I’ve Got Twins!

Seriously, you knew this was going to be about furniture, right?

Welcome the newest edition to the Nest family: a pair of copper velvet chairs from the Salvation Army.

Here’s what they looked like before I painted the wood.  Kind of like something from a doctor’s office waiting room.  I was so close to not purchasing these.  First of all, EVERYTHING looks much uglier in the thrift store.  It’s just a fact of life.  Second of all, the color was pukeyish.  Third of all, I wasn’t sure I could use them~I had an idea of where I wanted them to go but, normally I like to measure and think furniture over but you simply cannot do that for something like this that can be gone in an hour.  Forth of all, they were $40 each which is a lot if you aren’t positive they can work.

I kept sitting on them and turning them around and texting photos to Angela. The store employees all know me and they kept offering me discounts and one finally was sick of me and my indecision and he said if I bought them both I’d get 25% off even though they’ve only been there a few days because they currently had so much furniture they didn’t have much room for everything.  Yay for overcrowding!  Sold.

So I put them in the car and drove straight to my favorite furniture upholstery shop {High Point Upholstery in Cornelius NC if you are wondering}.  Kim quoted me $100 for labor for each chair.  Plus, Angela is taking a reupholstery class and I had a feeling I could pay her to cover them if she had the time. It’s so nice having talented friends.

However, once I slapped on some white paint something magical started to happen.  That rusty orange turned into a muted copper.  Oh, could it BE?  Would these chairs possibly work without being recovered?!  Had I hit the thrifty jackpot?!

As soon as I set them on our family room rug, POW! That color popped out of the rug.  And my wood floors turned from feeling like they had a pinkish hue, to a copper hue.

It’s really hard to tell the subtleties in a photo but when I put the chairs in the breakfast area, the floors went from bothersome pink to muted copper and rust.  Just trust me on this ok?  Yellow makes these floors turn pink but this glorious color tones them down.   Was this color the missing link in our family room?

So far I’ve tried these chairs in every possible scenario. With pillows.

Without pillows.

I like them everywhere.  But then I started wondering if maybe I was just blinded by excitement.  I mean, does this copper really work with my muddy turquoise?

Then I saw this in the June issue of House Beautiful.  It’s a paint palette taken straight from God’s handiwork.  He’s pretty good a putting colors together.  Polished Aqua and Copper penny convinced me that I didn’t suffer from temporary IFoundAGreatDealSoI’mBlindedToReality-itus.

Eventually, I think the chairs will go here in front of the window with a little table in between.  I’ve noticed the boys are using the homework table less and less.  For now the chairs are parked at the table.  I might wait until fall to see where the boys end up doing their work before I make some changes. Or I might change it today just to see.

But this week, I tempted the hand of fate, pulled down the lever of unknown risk to the tune of $70 and hit the jackpot.  Next week I might not be as lucky but, the best part about this kind of risk is that it’s not all luck, you get to learn from each decision, good or bad.



  1. I LOVE it when this happens, and they look amazing! I think that injection of spice and warmth looks great against the aqua and cool creams going on in your room. Well done!

  2. Congratulations on your two new beautiful babies!
    I’m sure they will get along with the family nicely!

  3. Oh these are too wonderful…I love the color, it certainly suits your rooms..Way to go, I am JEALOUS !!

  4. They are beautiful!! Way to take a risk. I’ve loved watching your living room space evolve recently.

  5. rarely am I truly envious of something someone else has, but this is one of those times. I have been searching craigslist and my thrift stores for a pair of chairs. Those orange ones would be just what my living room has been waiting for. This post has opened my eyes though. I am maybe not seeing past how ugly stuff looks at the thrift store and seeing the potential once I have something home and use a little white paint.

    • I can’t even begin to tell you how convinced I was that they would absolutely 100% need to be recovered when I was in the store. As many times as I’ve bought furniture, I’m still surprised at the magic of white paint!

      You’ll find something great, I just know it!

  6. if you wake up one morning and they are gone…i didn’t do it.

  7. Congrats!! Love those chairs!

  8. Look great!! Hey, where’s Angela taking the upholstery class?? I’ve been searching for one locally.

    Great find!

  9. Perfection! Amazing how the white paint “changed” the color of the fabric.

  10. They turned out great, Nester! Congrats on your new additions…amazing how that paint really did change ’em up. I was skeptical about that upholstery when you shared them on Twitter, but I think you are right—they look pretty darn cool as is!

  11. LOVE them, Nester! That fabric is the color of my dining room walls and they would look great at the ends of my table. Just sayin’ – in case you decide to drive to New York one day and they happen to be in the back of your car. : ) I think the white was a great idea, although I think it would be more of a high end doctor’s office they would be in. {My doctor’s chairs have no upholstery whatsoever; they are more like those fold up chairs we would bring to the kids’ baseball games!}.

  12. Yay! what a great find! I found a pair of chairs once at at rummage sale – i love moving them around as well. :)

  13. I love your new twins. Isn’t it great when things just fall into place? I love the color.You can do so much with all the seasons changes. Enjoy!!!

  14. I love the rust/copper color…nice find…:)

  15. I NEVER find great thrift store finds like that! But you sure wanna make me go out and keep looking! Maybe it is my luck, or perhaps my lack of vision. But I was giggling with your ‘self talk’ and indecision over these. . . because I do the same thing! I swear it can take me several hours to decide on something that I have a feeling about because I talk myself in and out of it so many times. Good find!!!!!!

  16. Wow, what a wonderful thrift store find. You’ve inspired me to hit the local thrift stores.

  17. You found magic chairs! So maybe you didn’t grow a beanstalk and get rich from golden eggs, but who needs a giant beanstalk? You have beautiful, perfect-for-your-house-and-in-any-spot chairs! And these twins won’t wake you up at night (except when you’re trying to decide where to move them next)!

  18. Nice find! I found the exact chair and upholstered it in feed sacks.

    I think the copper really works and I love them flanking your TV cabinet with the pillows on them.

  19. Colleen P. says

    I ADORE that color in your house! It picks up the warm tones in the rug, the floor, the kitchen cabinets , the tile and the wood banister and risers on your staircase-the staircase especially pops into view with those chairs nearby. I think that color was just what you needed.

    Sometimes when we see a color that we maybe perceive as “dated” we’re just not seeing its full potential-people say awful things about those 70’s era classics, harvest gold and avocado green, but they’re also colors found in nature in abundance and work well both together and as accent pieces-they are terrific accent colors for brick red, for instance.

    I think this burnt orange might have been appearing in your mind as a dated color when in reality it was just what you needed to “oomphasize” the warm tones in your house.

  20. I LOVE your twins and I think the white paint is all they needed.

  21. Those chairs are awesome!!!

  22. I love how you discovered that your colors were all a part of God’s color palette!! I’m amazed at his creativity. And isn’t it funny….those colors were in a BUG!!! I’m sure your boys have introduced you to lots of bugs you wish you’d never met….but boy oh boy…some of them have spectacular colors. Yay God! Yay YOU!!

  23. Love your chairs! Looks like a pop of CORAL to me, how lucky can you be!! Hot new color for the season and the great price=Happy Chairs!

  24. They’re Fabulous! I LOVE the color with your house… It’s amazing how well it complements your blues and the floors and everything. Great find!


  25. Love them! They really warm up your cool rooms. And isn’t it amazing what an outside the box color can do? We painted our kitchen walls red and it made the orange-y toned wood cabinets less orange. Amazing!

  26. Those chairs look so perfect! They would go perfect with my dining room table! I have a very turquoise home too and the copper and red colors really help balance things out.

  27. Hi Nester,
    I sure hope that copper and turquoise/teal/whatever go together, it’s how my old living room was put together. Here’s the blog of it before we sold it last year: http://1715jefferson.blogspot.com/


  28. LOVE! I looked at the first photo and thought, did she get a new rug too? Even though you can only see a little bit in the corner, the chairs really make it pop! They look great against the curtains too, the brown and white against the copper and white, the curtains look more… more. That sentence worked better in my head.

    I’ve been loving my turquoise and copper ring lately, and thinking that maybe I should incorporate some orange or copper into my decorating scheme. Thank you for showing how wonderful it can look!

  29. oh, my goodness, those chairs look like they were made for your house. I love them. I like them in every picture you have here, I think that following your instincts about color and design have paid off very well for you.

  30. Those are pretty! And you’re right that certain items can do color magic in a room. I have a mirror that looks more blue or more green depending on where I put it.

  31. Wow….this is just great! I don’t know too much about color palettes, but your house looks wonderful! This is very inspiring and makes me want to go thrifting for furniture. :)

  32. Love the chairs!! It’s amazing how much they changed just by painting the arms and legs white! What impresses me the most is the condition they appear to be in~ am I seeing things or do they look practically new (the fabric)? Great find!! You can always use a nice pair of chairs to pull into whatever room needed for gatherings~

  33. Rhonda N. says

    Those chairs sing in your house!

  34. Gorgeous! My favorite is with the pillows beside the TV console :) Our master bedroom is done in that coral copper/light blue/brown/pale yellow…they work so well together, very comforting palate. The white was definately a good choice, you really did hit the jackpot with those!

  35. i love when things keep evolving into something perfect. that is a fabulous color in your home…score!

  36. Great find! The upholstery is really pretty and in such fantastic condition. Painting the legs made such a huge difference.

  37. Wow! What a find! I love the color!

  38. Congrats on your twins!

    Did you spray paint or brush paint? (Sorry if that is a stupid question!)

  39. Seeing how you used the word … “slapped” on the paint I’m thinking you brushed it. With a satin?

    Sorry, I’m the pits at decorating sense!

  40. Hey Nester,

    first of all…LOVE the twins! So, I have yet to purchase any upholstered thrift store furniture. I am curious…do you “clean” the items before you place them in your home? Is there a concern for bed bugs or lice or anything like that? Thanks and keep inspiring us!

  41. Actually, I heard recently that rust/burnt orange is going to be a big color in fashion (and hence decor) soon…you are just ahead of the trend. Should we expect anything less? Ha ha. They look great!

  42. Good find. I like them with the rug. Maybe that rug in the breakfast room under the table with those chairs. A winning combo.

  43. I like them without the pillows.

  44. Those chairs are gorgeous! Its amazing how the white paint made the upholstery work for you. They look nice everywhere that you put them. That was really a great find.

  45. Absolutely LOVE them! Great job!

  46. Beautiful! coppery tones and bluish tones always work well together! I knew a lovely boy once who had coppery red hair and he wore a blue sweater once – it was a heavenly combo! He ended up marrying a girl with coppery red hair. I’m sure they have a housefull of beautiful copper haird children – I hope they dress them in shades of blue!

  47. By the way – the white paint is what made you love the copper – before, the wood and copper were too close of a match so too much of a good thing.

  48. Hi Nester! I noticed in one of the photos (3rd one down I think) you have these cool stump tables/pedestals in your hall (under the round black mirror). Did you make those? I read your site pretty much daily (you’ve been my inspiration for lots of house projects) and I don’t remember seeing a post about those, but maybe I missed it?!? Any info you have would be great – I NEED some stump tables in my kitchen (and if I said that sentence to anyone but people on decorating blogs they would think I was nuts).
    Thanks! -Sarah

    • I haven’t talked about them yet but they are similar to the stump side table I made and posted about a few months back, I’ll talk about them soon!!

  49. Beautiful chairs. I want you to know that I live vicariously through your blog. I don’t have an eye for decorating, but I get lots of good ideas from you!

  50. LOVE your twins! :)

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