Fur Chair :: No Sew Reupholstery

The fur covered chair did not come about because I sat around thinking “oh if only I had my own fur chair”.  Oh no.  All I was thinking was “oh if only I had a chair for that corner, not too expensive, not too big, not too much trouble”.  I knew I had an old yard sale chair in my garage ready to take to the goodwill and the scale was perfect.  But I didn’t want to sew.

Fur seemed like a great choice and on the plus side, it would add a little quirkyness~every room needs a little quirk.

But, before I took this little risk, I tried out my fur on an ottoman. I definitely think a little fur goes a long way in a home but, I needed to see how difficult it was to work with on a piece of furniture.  It worked out great and the cutting was easier than I thought so I moved right onto the chair.  See, baby steps with risk.

Here she is in all of her before glory. Ripped, scratched, old.

The first thing I did was paint the wood.  I just grabbed a leftover can of not too shiny paint.  It didn’t matter the exact color, I knew I wanted white so I picked some white color from my garage. And this is not a post about how to paint furniture, I don’t claim to know much about that but, if you want advice from an expert, my friend Mandie, a sponsor of Nesting Place detailed every step in her ebook How to Paint Furniture~she walked me through painting our kitchen table and unbelievably it’s still holding up great.

Once the paint was dry I roughed it up a little with sandpaper and then draped my fur on it to see which way I wanted the fabric.

I think I had 1.5 yards of fur.  You could lay a blanket over your chair and measure how much it takes to cover your chair from front to back and then you’ll know how much fur to buy. Or you can be like me and just guess. Starting off, I only cared about centering the fur so it draped equally on the sides and lining up the fur on the front of the seat.

Remember, fur is super forgiving because of the length of the hair.  So as long as your cut is close, you can make it work.  Looks like I used the side edge of the fur to start.  Before you glue, lay the fur on your chair different ways because with most fake fur, the hair lays a certain direction.

And get your super duper hot high powered hot glue gun and go to town.

Each chair is different but, you just start at the front and hot glue, trim, and move on.

Oh no, stop the world, I cut my fur too short and left a big space.  No worries, you can just cut a little fur patch or toupee, if you will, and glue it in.

See? You can’t even tell.

Now just continue hot gluing and securing the fur all the way over the back of the chair.

Here’s a little video to show you how I did the back seam.

Each chair will be a little different but, the method is the same, cut the fur to the best of your ability and glue.  If you don’t cut enough off, just take off more, and if you accidentally cut too much, make a patch.  It doesn’t get any easier than this.

I love the finished chair. Not bad for a $5 yard sale find and $20 worth of fur.  It only took about 30 minutes to recover. Once I was finished I felt a little like a crazy person for having a fur chair and liking it so much so I did a quick google search and found…

The BARBIE!  By Shawna Robinson at Happy Chair.   Hers even has arm tufts!    I came across her site months ago after seeing her work in person…

Laura and I were enchanted by Shawna’s booth at the Metrolina last fall.  And look,  it’s a fur covered chair.  I guess I have great taste after all.

Is there something in your home that could benefit from a little fur?

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  1. Painting the legs and arms a soft blue grey would also be very pretty with the fur (white or dark). I have to make this! :)

  2. Wow, so fun!

  3. You found her! How awesome. And I love how your pretend there is any doubt you have great taste. Silly girl! ;-) I’m not a fur person and that chair still looks adorable. Lainey will want one desperately if she sees it!

  4. I love it! And was that wainscotting already there when you moved in or did you add that too? It looks superb against it with the little garden bench table thingy. :)

  5. GET OUT!!!!

    I have a Hickory Arm Chair that I got for $5 at Good Will.
    It is burgundy naugahyde and dark wood.
    For the life of me I cannot get the stinkin’ nailhead trim off the edges of the vinyl.
    I was going to sew tie-on covers for it, one for the back and one for the seat, but I thought they’d probably just slide around.
    I already painted the wood a linen white.
    But this idea I love!
    I think I may need a heavier duty glue than the hot glue gun, but I am gonna slather some glue all over that puppy and go for it.
    I saw some fur at Hobby Lobby.
    Guess where I am going today after I print one of their online 40% off coupon?
    Thank you, oh great HGG Master! er, Missus.

    Blessings on your day!
    This is gonna be fun!

  6. christine says

    I hope that’s not real fur.

    • jessica kiehn says

      of course it’s not! Real fur for $20 to cover the whole chair? come on…

    • You hoped it wasnt real fur, and it wasnt. (the chair). However, I have a old real fur mink coat and I want to adhere some pieces to a vest. Im not finding any information online as to how to do this. Please tell me you know something about glueing real fur to fabric…

  7. Oh gosh I think that’s incredible! Looks so comfortable and inviting ;)

  8. Love it love it love it!

  9. I would never have thought that I would like something like this, but it really is cool. I might start small like you did, but you’re right- too much of the same ole thing gets boring. I like being unpredictable sometimes! ;)

    Oh, love those socks- from Bath & Body Works? I have them and love the lotion or whatever is in them. Great stocking stuffer from Santa!

  10. jessica kiehn says

    You are so stinkin’ talented, I don’t get it! I don’t understand how your mind works like it does, it’s WONDERFUL!

    I would get this idea and be like “nah, it’s too ________ (hard, costly (yes a $20 gamble is a lot from this frugal girl), risky, whatever)” but you just go with it! I love that!!

  11. you crack me up with the fur toupee! :) I am thinking that soon we will be seeing these fur chairs everywhere!

  12. I don’t think that fur would fly (so to speak) here on the coast. I think it would look good in a bedroom where it would be more for looks. Or clothes, which tends to happen in my bedroom.
    I keep hearing that sound Chewbacca makes now.

  13. I’m with Anita on this one. It does have some strange likeness to Chewbacca. I know that some might disagree with me, but this fur on the chair doesn’t work. Perhaps a smooth fur fabric like a cowhide or faux giraffe skin is more in keeping with the chair style. But frankly, it looks like a chia chair and heaven forbid I’m a guest in your house and I spill something on it….how do you clean it? Yikes! You are a better decorator then this….remember that scrap bag that you created?

  14. I love you nester but between the fish on the wall, antlers, and now a bushy, furry chair, I’m starting to wonder a bit… :)
    Anyway, it’s not my taste but it’s your house so do what you want!


  15. I am thrilled when anyone shows me how to do anything that doesn’t involve sewing! This is terrific!

  16. The best part about this post besides the cool tutorial on how to do it? The toupee comment, classic! I want to do a chair with fur now!

  17. This is brilliant! I have an old chair that I have wanted to use but it’s so ugly and I know I am not going to attempt to reupholster it… and with a small budget this is the ticket!! I can’t wait to try it out!!
    Thanks so much for the great post!!! :)

  18. I am still wanting to do that fur wreath you posted awhile ago!

  19. I adore this! A furry chair or bench makes for great texture and interest in any home, plus, it’s different and cute. I’m picturing a nice white furry chair in my bedroom would fix my lacking texture issue.

  20. I LOVE IT!!!!

  21. First off, I absolutely love that chair…it’s so funky and different. Second, I absolutely love your blog. I just recently discovered it and it has become my new obsession! You are a great inspiration!

  22. WOW! I LOVE your chair and the room its in! I seriously have to try making some fur furniture now. Ha, ha! Where did you get your fur from? I’ve only seen black, white and pink around my area.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Zany, crazy, fun! It goes so well with the room too! I love your furry chair and ottoman. I’m going to be on the lookout for something I can cover in fur. I think one could be cool in a baby’s nursery too!

  24. I love-love-love the idea! I just love how fur makes it look luxiourious and eye-catching. I’m all for faux fur on furnitures! What a great post.

  25. Christie Stephens says

    So fabulous and so easy! I can do this one. LOVE your site!!!

  26. I LOVE this and plan to try it on an old chair I bought from craig’s list a couple of years ago. I’m thinking of painting the wood black and going with a white fur. Thanks so much for sharing this great project!!

  27. Lol ok first I love it! Second, how does it hold up to wear…meaning people sitting on it with just glue? I want to try this but invison fur falling off ….? Thanks!

  28. i LOVE this and i am going to do this to two different chairs of mine the very first chance i get. i bought cheapy fur blankets thinking i could use those (and i guess you could) but i like the longer fur much better. where did you get yours, if i may ask? i don’t joann has anything like that, right?

    great job! and bonus points for not having to sew!!!!!!

  29. I am really interested in doing this with white fur, however the white fur I have found so far at fabric stores are not comfortable nor soft enough. Are there any recommendations of where to purchase white fur?

    Please and thank you,

  30. how to reupholster a chair says

    Knowing how to troubleshoot will save you time and money.
    If the client doesn’t ask, do you promise something anyway or just let the work go to the bottom of the pile. Choose a TV cabinet that brings in proportion and scale to the room.

  31. Just wanted to say that I did this with a chair back in ’03. Here are two things I learned: 1. Don’t eat when using the chair; crumbs and fake fur do not mix. 2. Don’t do this on a chair that gets a lot of use; the fur will flatten out and get gnarly from all those rear ends sitting and schooching about. Loved the look, but would do it on a seldom used chair.

  32. I love this idea! Thanks so much for being an inspiration!

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