Kittens, Chocolate and Thousand Dollar Bills:: A Giveaway

no kittens, chocolate or thousand dollar bills will be given away in this post

DaySpring, the long time sponsor and partner in giveaway crime with Nesting Place thought it was high time they shared a few new fun products with us.  First off we have a set of Inspirational Message Blocks.  I love things like this that you can change and play with and make personal.

Here are some of the words you can make with the blocks.  But you could probably also do some family names and inside jokes and such. Want your kids to work on letters this summer?  Buy these blocks, my boys cannot keep their hands off of them.

See what I mean?

But wait there’s more…

It’s a bird cage card holder that’s bowed away from the wall so you can clip little notes on it.  The only way they could make this one better is if they clipped thousand dollar bills to it and had baby kittens deliver it to your door along with a dozen Cadbury eggs.  Make that two dozen eggs.

I used more than one set of blocks for this display

Ok, so of course, DaySpring is very generous and wants to give some of these beautiful decorative items away.

For every 100 comments one person will win a set of blocks.  One grand prize winner will be chosen out of ALL the comments and will win a $150 shopping spree from DaySpring.   {chocolate, helicopters, parachutes, kittens, thousand dollar bills and Cadbury eggs not included}.  Now leave a comment to enter to win!

This is a paid giveaway post by DaySpring. DaySpring provided this Nest with blocks and a cute birdcage memo board for photos.  DaySpring did not provide chocolate, helicopters, parachutes, kittens, thousand dollar bills or Cadbury eggs.


  1. VintageBeachgirl says

    I love those blocks they are so fun looking, I can see the scrabble fans in the family seeing how many words they can make….! But…..the weather vane has caught my eye and I think I have to have one!! In case I don’t win….ha, ha, I’ll have to go and buy one! I just love the colors and how cute it is. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway and thanks to DaySpring for providing the super nice prizes. Take care VBg

  2. Anonymous says

    Love ’em! Changing, evolving, rearranging, creating . . . isn’t that what it is all about?!?

  3. Love the blocks! And the card holder – and everything Dayspring! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  4. Dayspring is amazing-and so are you! These blocks would be welcome in the House of Waker. I love the products that you feature here as well as the creative and inspirational ideas that you share! Keep up the great work!

    Anna W.
    @FELTit on Twitter

  5. I love the weather vane, the bird cage and all things Dayspring!

  6. Linda B. says

    Those blocks look like so much fun!!

  7. oooooo, it all looks so wonderful!

  8. AnneSATX says

    Love the blocks — they’d be so much fun!

  9. LOVE the blocks!! If i don’t win, I’ll just have to buy them :)

  10. What a fabulous giveaway.

  11. woo hoo!!! What a great giveaway! Even without the chocolate, money, and kittens!

  12. Michelle BC says

    Love these blocks! If I don’t win, I’ll just have to purchase…

  13. Adorable…..the letter blocks are irresistible to this Word Girl!! Thanks, Nester!

  14. Samantha says

    Those blocks are great! Great colors. And I love that weather vane. Very cool!

  15. I am in love With the blocks and the weathervane!!! And the birdcage??? Oh! My! Adorable

  16. Oh me, please enter me!!!!!

  17. Wow. 1,325 comments … and now one more. I love that birdcage. I may have to check it out. Congratulations on your new site. It’s lovely.

  18. Have done our kids names in blocks. Would be nice to continue it into the living room. But I’m also loving the birdcage note holder!

  19. Love these blocks and hope I win!!!

  20. I love dayspring!! Newlywed budget keeps me from getting lots of goodies from them but maybe one day :)

  21. Tiffany Nicole says

    I enjoyed shopping Dayspring for father’s day ideas. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Wow!! I love them all!! Thanks for the giveaway! (Happy Memorial Day, too!)

  23. Christy K says

    I love those little blocks. Dayspring has some great stuff! :)

  24. What fun blocks! Here’s hoping…

  25. Cutie pie stuff!! My family and I are about to move back to the Carolinas from South Africa (and the mission field) with not much more than the clothes on our backs and a little brick-a-brack. I could use some decor assistance!

  26. The blocks are lovely!

  27. Oh my love the blocks and the weather vane, and the kittens and thousand dollar bills too!

  28. Love the cute blogs and birdcage!!!

  29. Love love love! the color combos!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I absolutely love my Blessings Blocks from Dayspring’s Blessings Unlimited! They make such great products & this giveaway is awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  31. gorgeous! my kiddos would love those blocks! :)

  32. I just came to your site looking for the Dayspring widget. I had remembered seeing blocks some time ago with Dayspring that read, “Shalom,” and I wanted to see if they were still available. I had found them initially through your blog and my brain fog couldn’t help me remember the name of the site that carried them. :) I love the new blocks and they would look lovely with my freshly painted Robin’s Egg blue candlesticks on my mantle! As always, I love the blog! Inspiring!

  33. Great looking blocks – but I especially like the birdcage!

  34. Brittany Long says

    How cute! I hope I haven’t missed the deadline for this! I love those blocks and would love to customize their message for the season/my mood! I also adore the weathervane!! AWESOME!! Will definitely have to go persue Dayspring’s website now!

  35. LOVE the blocks-so cute and a fun way to add a little personalization plus color to your home! and the birdcage is adorable.

  36. Love the blocks and the weathervane!!!!

  37. Love that weathervane! Those blocks are super cute too!

  38. Love, love the blocks! Every child (young or old) that I know would have a treat playing word games with them!

  39. CUTE! I keep saying I’m going to get around to making some blocks like those, but… who are we klidding. It would be so much easier to just win some! : )

  40. Those blocks are so cute. Was recently introduced to Dayspring and love their decor items.

  41. The bird cage is great! It could be used for hanging jewelry as well as holding cards.

  42. I adore all of these items! I would be beyond thrilled to win this. I need the weathervane. I love what you have done with “your place”.

  43. I NEED those blocks!!!


  45. I would love to enter! Thanks!

  46. What a great giveaway! I’m thrilled to have found your blog! Susan

  47. I am planning a livingroom remodel INSPIRED by the Nester! I hope I win some blocks! The would look GREAT in my new room!!

  48. i love your blog it has inspired me… = )

  49. Just checking in to see if I’d won yet ;)

  50. Wow, perfect!!! I hope the giveaway is still open :)

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