Do you allow things in your home to change over time?

Sometimes we are so obsessed with finishing something, we don’t enjoy the process and we aren’t open to things happening organically.

And we would never dare share or enjoy something that is unfinished, at least not without lots of excuses and apologies and disclaimers. Excellence is demanded, right? Don’t rest until it’s done, right?  Those are great words when it comes to brushing your teeth or doing your taxes but they don’t have to apply to all areas of life.

What if you let people in even when it’s imperfect, lacking and undone?

What if you enjoyed it anyway and were patient for progress until you found the right piece.  What if you risked making a nail hole even if you weren’t sure the picture would look perfect.

What if you didn’t worry about what others thought and did it just for you and your family?  Because you love it?

What if you weren’t so hard on yourself?

What if you were ok with it never being truly done?  What if it were good enough but never perfect?

What if you really did believe that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful?

What if you knew how to rest in the midst of the undone?