Do you ever wonder about the people who create those amazing Anthropologie window displays? How are they so ding a ling creative?  Kara Paslay is the designer in charge of the Tulsa store {SOOOO many big windows!} and here’s her most recent creation with dots.  You can see all of her designs here.

Last month she used post it notes.

WOW! Post its!

Look at this behind the counter or “cash wrap” display.  Think that would look funny over my fireplace?

I think I read that Anthro decides the over all theme of what the raw materials will be, for example; post its or tissue or moss and string and cork all sorts of upcycled items, and it’s up to each individual window designer to get creative and make something amazing.   What a fun challenge, you could do the same thing in your home, shop the  house and see what you can do with repeating a few simple items.

Need more inspiration? Plenty of Colour has a great post showcasing all sorts of Anthropologie displays.

“Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.”

–Henri Matisse