Book Release Party at The Nest

Y’all it was wonderful.  If you’ve been hiding/living/digging/making crafts under a rock and somehow missed my nonstop talking and obsessing, the short version is my baby sister wrote a book Grace for the Good Girl and Mom and  I threw her a big party and invited everyone to come celebrate.  And they did and we did.

This post is gonna be all photos, most of them from my sister’s camera because I do two things at a party without fail: sweat and forget to take pictures.  So get your fingernail clippers and Depends ready because you are gonna be here awhile.   Tomorrow, I’m hosting a giveaway of something I’ve wanted to have for years and finally FINALLY got my hands on some, Wednesday we are going to be discussing 31 days and Thursday, I’ll tell you anything you want to know about the bookish decor.

I stole this photo from Angela

he’s totally asleep

Thanks to the men for putting up with us and saying kind things like “the table looks pretty” and “what a fun party” even though they were the only men there.

my husband looks so mean in this picture.  he is not mean.

And thanks to Melissa from Events by Design–a friend of Emily’s and mine who offered to help and didn’t mind cupping her hands and making announcements to a crowd {I vow to never do that, it’s not in my genetic make up} she also brought some pretty book page decor that I’ll tell you more about on Thursday.  Melissa was the eyes and ears of the party, it makes it easier on the hostess to have someone like her around, she restocked books and food and came early to help set up.

And look at our adorable our front desk welcome committee.  She has the perfect personality to greet everyone and make them feel at home.

And Mom worked her little tail off baking cupcakes, scrubbing my house and toting me around when I had a flat tire.

Oh yeah, and BIG thanks to Emily who wrote the book that is changing lives. Grace for the Good Girl.  It could have an alternate title of Grace for the Girl Who Thinks the Goal is to be Good.  Or Grace for the Girl who Wishes She Were Good.  Or Grace for the Bad Girl Who Feels Guilty.  Or simply Grace for the Girl because really it applies to all of us, even people like me who don’t nesssicarily categorize ourselves as good girl.  Or Grace for People because really, even men are reading it.

Read all the reviews here and then go change your Depends and clip your fingernails.  Big Huge Amazing, Mouthwatering Life Altering Giveaway coming tomorrow.


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  1. What a beautiful post! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Is the book available online? Thank you — I really enjoy reading your blog — pictures are fabulous —

  2. What a talented and blessed family you have Nester. I enjoy all of your blogs (Yours, Emily’s and your Dads). Congratulations all ’round. I’ll be reading the book for sure.

  3. What a lovely, wonderful party. I see many familiar faces… so sad I had to miss it. What a beautiful thing you did for your sister. Just lovely!!! Blessings!

  4. Looks like a beautiful party! So wishing I could have been there!

  5. Loved seeing the pics – I was wishing I had taken some while I was there. I even saw a nice, flattering picture of me with my mouth hanging open :-).

  6. I saw the pictures on FB and they were all so lovely. Loved all the book pages turned into pretty things. Perfection! (and so is the book – just finished it a week or so ago!)

  7. I am SO glad I was able to be there!

  8. well if that isn’t THE most amazing, thoughtfully decorated, funky book page bonanza, cutest women, book release party, then i don’t know what is.
    i sat down with my oatmeal & organic chicken sausage.thankyou high cholesterol. and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this

  9. I had a great time, it was wonderful seeing you and chatting with your sis. You are an amazing hostess, always inspiring! Love ya!

  10. What a lovely day. Books and girls and Grace. How can it not be lovely?

    {the mantel is gorgeous, by the way!}

  11. WOW! I loved all the decor. You and your sister are beautiful and I can’t wait to read her book. I laughed every time I saw your hubby in a photo. He looked like he was having a blast with all you ladies. ;)

  12. A bagazillion kinds of awesome, Nester! Can’t wait to hear more about those decorations! Wowzers, amazing. And where did y’all get your dresses? Super like. Especially with the boots. I never thought of pairing a summerish dress with fallish boots, but thanks to you girls now I will!

    Anyway, yes, the book! The book is beyond wonderful. And all your alternative titles are spot on, too! Read it, people!

  13. Looks like you all had a fabulous time!!

  14. What a fun afternoon! Thanks for letting me join the party!

  15. YAY! I’ve been waiting to see all the pics. SO VERY FUN! And yes, the next to the wonderful women, amazing book and household decor, the best part of the post was seeing the random pictures of your man. That made me LAUGH SO HARD!!

    P.S. And you completely redid your mantel since I was there last week. LOVE the new mirror. COVET (in a most Godly kind of coveting way ;))


  16. It looks like you had a wonderful party! I LOVE that welcome sign out of burlap above the door.

  17. I read the information about your sister’s book on the link you provided earlier and found myself crying almost immediately as I watched the video. This is a much needed message of hope for so many women, young and old. I also love that you hosted the book release in your home. How special and how personal. Your decor for the event was absolutely amazing, and I cannot wait to see more details. I know that your sister must be deeply touched by your labor of love. Blessings!

  18. cindy redmond says

    Your house looked lovely and your dress is beautiful. What a flattering style…. you’re very pretty in pink!

  19. So wish I could’ve been there. I would’ve loved to catch up with Ellen from Handmade Recess again. Looks like you all had a great time!

  20. What a wonderful party! I’m looking forward to reading your sister’s book. I loved the leaf garland you hung over the stairs–beautiful decor!

  21. It’s gorgeous! I knew it would be.

  22. Congrats to your sister, what a lovely time you all had! I’d love to hear how you made that “branch” from what looks like butcher/brown craft paper and book pages for leaves. That is stunning!

  23. What a great party!! ~ and sisterly love! We love the book page tablecloth ~ we are inspired for how we might set up a hosting table one day! So excited for tomorrow’s giveaway ~ what oh what will it be?! ;)
    Best wishes from the LoveFeast girls ~ CA & K

  24. That looks like one amazing party! How many books did you “repurpose” in the process?! I will definitely be reading your sister’s book soon!

  25. I’ve told everyone it’s the prettiest party I’ve ever been to. This morning I threw together a glass and candles centerpiece on my kitchen table just to add a little festivity to a plain ol’ Monday. Thanks for a lovely, lovely time. I feel honored to have been a guest. And I’m not even upset that I’m wearing {in the picture} my camera strap as if it’s a Baby Bjorn or something. : )

  26. This post has made me tear up. Ok, nevermind that the pregnancy hormones are raging, and I tear up when I drop a cheerio on the flooor, I am tearing up with real emotion this time. You are such an amazing sister and friend to host such a heart felt party. Your attention to detail in your decorating, food etc makes it obvious that your sister is very special to you. Being an only child, I can now only hope that my two daughters (soon to be 3) will be as close and hold as special a relationship as you and your sister do. Oh, and I must know where you got the mirror over your fireplace, or I’m afraid I may start to cry again….

  27. I love the banner, very cute. But the room filled with uplifting spirits was even better. Job well done.

  28. I think about the same time you were having the party, I was weeping (like ugly-cry-weeping) through the book. It was the story of that girl who “felt loved when she was needed,” who carried a purse full of stuff so that she could have everything anyone could want so she could give it to them. Oh man, oh man, bring on the grace…just got to part TWO. So excited!

  29. everything looked so so pretty! congratulations to Emily, i’m off to find her book.

  30. Looks like wonderful fun!! Congrats on pulling off an awesome party for your sister – she is blessed to have you! I can’t wait to get my hands on several copies of this book! (I hope that’s what tomorrow brings! )

  31. Looks like a really fantastic party! Well done ladies and well done Emily!

  32. What a beautiful party! Nester you look FAB in your dress! Congrats to Emily!

  33. What a fabulous party! Congratulations to Emily! The book decorations are adorable and your house looks so pretty, Nester!

  34. Wish I could have been there with you guys! Love the pics!

  35. What a lovely way to honor your sister! I am digging all the book crafts, love them!

  36. best. party. like. ever.

  37. Reading it now! I’m having to think a lot about it, but it’s sooo good for me…
    what a party! Love how every beautiful detail was thought out. Mostly LOVE the pics of your husband :)

  38. Looks like a beautiful and thoughtful party.. lots of sisterly love there!

    This is sort of out of left field, in relation to the post, but any idea what kind of boots your sis is wearing? I saw a woman on the street in them the other day and have been desperately googling with no luck.. until I made my regular visit to The Nester, and lo and behold.. there they are!… can you help me?

  39. This looks like an incredible party; the event of the year! With all the pictures I feel like I was there in a way. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks to your sister for having the courage to chase her dream and write a book. You two are amazing women!

  40. What fun. Your home looks fabulous with all the little bookpage touches and such. Everyone looks like they are having a great time. I am sure your sister is so greatful to you for taking the time to put together this party.

  41. It’s the testament to sister love that has me a happy mess here.

    You two?

    Just. Pure. Wonder!

  42. Grace For People!! I just sat at breakfast this a.m. with two toddlers and a dear friend who told me how much this book is moving her into a new kind of living.

    You girls, you’re so beautiful.

    Still fuming mad that I live so dang far away.

    ps – You husband looks totally mean.


  43. Your man doesn’t look mean, he looks tuff. And he is tuff.

  44. p.s. I’m still in denial that I wasn’t there. Even after seeing the pictures and knowing I wasn’t there. Let’s just have another one at Relevant. Even though it will be in a hotel room and not the nest. Done.

  45. Ooooooh, heavens!!
    I heard about “Grace for the Good Girl” from “Heart to Heart with Holley” and went, “Ooooo, that’s for me.” Her post was titled something like, “When you are ready to remove your mask” and she mentioned Emily’s book. Wow.
    I went through a season of fear and anxiety that eventually led me to realize that I was trying to ADD to grace. I consider myself something of a “recovering good girl,” too, that thought God’s opinion of me changed depending on how “good” I was at any given time. Yikes. Anyway, I was in the process of buying the book when I saw you posting about a book release and thought, “No way that is that her sister.” HOW DELIGHTFUL!!!!!! I’ve been reading about you and Emily for sooooo long. You ladies are the real deal and I am thrilled to read the book. I know it will touch and change many lives and God will bless your endeavor. Lovely party, too! Awesome! :)

  46. i sweat like crazy when i throw a party as well & always forget to take pictures.

    nester, nester, nester – amazing amazing job. so many details.
    it’s all just lovely fluff!!!


  47. That looks like a truly beautiful party. I’ll be throwing a book party for a friend next Spring, so I can’t wait to hear about the details behind some of the decor!

  48. Not did your party look beautiful, but it looked like fun too! People smiling and mingling–that’s the way to go! Love your gorgeous, amazing decorations…truly inspirational!

  49. FAB celebration! you’re a star**!

  50. Ooooo it looks so fun and fabulous. Wish I lived close by. Well maybe not… But…I would have loved to have come and met you all and enjoyed your hospitality. Alas! I am enjoying the photo spree….and if you would…please post a photo of your lovely serving tablescape….which includes the food. Everything looks, well perfect. (How could you?—teehee)

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