Remember how I hated our TV wall?  I like it much better now.  My husband got all mathy on me and showed me how if we canceled our cable we could still watch our favorite shows and in about 9 months, the new TV will pay for itself with the money we save on our cable bill.  By the fall this TV will be earning money for us.  Simple Mom did a great post last week explaining all the tricks of watching TV on the cheap.

I’m glad she took the time to write all that so I could lay around with my sick boys and enjoy our new TV.

updated:: someone asked to see the side view comparisons

Here’s the side comparison so far, bad lighting and the tv is now moved back a little and the wires can be flattened but, now you don’t get smacked by a huge blue armiore {it ended up in my office} and tv guts when you walk in the front door.