Thank you so much to the 300 + people who joined in the First Annual {June did you catch that?  I said First Annual} National Take A Risk Day. This was by far my favorite linky party in the history of the world.  You all are the most inspiring people around, starting businesses, not being afraid to fail, failing and laughing, learning, painting your chairs~the fabric part, dying purses, being amazing.  Wow.  Thank you for inspiring me.

Also, if you are wondering, the $500 Pier 1 Gift Card Giveaway is open until April 15 {I know, right?} I’m working with a third party company with this one and they will randomly pick the winner and I’ll announce it shortly after.  Meanwhile, you can still enter if you haven’t yet.

Now on to our regularly scheduled bird watching:

If you read nothing else this week,  if you are a fellow Cadbury Egg connoisseur, if you haven’t laughed hard in a while, READ THIS POST.  I’ve always thought Ashley was adorable, now, after reading her Cadbury Saga/Cadbury Chronicles/Life and Times of a Cadbury Egg I can pretty much say I want her to move next door and be my BFF.  Hail to the egg, people.

In other news, have you ever used Chalk Paint?  Miss Mustard Seed liked it so much she was motivated to paint 5 pieces in two days! And if Mustard Seed likes it, then it’s gotta be fantastic.

Julia takes us on a tour of the homes from Modern Family via Hooked on Houes- lots and lots of great photos and paint colors.

Did you hear? Relevant 11 is sold smack out.  However, (in)courage has 8 sponsorships they are giving out covering the cost of the conference {even if you already have your ticket you can apply and get reimbursed or something like that}

You pick the category that best suits you find out lots more at (in)courage.

  1. A Hope & Encouragement sponsorship (for someone who loves the ministry of cards and wants to partner with DaySpring in dreaming up creative ways to spread that ministry across the Internet).
  2. An (in)courage photographer sponsorship (We’d like a dedicated photographer at Relevant to keep adding to the wonderful portfolio of images for (in)courage, DaySpring and Blessings Unlimited). Please be sure to link to a flickr portfolio as part of your application.
  3. A Home blogger sponsorship (for someone who loves to share her home as a place to experience and express Christ’s joy, hope, and encouragement every day, everywhere).
  4. A Frugal blogger sponsorship (sharing creative ways for how DaySpring can help you save)
  5. A Micah 6:8 Sponsorship (for bloggers that are telling the stories and sharing the avenues for social justice, mercy and ways we can change even small parts of the world, starting with ourselves)
  6. A Writer’s Craft sponsorship (for bloggers who love to weave words and use their writing and story telling to inspire us, connect with our products and impact the audience with their stories).
  7. A Newbie sponsorship (for someone who’s been blogging less than a year because we love being able to offer a helping hand to someone who’s just started out on this blogging journey and who needs someone to believe in them).
  8. A Veteran sponsorship (for someone who’s been blogging longer than four years and can bring their  social media insights and experience to the DaySpring perspective)