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Link up your 31 Day Series, you only need to link up ONE time on ONE host blog, your link should show up on each blog within a few minutes.

DON’T forget to update the post at your blog you linked to-to add in each day’s new post  HELP your readers find your posts!

Still confused?

PLEASE, click on my link number 8 to see how it should work.


  1. 31 days of total, unadulterated, inspiration all in on click! We love it!

  2. I am so excited & nervous of the commitment I just made ;) 31 days of free printables….. :) Hopefully I’ll make some new bloggy friends along the way!

  3. Oh no.. my ugly practice button is up there!
    I updated it on the practice link up as I can’t update it here (option disabled).

  4. I’ve been nervous and excited and I just figured out that I thought I was linked up and then it wasn’t ??? who even knows what I did- but, I’m on there now- whoops! awesome bloggers on here, I hope I can make you proud- kelli

  5. oh my!!! so many choices……

  6. Holly cow!

    It’s 8:30am here in the UK and I just liked upas the 160th link!! Some people were up early this morning or late last night, just the start of the proof that you girls have inspired so many people before even posting your first 31 day post this year.

    Looking forward to lots of post reading this month.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    • Westcoasters had the advantage I guess :)
      I linked around 11pm and I got 103

      I’m overwhelmed in the best way possible at all of the wonderful topics!

  7. So many amazing and wonderful choices to choose from! Thanks for leading the way for the rest of us!

  8. Ooooh, there’s so much fun to choose from. Guess I’ll start with No. 1! And Jade, I agree: I was up at 5:30 am in Boston and was number 174. Lots of burn-the-midnight-oil’ers in this challenge. I love it.

  9. Thanks so much, Nester, for putting my button up there. I’m excited, and it’s fun to see so many topics that I want to visit. New people to discover, YAY!

  10. Thanks for hosting this linky Nester! It’s going to be a fun 31 Days!

  11. yay for many new inspiring reads this month!!

  12. What a brilliant idea… the mother of all linky parties! I’m thinking you may break the internet with this load of linky goodness ;)

  13. How can I edit my linky?

  14. Dear Nester,

    I do believe you are going to my Google reader explode this month. :)

  15. My first button, the green “five feathers ranch” button does not work. The log in process didn’t work correctly. It Red “My Real Farm Life” button is the one I need to keep. Thank you.

  16. This is great! I just decided to participate this morning, so yes, I’m flying by the seat of my pants and I’m 100% in panic mode!

  17. Got my first post up. I found it really helpful when I read your blog post about 31 days (several days ago) where you had listed different categories that you were considering for your blog posts. So I have my ideas picked – now I just need to focus on content! I’m also leaving for several days to go camping. I’ll have to be quite organized and inspired to pull this off! It’s a good challenge.

  18. Okay, I had a major fail! Ha. I’m trying to do this from my phone while we are out of town! Is there any way you could delete my link up #316 so that I could properly link up please? I would love to put a better picture up! :( so sorry for the trouble!

  19. Is it too late to put up a link?

  20. there is an overwhelming amount to chooe from!! I picked 10 of my favs so i wouldnt be overwhelmed!! this is great nester, thanks!!!!

  21. Wow! So many great topics! How will I ever choose which ones to read?!

    Thanks so much, Nester, for hosting this for us. This is going to be fun!

  22. Not sure how many I’ll read, but I’m going to read as many as I possibly can! So excited!

  23. Please delete 380 … I put in the wrong link!

    • email me with the title and refresh so you have the right number if you still need me to delete it–I don’t want to accidentally delete someone elses link

  24. Nearly 400 participants?!? (I need your surprise face here.) Amazing. Now to figure out which to read. Categories? Maybe that’s something y’all can work on for next year. Link up with a certain blogger for certain subjects?

  25. Paige Head says

    Holy 31 days of Linky Batman. I can not believe how many awesome blogs there are going to be to read this month. I am not sure how I will read them all.

  26. Wow, this will be fun! And so many great blogs to read. Can’t wait! :)

  27. So if I link up here, do I need to do anything else? Do I need to add a linky thingamajigger to my blog post too so others can link up there? Because I’m really not sure how to do that.

  28. Thank you for hosting this 31 days of Anything… I’m having fun checking out all the goodness!

  29. I am having a blast getting around and reading some amazing posts today! Thank you Nester for allowing me to participate this year!

  30. I DID IT!!!! I made my own button! I linked to the linky thangy!!!!!!!!! yeah me!!!!!!!!

  31. oh WOW! I just got a “whooo hoooo!” from the Nester. This truly is the best day E.V.E.R.!

  32. Seek and ye shall find … I was just looking for the oomph to get my family’s eating straightened out and up pops the 31 days challenge. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m so excited to do this! :)

  33. Okay, slightly embarassed – my thumbnail or link is not working! I’m 424 and my blog is: http://lingerwithlorianne.wordpress.com/2011/10/01/31-days-of-removing-the-piles/
    It’s pretty plain but if I blog 31 days in a row, that will be two accomplishments!

  34. This is great! I am so happy so many linked up to this series. Can’t wait to start reading!

  35. Great idea and just in time for some introspection! Thanks for hosting.

  36. Oh my! All this good reading may cut into my writing time! :-) Good luck everyone!!


    ONLY. 230.TO.GO.

    hahahah ;0)

  38. So yeah… you can delete my link. :) I’m currently number 255. 31 Days of Joy.
    What started with excitement quickly became pressure. It’s only day one, and I was already feeling burdened to write, write, write. Sit down and write even though it’s gorgeous outside. Sit down and write even though my daughter is learning to crawl. Sit down and write, even though I don’t actually want to. Oh, and sit down and write about Joy (which is great!), but I really want to write about much more than that.
    So I’m out. I’m looking forward to reading lots of other people’s 31 days. But I’m going to sit back and let my blog just be my blog instead of putting pressure on myself that doesn’t need to be there.

  39. I am really excited by this! I’ve just gone through the first 25 or so linkies and subscribed to their blogs and the range of topics is just so wonderful. This is going to be a great 31 days!

  40. Hey Congratulations- it worked and the internet didn’t’ blow up! But holy blogs, Batman! I hope people keep their links current, as I can see myself spending the next year perusing these series with my morning tea- so many fabulous things to choose from. Thanks for hosting such a great party! :)

  41. Nester, thanks for stopping by my site today – glad you enjoyed the Bungalow tour story.

    And I CAN NOT BELIEVE how many blogs have linked up to this thing. It’s HUGE! So much inspiration I don’t even know where to start reading….wow.

  42. Hi – This *is* huge. Such a fun idea. I heard about it at the last minute and am so glad I did.
    BTW – if it’s possible I’d like to edit the name of my entry – it’s #429, and rather than it saying “Lisa Taylor” (which on auto pilot I entered w/o thinking :-( I’d love for it to say “31 Days of Tradition” (which is a much more apt title .

    I just don’t know where to begin – number 1, I suppose, as others before me have said!

  43. WOW!! So many bloggers participating!! How cool is that?! I actually started my blog after your 31 day series last year Nester!! Thanks for being such an inspiration!!

  44. Hello, Just found you and I would love to complete this 31 day challenge. There is 15 minutes left of Oct. 1st. :) Am I still able to join you? If not I may still write for 31 days w/o a cool pic or link……Let me know. This looks like a lot of fun!

  45. Holy Schmokes. I am #599. FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE!! I was completely inspired by Emily at Remodeling This Life last year, as well as your posts, and swore to myself I’d do it this year. Took it right to the wire, didn’t I?? Anyway. This’ll be fun!

  46. Girl, you are speaking my language. I love use what you have. Thanks.

  47. quick question- yesterday I successfully added my link to my day 1 post, this morning I published day 2 but when I went to check out with my “button” I am number 226, it still only links up to the day 1 post and not my new day 2 post. I looked around at a few others and saw that some of their blogs were doing the same thing. In the directions it had said to link to welcome or day one post not the home page, which I did, so did I miss something? Seems as if it should go to homepage to directly show each new posting? Just to secure a spot I redid another link to my home page, unfortunatley I am now number 622, is there a way to save my first one? I will wait to delete one of them to see which one I shoud. Not sure what I did wrong, any advice would be great! thanks this is such a great idea!!! Rebecca

  48. click on my button, or my sister’s button {change the world number 2} to see how we did it.

    if you link directly to your home page it will ALWAYS link to your home page–even in december when you have christmas decorations up and you aren’t talking about 31 days–we are thinking about the reader here and want to make it easy for them–so that means extra work for you–so on whatever post you linked to, every day, you put in a little link to your most recent post…just like we talked about the other day. I know it’s confusing, but as a writer you want to make it easy on your reader. You can also link directly to your category once you tag it and it will show your posts in decending order. I opt for controlling the order an linking to day 1 which is also a welcome page which I also update daily to add each day link–see how I did it and you can do the same.

  49. I’m so sorry!
    I got the frog! How do I take if off the site so that I can try again?!
    Forgive me.

  50. Hi Nester, I am number 593, “Forgetting Myself”, and for some reason the link isn’t fully working to my page. Here is the link, if you are able to fix it: http://www.youaremygirls.com/2011/10/01/31-days-to-forgetting-myself-day-1-surrendering-taking-the-plunge/

    Thank you so much! I am so excited about this journey!


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