Whep, it’s official. My three boys finally have their first full day of school today.  I’m so ready for beef stew and new episodes of The Office and yellow pencils with fresh erasers.  Not to mention three days a week I’ll have guilt free hours all to myself to completely devote to all things bloggy.  You know, since I basically took the entire summer off expectantly.  Anyway, my house is in chaos.  It needs a shakedown and a hose down and a douse in antibac.

Anyway, I thought today would be a fun day to touch on some of our favorite school time tips.

My best ones are::

Start a lunch basket if you haven’t already.

Buy a stack of poster boards NOW to avoid that 8pm night before hey mom, I need to do a project on a poster board and turn it in tomorrow blues.  I just slide them behind our hutch in the breakfast area.  Target has poster boards for 32 cents.

And my most obvious, most hated, most loved, I-finally-have-accepted-that-it-works-for-our-family-secret-weapon…is…at (in)courage today.