but always use your mantel inspiration for tables and shelves. You might just change it and add something eles to it which is always fun to see. You have inspired me to use twigs and branches for decorating and I love it. My husband loves it as its free! He says your concept of shopping the house is an excellent one.
    I’m looking forward to all your wonderful Oct. posts. Take care, Paola

  37. You seriously have a magic touch when it comes to decorating. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve included this mantel (and your mantel from last year) in a roundup of my 12 favorite fall mantels. http://www.addicted2decorating.com/how-to-decorate-a-fall-mantel-12-beautiful-autumn-mantels.html Thanks for the inspiration!!

  38. Interesting idea with the board and the words. it adds unique atmosphere

  39. Love the use of window shutters over the mantel. They add both depth and color. Thanks.

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