I thought it would be fun to share a recent email and let you all answer it:

Hi Nester,
My husband and I just put an offer on a house. It’s a fixer upper, so if our offer is accepted, we will be putting a lot of work into it.
Here’s my problem. Our downstairs bathroom will need  a new vanity. I found one I liked at Home Depot. My husband like it, but vetoed it because it didn’t look like the cabinets in the kitchen. He said that when every room is different, it looks like the owner was watching too much HGTV.

I know, he’s an idiot.

I say that’s  what makes a home look custom, what keeps it from looking like a tract home.
I don’t know that I’ve ever seen pictures of the cabinets in your bathroom (either the old one or one of the rentals), but I am almost positive that they don’t look like the cabinets in your kitchen. What is your advice in this situation?

~The Lovely One

both images are from the same home featured in this month’s issue of House Beautiful photographed by Simon Watson via Two Ellie