This is the longest time we’ve had the same vacuum.  It’s been about 4 years.  And it only broke because my boys were playing indoor hockey and one smashed into it and broke part of it off.  It’s nothing special, just some Target find that rated high in Consumer Reports.  I hated that it was so ketchup and mustardy, and I guess if I ever actually put it away, I wouldn’t have had to see the colors and it wouldn’t have gotten broken but that’s another post.

I need a new one, and I don’t know how much we should spend since we have wood floors and tile throughout the entire house.   We do have 3 rugs downstairs–one is a furry shag, and they all need regular maintenance what with boys and a dog and life and all.  And upstairs there are four bedrooms and a playroom each with a rug.  I kind of hate big houses, but that’s not the point of this post.  Anyway….

Any advice for what vacuum, super broom, space sucker upper I should get?

EDITED:: Ok, I need to ask this, am I the only person in America still using a broom to sweep my wood floor and tile?  Should I be vacuuming this stuff?  Does it work?  Hi, I”m from the 1600’s and still use brooms.