I’m halfway through Ann‘s book and I try to rarely boss people around especially when it comes to non housey things but, you need this book. I need this book. And whatever you do, do not start reading this book and then watch the movie Everybody’s Fine on the same day unless you are in the mood to choke back tears. They are giving away one of Ann’s books accompanied by a gift basket full of beautiful gifts for every 100 comments over at (in)courage today. And tomorrow is the first day of the Bloom book club, whether you have your book yet or not, you are invited to join in the conversation.

One Thousand Gifts is only $10.  So far I was gifted one book and I ordered five more to gift to others.  As I type, One Thousand Gifts is currently number nine on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Not only that, but the book has a nest on the front. Need I say more?