Today is my friend Edie’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Girl!

I’ve only met Edie twice in real life–at Blissdom the past few years, and both times, she came bearing gifts.  She made that little bird up there for me using a map of where I live because she is thoughtful and artsy and crafty.  The next year she made her famous mocha cake into cupcakes and handed them out along with bookmarks she made {in the colors of her blog}. I KNOW, right?

Updated: as soon as my sister left me a comment saying that she didn’t remember that Edie made that bird I began to panic.  Maybe I remembered wrong?! I remembered meeting Edie and her friend and her friend’s daughter for the very first time at Blissdom and they came bearing gifts.  And I just found out that DENISE made the bird.  AHHHHH, THANK YOU DENISE!  I’ve had that bird in my office for two years now and I love it!  Edie, I’m expecting something cuter than that adorable bird from you this year.  Good luck with that. Kidding.  Really, I am kidding.

Does anyone know some good words other than amazing and beautiful, innovative and intentional? This is one of those times I wish I were a word person.  I actually wrote an entirely different post about Edie yesterday to post today and even hit publish this morning- and then read it {don’t ever do things in that order, by the way} and hated it.  It wasn’t good enough for Edie. She is purposeful about so many things in her life and she lets creativity flow in all she does.

Someone once said she dresses like a scrapbook–and that was a HIGH compliment. Layers and textures and colors and pattern.  She is not afraid.  I need to let a little more scrapbook into my life.  Love you Edie, thank you for being your true self and for your friendship.

Want to send Edie a message of hope, laughter, encouragement?  Join us for a birthday linky party at Life in Grace.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it. Edie sees it. Do you?

—Confucius {Confucius didn’t say that last part but he would have if he would have known Edie.}

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