These lamps are from Stray Dog Designs. Oh, did you think I was obsessed with real stray dogs?

You know I love my thrift store and yard sale finds but, like most of you I have a few artisans who I’m a little obsessed with. Instead of Jimmy Choo or Van Gogh I’d love to collect Happy Chair, Utilitarian Franchise Hershey is My Baby, Red Letter WordsGussy Sews, and Handmade Recess. I’m crazy about my Lena Bengston custom Silhouettes , and all those shops on the sidebar over there to name a very few.  One of my biggest obsessions right now is Stray Dog Designs.

Let’s look at a few of my favorite things {I keep them in my office to protect them from boys} my Amy Butler Rug, Hershey is My Baby Wreath {updated: use code: nester for 20%off}, Stray Dog Designs Antelope Head {I’m not sure they still make him}.  Paired with my $15 yard sale table turned desk and $85 thrifted dresser that I painted, it’s possible to have a few meaningful, fun, artisan pieces and still keep the total room cost low.  I ordered both the rug and antelope head through One Kings Lane for about half the retail price.  If you want to find out more about One King’s Lane read this post.

Anyway, today I wanted to talk about Stray Dog Designs simply because I find their items to be beyond inspiring.  You can read about the company here. The company was started by a husband and wife and their stray dog in Mexico.

I’ve seen Stray Dog items in lots of magazines and locally at our Anthropologie, Bebe Gallini’s and West Elm.

The lighting is my favorite.  You can even pick what color birds you want with this chandelier. Dying.


Fun drum tables.

Ashley from Meet Me in Philadelphia creatively hacked this Stray Dog Table from West Elm.

Oh mercyness, stop, stop, stop!

Lauren from Pure Style Home recently finished this room for the DC Design House and incorporated the Esme Glass Lamp from Stray Dog Designs. It retails for $325, not an impulse buy for most of us but, you have to admit, it completely finishes this space.  I have always loved Lauren’s use of green.

And just for fun here’s a little tour of the Stray Dog family home via Country Living.

Now it’s your turn, is there an artist, brand, author, chef, painter, photographer, etsy seller~whatever, who you are obsessed with?


*** warning, Survivor spoiler alert, stop reading if you didn’t watch the finale yet and want to ***





PS did you see the Survivor finale last night?  Yay Boston Rob!  I love how he practically knocked people over to get to his wife “Amba” in the audience to smooch her as soon as they announced him as the winner.