Tree Stump Side Tables

My stump table isn’t a stump at all.  It’s a branch.  It’s the only good thing that came from our beautiful back yard tree that fell.  I knew I wanted a piece of the tree to make into a table and because of my extreme aversion to do any project that takes patience, tons of cash, and/or long, slow repeated careful process, I figured out a way to get me a table with practically no work.  First, I asked our tree cutters if they would cut me a piece about yea big.  I told them not to try to make it too straight, I wanted it to be crooked, you know, with my obsession with imperfection and all.

Technically, you should let your stump dry out and decritter-fy for weeks if not months before you bring it inside.  I am not technical.  Naturally, I was impatient and just wanted to see how my stump would look in my house, I felt the stump and it was dry so I rolled it in and set it up.  That evening there was a puddle of water under the stump.  No wonder it weighed 854 pounds.

We’ve tried these casters on two other pieces, my chair {ack, they split a let} and the ikea shelf, third time’s a charm.  I found the casters in a bag at a thrift store for one dollar, such a great deal, if you are in the market for vintage casters, sometimes you can find them on $5 chairs at thrift stores, cheaper than buying new.

The casters allow just enough circulation to let the slowly leaking water evaporate, I keep checking for water and it’s totally dry under there.

The lovely Karen made a classy striking stump table complete with legs.   Hers took actual planning and patience and is a work of art. My stump table is interested in your stump tables phone number, if single.

Both the photos of Karen’s stump had it next to something fur which completely inspired me to copy her.  The rusticness of the table next to plush fur is a perfect balance, topped off with something shiny?  Heavenly trilogy.  Karen, come to my house?

fur chair post coming soon

I’d like to remove the bark when I get motivated, and do something fun with it, but for now, it’s just fine.  Besides, I have about 30 more pieces of wood in my backyard that I can make tables out of so I can try a few different things.

Here are some more stump ideas:

Three Men and a Lady

west elm $199

thout $120

bleu nature


  1. The old adage when life gives you lemons make lemonade comes to mind when I see what you did with your fallen tree. I love these tables and need to find a fallen tree, perhaps when the snow is gone I will take a walk in the woods. I like the wheels better than plain legs – your stump can go anywhere in the room.

    My best- Diane

  2. I love love love this idea!!!

  3. my heart be still

  4. Nester – My tree stump is currently single. Not out of choice, but he/she lives in an environment where it’s really hard to meet other stumps. I’m sure he/she’d be interested in getting to know your great looking stump a little better. I’ll bring he/she when I come to visit. Thank you for the invitation. :) ~ karen

  5. I love this idea! I’ve actually been thinking of making one of these, but for a photography prop to put newborn babies on. Should be interesting to research this a bit, and also know that it won’t take weeks or months if I really want to use it now. :)

  6. Actually Paul just told me to call and get bids to take a tree down in our backyard! Table or firewood? Hee hee. Great pots. Love the chair, too. xo

  7. I noticed that table in a post the other day and thought – “Oh! I could make that!” But, of course, that’s the first thought that always comes to mind :)

    Seriously, though, it’s a beautiful and brilliant idea!

  8. Love this…and considering that some loggers literally pulverized (I just erased the other verb I used because it was quite dicey, but accurate), anyhow, they pulverized our adjacent 12 acres that we’ve been trying to buy for years now, they left stumps….lots and lots of stumps, but nothing else.
    We’ve made stump stools, log tables and log benches before, but they are all around our bonfire pit. I never thought of bringing them inside… :)

  9. Thank you for this post! I have five stumps that have been sitting by the garage for about a year and I don’t know what to do with them. Now I have a fun and easy project for them!! Since they are quite short I will have to put legs on them, I think.

  10. Oh, this is fantastic! Love the stump side table idea & we have several trees that may need to be taken down this spring…
    And can’t WAIT for that chair tutorial! Have chair sitting in garage waiting for refinishing…this may be perfect!! Thank you & have a beautiful week!

  11. Cute table! Our neighbors are taking down two trees this month, I should go place my order.

  12. What a creative use for a stump! And I love that you put the casters on to solve the leakage issue. Good thinking!

    Thanks for sharing.


  13. I want one for my little boys’ room! Why don’t you just Give me one~ since you have 30!;)

  14. I absolutely love this. It would look so awesome in my living room….but now where should I get said stump….hmmm ::thinking cap on::

  15. Look at you, girl! When life hands you a stump, you make a side table out of it! ;) Love the casters.

  16. Well, I just love this. I wanted to do something similar for my son’s nursery, since it’s all trees and owls and whatnot. Right around that time, my neighbor cut down a perfect tree and left three beautiful stumps out on their driveway for WEEKS, and all that time I never did quite get the courage to go beg for them. SHAME. I love your table next to the fur and shininess too!

  17. I love this…and I love the wheels…we have property with lots of trees…now I’m thinking that before we leave I might just take part of a tree with me..

  18. Love the fur with the stump table. Since the power company cut down all the trees behind our house, we have enough to make the whole town stump tables! Great idea!

  19. love this! I kinda like the bark and moss – no one does that!

    It reminds me of one sunday when I was around 11 or 12 that dad pulled over on the side of the road and started picking up pieces of wood from someone’s fallen tree. All the kids at church saw my family on the side of the road rummaging for wood while I hid in the back of the mini van:)

  20. This reminds me of a piece I saw once and loved. They took a huge stump and made it an outdoor table. Surrounding the table where the small stumps as stools. Somehow they were attached to the ground. It looked really fun. May be a way to use up some of your other pieces of wood?

    Cute table.


  21. What a great idea!!!! One question…any critters yet? LOL That would be my concern…very pretty though! Thanks for sharing such a simple wonderful idea. May have to try it…but wasn’t sure what to do about the spiders and other critters who made there home there… :D

  22. Great idea and I appreciated the ‘how to’ as well as the collection of other examples of tree stump side tables. Thanks.
    – Joy

  23. Love the use of the stump as a table, so creative. I have to be honest though, the chair will have to grow on me, but thats what I like about design, just because its not my taste or style doesnt mean it isnt beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Anonymous says

    An idea that comes at just the right time. They are about to begin (I had to concentrate really hard to avoid writing fixin’ to – I may or may not have backspaced) cutting the timber on the land next to my parents. I’ll have to pick out a nice oak and have them leave us a few tables. I want to use them as little stools, too!

  25. Oh! And I feel like I should warn people … I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer … and I’m sure your stump will be fine, perfectly fine … but the reason you remove the bark is because over time, as the stump dries out the bark pulls away from the stump and falls off. It’s like your stump gets leprosy. However, having said that, there are a *few* types of trees that like to hold onto their bark. Walnut for instance. So if that’s what your stump is … you’ll be O.K. for years to come. Just so’s you all know. – Karen!

    • yeah, I can sweet stuff out from under it every few days already, but that’s normal round here, if it’s not stump bark it’s goldfish and mud…so, maybe in a few years the bark will be all off and then I won’t have to work at removing it?! A win win!

      • I LOVE the bark on. And that moss. Oh, the moss.

        I think the stump will age gracefully with a partial bark-on look, too!

  26. My father in law worked for an electric company in Johnson City Texas. He drove one of those big trucks that had the men cutting the tree limbs etc.

    My dear mother in law had a beautiful garden. To say she had a green thumb is a real understatement. Their yard won ‘yard of the month’ more than once..

    Anyway the point is that my father in law took some of the tree limbs he cut home and he cut them into circles about 3 inches thick and put them out in the yard as stepping stones between the flower beds in Mom’s yard. They were stunning.

    Also he cut enough to go under the picnic table and her swing. He had a large one under the bird bath too.

    These were just beautiful and lasted for years.

  27. love this! now i need to find a tree to get a stump from. ;)

  28. I love this idea! Your stump table looks great- I love the rusticness? of it!

  29. I love these so much, but they are so overpriced! I love that yours actually has a story…makes it that much better!

  30. What a cute idea! We are having some trees cut down soon and I might have to make my own! I am new to the blogging world (mine should be up and running this weekend) but you have inspired me in so many ways! I can wait to cite you in some of my knockoffs!

  31. Looks terrific! It’s funny that you asked them to cut it “not too straight,” LOVE that. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Wow, now that is upcycling big time. Loving it!! I love the bark with the moss on your log side table. Of course the white wash with turquoise paint looks pretty rockin’.

  33. I love the idea of putting legs on it. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make it look like a table instead of just looking like I hauled an old stump in my house.

  34. cindy riley says

    When I click onto your blog, I get a pop up add that takes up the whole frame. I didn’t know if anyone else has been having this happen. (it doesn’t happen on any other blogs I visit. It just started yesterday. -By the way, I love your blog!

  35. Love the moss on it! I think I’ve got the urge to go chop down a tree, is that bad? Your table looks great, especially next to the furry chair.

  36. thanks for sharing this great project! with or without the bark. I love that you were able to ‘save’ your favorite tree.

  37. Aw, reminds me of The Giving Tree . . . “and the tree was happy.” :-)

  38. I would love a stump in our living room.
    I’ve actually looked at having some reclaimed wood tables made.

    I don’t sell furniture, but if anyone is in the market to have something made with fallen trees or reclaimed wood, check out Etsy. There are so many sellers just hoping they could use their skills to make you a table.

    (Me? I have no skillz. lol)

  39. I so love this idea, and I love the bark on it too — probably because of the green moss! So great.

  40. Oh, this reminds me of the children’s book by Shel Silverstein called The Giving Tree! What a great idea to bring the outdoors in and I love the natural rustic look of it.

  41. I am crazy about this idea. I loved the ones that Martha featured in the magazine a while back with turquoise lacquered tops. Wonder how long that moss will stay green?

  42. it’s looks fabulous! i wouldn’t have waited for it to dry out either. i am totally impatient with things like that! the castors set it off perfectly :)

  43. Jennifer says

    My great grandfather made tables & coat racks out of trees. A couple times I have been at someones home & realize we are related when I see one of Grandpa’s tables or coat racks in the room. ;-)
    It looks great!

  44. meredith says

    Hi! I did this last summer…I live in a new house/neighborhood with no trees being removed, so I got on Craigslist and jumped on the first ad I saw for free firewood. I drove up to this creepy murderer house in the country and picked out 3 that were tall and thick enough to turn into tables. They look awesome but the bark has cracked off continuously and its super annoying. I don’t know how to remove it, but I guess i could google that, huh. ANYHOO, everybody go find you some free tables via craigslist!!!

  45. LOVE this idea! They would go great in our family room downstairs!

  46. Ultimately I want all my furniture to be made out of tree stumps, branches, and twigs.

  47. You know, stump is kind of a funny word when you read it over and over. :)

  48. Or think pf two stumps together.

  49. Anonymous says

    Haha, so cute. When you get lemons, make lemonade!

  50. Haha, so cute. When you get lemons, make lemonade!

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