Your Camera:: An Unlikely Decorating Tool

Last week when I did this wall, I could tell there was something off.  I liked it but it still needed tweaking in some way.  It wasn’t until I was miles away in Nashville posting the photos of the plate wall that it became glaringly obvious.  That long platter was messing me up and needed to be tinkered with.  There are a few more tweaks I’ll make over time but, I was surprised how quickly I could figure out a solution just by looking at a photo and not looking at the actual room.

Does something feel off in your space?


  1. WOW!! That looks great! I have so many spots in my house that don’t look right, but I can’t figure out how to change it around! Uh! You are soooooo good for catching that, I honestly wouldn’t of noticed it! It does look much nicer though!

    Awesome blog :) Love it :)


  2. I do this, too. It’s a very helpful perspective.
    I always giggle a little when I show clients their “before” pictures after we’ve completed a job.
    They’re usually horrified! Aren’t we all!

  3. Goodness, you are so right about this! It’s too hard to see what’s wrong with a room when you are there in person (how often have you seen pictures of someone else’s room and think, that needs to change. ) We should all heed your advice and take pictures of our own rooms for some insight. I really like where you moved the plate, by the way!

  4. I love this… reminds me of Highlights magazine, what is different in the picture on the right!?! I would have never guessed the oval plate needed tweaking… and that is why I am not a home blogger!!!! Seriously, I always think your rooms look grand, and then you change them and they look better. For real?

  5. I think you need a big platter in it’s place. I do this ALL the time. Something doesn’t look right? The camera will unveil the secret!

  6. Wall is great!
    But love the dough bowl. Details?


  7. You’re right! The perfect move!

  8. I’m always taking photos to see how others see my spaces. It is such a good tool. And the plates look so much better after that small adjustment.

  9. This same theory also works when trying to pick a dress, like for a special occasion – I try to take a picture of me wearing it then sit down and look at it objectively…is the lovely fabric, ruffles, neckline clouding my judgment about how it actually fits my hips? Try it, it works!

  10. I can’t believe how much I like this better now! I know the comments are all over the place, but I really do think that one change makes all the difference in the world.

    It is a good thing you don’t need our approval though. :)

  11. Had to add: Oooh…what about moving the little one at the far right to the top left? I’m not good at organic, so that might take away that feel and make it too uniform. Just thought I would throw it out there. {I trust your instinct. I don’t have a home blog that millions follow.}

  12. Fabulous. My house is so cluttered right now. A picture of THAT might send me over the edge.

    • My mother always said that if you need motivation to clean up a room then imagine how you would feel if someone took a picture of it right then. Of course, that was before digital cameras.

  13. I think this concept is genius! I have recently noticed the same thing, after setting up a nice tablescape I took photos of it, and upon considering how it looked in the photos, realized that the setup was lopsided and needed tweaking. By the way, I’m drooling over your wonderful collection of white ironstone…..

  14. I see exactly what you mean, and I got a little lesson in this myself a couple of weeks ago – I was browsing through some old photos of our kitchen and realized that I really did love the old island that I had in there rather than the new one. The older one was more solid whereas the new one is leggy, and I thought I wanted leggy. Something has always looked a little off, and looking at the picture I realized that the solid one looked more “grounded” in there. I’m the kind of person that moves furniture and such around without giving a thought to it, but my husband is the total opposite – he likes for things to stay in one place. Needless to say, he will not allow me to move the islands around right now, but I’m working on him!!! :)

  15. well done! it’s unbelievable what a big difference that made :)

    love your blog by the way!

  16. I am sick that I missed the dough bowls at PB outlet! Sick!
    I love to go, but usually I am with my family because it is about an hour drive for me. Anyway, I never really seem to get anything because I go into over-stimulation mode as soon as I walk in and see all the great stuff.
    Plus, my hubby actuallly has an opinion about what we get, and that just makes it even harder to commit to something!
    That is why I need you to take me with you and teach me how to F-O-C-U-S on one thing instead of running around wanting everything!

  17. Hi there!
    I so enjoy reading your blog!
    I love the plate wall and I too think it looks better now (although it looked great before) , it’s amazing that moving one plate would make such a differnece in the balance of the design.
    I have a question for you.
    I would love to hang something like this in my home, but because I change my mind so much and am always mixing things up, I do not. Almost everything leans against the wall.
    I can’t stand nail holes in my walls.
    How do you get aroud this? Do you have a special way to hang things or are you filling holes and retouching paint?

  18. I use my camera to assist in cleaning. This might sound funny, but I will take a photo from my front door. It helps me to identify areas that are gathering a little too much stuff and just aren’t welcoming anymore!

  19. You know, I think replacing the light throw with a dark throw is what really makes a difference. I like it.

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