Master Bedroom

so far


Our bedroom had been neglected for far too long.  I was ready for change and my requirements were:

  • neutral colors
  • a pretty bed
  • drapes
  • masculine and feminine feel
  • places to sit
  • an 8 x 10 rug
  • surfaces to place books and tums and snoring medicine and my other old lady paraphernalia
  • better lighting
  • pay cash for everything

Neutral Backdrop

This is what the room looks like without any embellishments.  Actually, it looked like this until today when I grabbed the brocade shams from the playroom, blue chevron pillow from the downstairs sofa and a pretty throw from my office.  Photos look better with a little color in them.  The walls are Martha Stewart Flagstone, a nice gray color.  Our en suite bathroom has browns and grays and this room gets tons of light so a dark gray was a good choice for us.   From this point, I can add in yellow accents with a vase and a pillow and a throw, or some fun greens or a big graphic pillow shams in orange, I guess I don’t have to list every possible color combination, you get the idea, right?  I love that I can add in any color or pattern and instantly change the room.

Currently I don’t have anything covering the box spring.  Once I get a feel for what direction I’ll go for the accent fabrics and colors, I’ll add some fabric or a printed sheet that will offset all the white.

The Bed


If I could pick any bed, I would want something like this from Z Gallerie

Or this from Lindsay Harper’s apartment.

I had a yard sale back in October and made a good amount of cash to put towards a new bed.   But for whatever reason, I wanted to wait and see if we could work in what we had.  And what we had was a super sturdy 5 year old sleigh bed from Big Lots.  Not nice wood but not falling apart at all. Rats. {Do people still say “rats”?  My dad says it all the time so it sounds normal to me.}

The walls are gray so for contrast we painted the bed white.  My husband helped on this one, he encouraged me to try this bed and see and with my aversion to spending money, that was all I needed.  But, I told him if we were going to keep the sleigh, I wanted him to help me paint it.  He rolled, I brushed and it took about two hours using leftover paint we had from the dresser.  BEHR paint plus primer in Hushed White~it’s actually more yellowy than I would like for the bed, you can tell when it’s up against my super white sheets, but it’s not bothersome enough to paint it again.  If you want further instructions on how to paint your furniture, I’m not a professional, but I did read my friend Mandie’s ebook and learned all of her secrets.  It’s not the bed I wanted but, it was free and I like much it better than before.


I agonized over drapes for a LONG time.  I love long drapes, I think they have magical powers to soften and transform a room from blah to cozy. I really wanted a neutral graphic print.  The drapes were the VERY first thing I looked for for this room.  Long before I knew what we were going to do with the room, I knew if i could find the right fabric everything could springboard off that.

I love this DwellStudio Gate print by Robert Allen. That would have added in some masculine feel.  However, we are renting this house and there are 4 windows in this room which means 8 panels that each need almost 3 yards of fabric. This fabric would have cost me over $1000. Just for the fabric. Eight panels at even $10 a yard fabric would have cost $240 just for fabric for me to mistreat. That was the most I was willing to spend but, as I looked around, I realized that finding $10 per yard discount fabric I like was difficult but I did find a few however, I could never find 24 YARDS of the fabric I liked.  At such an inexpensive price, the fabric was usually on sale or discontinued and every time I found something that would work, I was faced with not enough fabric on the bolt.  Plus, I knew I didn’t want to sew and the thought of paying $250 just so I could hang fabric pieces kind of bothered me.  Finally, I called off the search and decided to go with white panels.

I went to the least expensive store in town, Ollie’s, and bought 8 full sized flat sheets for $3.99 each.  And then I bought 4 rods from Home Depot for about $13.00 each.  I dressed 4 windows for less than $100.  I just realized that I accidentally put a queen sized sheet for the left panel of that window, see how it puddles on the floor? One day, maybe I’ll switch that out with the couple of extra full sized that I bought.

Masculine and Feminine

It’s my tendency to be overly girly.  I guess it comes naturally since you know, I’m a girl and all.  But, I wanted to make sure our room looked like it belonged to both a man and a woman.  Not the owner of hello kitty.

For us that meant no toile, no floral {ok so there are a few flowers on that throw but remember, that actually goes in my office, I just brought it in here so my photos wouldn’t look like black and whites} no pinks.  I decided to balance the white with wood.  We happened to find this clearance sunburst mirror back in October at Pier 1 for $80.  Sold.

Plus, we had this armiore in our room that is wooden and I wanted to balance the wood and white.  I thought I was going to witness the death of a 120 pound mover when they moved this solid wood armiore up our stair well and dropped it and it left huge gashes in the walls {didn’t damage the armiore one little bit though, solid wood and all}.  Those little boys got so mad at me telling me I packed too much stuff in it.  I made them open it once they got it into our room so I could prove it was empty.  All that to say this armiore is staying in our room until we move.  Try to ignore the pile of clothes and lamp and wall stuff. This room isn’t quite done yet and even if it was, my favorite hobby is piling clothes.

Places to Sit

One of the few requests that my husband has for our room is a place to sit.  I found this classy and slightly masculine chair at One Kings Lane {that’s my referral link thankyouverymuch}.  One Kings Lane is a website that has 72 hour sales posted every day from all sorts of great sources.  I’ve got a post coming up in the next week where I’ll explain how I use OKL so hold on for that.  But, just like any store, you need to be patient and wait for a great deal that works for you.  This chair was about $400~about half what it retails for.

My chair was a $35 thrift store find that I painted and distressed {lazy girl’s way to paint} last year.  I found the garden stool at Ollie’s for $25.  I had my eye on them for awhile and saw them one blogs and in high end shops, even One Kings Lane had them but they were all over $100.  Of course, I didn’t buy the $25 one when I saw it.  Lucky for me, my trusty mom found one for me at her local store.  Thanks Mom!

The Rug

Our entire house has wood floors which is absolutely wonderful and simultaneously absolutely cold on morning toes fresh from the bed.  We needed an 8 x 10 rug to go under the bed so we could step onto cush.  I think this rug fits the cush factor and the fun factor. It was $400 from One Kings Lane and it made the whole room come together.


We needed side tables.  Since we had long drapes, I wanted tables that were leggy so the drapes would show through under the top.  Plus, I know that we won’t be in this home forever so I wanted tables that I could use in other rooms later if I needed to.  I found these crescent tables at One Kings Lane for $170 each.


The pair of lamps are from Hobby Lobby $100 each but of course, Hobby Lobby has a sale rotation with lamps 50% off about once a month so I got them for $50 each.  The extra large lantern commands attention.  You can’t tell from the photos but it’s the first thing you look at when you walk in to the room.   I had originally thought I would find an old chandelier and wrap twigs around it but when I saw this lantern at the Habitat ReStore for $30 I knew it would be a nice centerpiece for the room.

All I had to do was dust it off and hit it with a little spray paint.  I should probably adjust that chain a little bit.

Pay Cash

I just moved three paragraphs from this topic to a new post.  Does anyone really want to read me go on and on about why it’s not worth it to put furniture on a credit card?  We paid surprisingly little for this makeover. We used all cash and I had some referral credits from One King’s Lane that I put to good use. I’ll share more about how to use One King’s Lane later this week.

All in all, we LOVE our room.  And that was the overall goal.  It didn’t turn out anything like I had originally planned, it never does but the plan is just a guide, the goal is to like it.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out what I want to do with the tray ceiling but, I’m not in a hurry to make it happen.  We still want a bookshelf next to my husband’s chair and there’s one wall in this room that you are going to laugh at that I’ll show you very soon. If anyone is wondering, we have our dressers in our closet. I’ve got my eye on Etsy for the perfect graphic pillows in a fun color.  You’ll be the first to know when I find them.

I’m so happy to finally have a bedroom that I don’t dread walking into.  Creating a welcoming master bedroom is one of the best investments we’ve made.

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  1. Kelli Bishop says

    LOVE the new look!!! So beautiful! Where did you get that throw?! It is divine!! Thanks for the paint idea as well, now I have a new paint to choose from!

  2. I LOVE IT.

    I like to think of piling clothes as one of my most favoritest hobbies. I’m sitting next to a clothes pile while I type this, in fact. It comforts me.

  3. It’s so gorgeous, Nester. And cozy and warm. I love it. We are working on our master, too. I have come to realize I neglect decorating it the most in every home we live in. Poor bedroom. :-(

  4. I just bookmarked those rugs myself for our future house. I love the grey one. Hope to meet you at Blissdom!

  5. Is this the longest post in the history of Nesting Place? I had to comment before I even finished ready for fear I would forget the very important things I wanted to say.

    Lemme see your en suite bathroom sometime, pretty please. I think it’s the only room we’ve never seen.

    I say “rats”

  6. It looks great. Really light and airy. I am all for working with what you already have. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. As a fellow renter who loves home design it has been great to get some inspiration and ideas. Thanks!

  7. I haven’t touched our master bedroom since we moved to our house 5 years ago. And this is the exact look I’m going for…so calm and relaxing. Beautiful job! (as always!) Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Love the feel of your new room! It’s so refreshing and romantic!

  9. So gorgeous. We are selling our home this year and will be renting. It seems so wierd to decorate something that is temporary but the LOVE feeling must be worth it. Thanks for the inspiration.


    Fabric Guru has the Robert Allen fabric for 13.95 per yd!

  11. Can I just say that I HEART Ollie’s? You just never know what you might find, but our store didn’t have the garden stools in white. Otherwise, I would have snatched one up. You bedroom is looking so peaceful. I LOVE it!

  12. I’ve been working on our master bedroom for some time now. I love what you’ve done, and that it doesn’t look like a budget room. At all.

  13. I love the room!! The white bed with the rich brown mirror and side tables is beautiful! I love that bed in white!! So glad you did this for yourself…you deserve a nice, comfortable retreat!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. i so covet that blanket… with the white and blue flowers? lovelovelove… any hints as to where you got it?
    the whole transformation is beautiful. i’m craving neutral colors. so clean, a canvas waiting for life to be painted on… peace

  15. Very pretty all around! Have you ever shared what your decorating budget is per month? Do you have a goal to own a home or do you plan to continue to rent?

    Thanks for sharing. Love your blog; I read almost daily.

  16. This is a gorgeous room! You did a wonderful job transforming it!
    Thank you for sharing all the details!

  17. it’s absolutely gorgeous! as always.

  18. I really like that you re-used your existing bed, way to be frugal and stylish at the same time!

  19. Lovely! It really is a one piece at a time process and it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re after but this room has been pulled together beautifully! Great job!

  20. Wow! It looks so inviting! I was just in Pottery Barn over the weekend and loved the new white bedding they had on the canopy bed. Your white beding is dreamy! We just got a King sized bed without a frame or headboard. My hubs is going to build one for us. He has built a queen sized pencil post bed, as seen in Ethan Allen, but their old style with the curved headboard. It’s black and is now in our guest bedroom. I am still in love with my canopy bed. Not sure how it will look in a King size. Your bedroom gives me inspiration! Thanks!

  21. WOW. that’s all I can say. I am so impressed. working on my master now and am hoping to pay cash for the remaining items, but I am the most impatient person ever.

    can’t wait to see the post on OKL. That site intimidates me.

  22. Swoony! And I am pleased as punch that you paid cash.

    ps – My mom says “rat tails”.

  23. It’s so calm! I’m more of a bold color gal, but these soft hues speak to me – so inviting

    At my former church in Florida there was a team of ladies who went around decorating for others – it was a cool ministry – and their NUMBER ONE rule when you move into a new home was “DO THE MASTER BEDROOM FIRST!” Their reasoning was to have a welcoming place of refreshing to go to at the end of the day doing everything else.

    I’ve tried to stick to that rule – but while I’m waiting to find “that perfect mirror” to complete the room I end up finishing all the other rooms first. Lol! Second room on my list is ALWAYS the kitchen – where I spend the most time.

  24. I LOVE it!!! This room is so peaceful and relaxing….exactly what a master bedroom is supposed to be! I love the paint color you chose. What is the name of it?? I’ve been looking to do a color similar to that in my family room (I have about 13 stripes of paint on one wall trying to find that perfect color). Thanks!

  25. LOVE it!! GReat job! i need help with my living room! would love a nester makeover!!! :)

  26. Beautiful! Perfect balance of feminine and masculine, it looks great-a nice place to begin and end the day for sure!

  27. Hey Nester!

    The room looks great! Love it. And that wooden mirror really kicks up the masculine big-time! yup. Kidding aside, I think you did a great job keeping it from being too feminine but still pretty.

    At first glance I wondered “what is that barrel looking thing” but you answered that in your post. A Garden Stool! of course. Just what every bedroom needs, a barrel with holes in it, er. I mean , a garden stool.

    See ya,


  28. I really love what you did to your room. It’s very calming and still beautiful!
    I’ve been gradually working on my master bedroom for about a year. I started with the smaller things first (with cash) and need bigger pieces like a dresser next. I also want a upholstered headboard and I intend to make it myself (with hubby and dad’s help).
    Thanks for sharing!

  29. I haven’t commented in awhile, but holy moly! That bedroom rocks! I have been reading you almost from the beginning of your blog and I love how we home loving birds evolve and change as time passes. Way to go on the room. Love the chair, mirror, rug….

  30. Wow! GORGEOUS!

  31. I love you for saying “Rats!” And then questioning it. We say rats!, and, if we’re really feeling crazy, drats!

    p.s. The room looks phenominal.

  32. Love it!! Great job!!

  33. What a beautiful bedroom!

  34. Wow! That is one of the most beautiful bedrooms I’ve seen! It looks so peaceful and relaxing. I recently started redecorating our master bedroom, and you have inspired me in a few areas where I just felt “stuck”. Thanks!

  35. Gorgeous! If we weren’t in the middle of painting our bedroom dark teal, I’d be tempted to copy yours! Is the bed a queen size? I’ve been trying to figure out what size of rug to put under ours (which is a queen) so that we have some sticking out each side to step onto in the morning and some at the foot of the bed.

  36. Love it! Just beautiful! and that chandelier is just fabulous.

  37. that is a great looking room
    Thanks for taking the time to run through all the “would have loved to do . . .” That is encouraging to me. When I look at the pictures I would assume that you had everything just the way that you wanted. I tend to get stuck and can’t see the alternative options.
    Great blog!

    • really? You liked that I said what I would have done if I could have? Thank you so much for telling me, I wasn’t sure if anyone would care what I wanted to get if I could have but, I think it’s fun to read that from others so I’m glad you liked it.

  38. C

  39. AH Nester, my dear, you are – as always – brilliant and talented. And I LOVE IT!

  40. I’m new to your blog and have had fun reading, reading and looking, looking. I really love your new bedroom! You did an amazing job AND on a budget!

    I am contemplating some home make-overs but I like wood….I mean, wood trim/doors, etc. It seems everything I see is neutral walls and white trim. I am partial to golds, browns and warm colors. I really love the addition to the wood armiore and the end tables in your room. I’d love to hear ideas for paint colors that work well with wood (oak) trim.

    Great blog. I’ll be visiting lots.

  41. Lovely Nester! So pretty! Love how the bed turned out!

    It must feel great to have your room done, or almost done!! I can’t wait to do mine.

    here is a funny: The photo where you show your curtains, I thought you had some little valance things hanging in the windows. I JUST realized it was the wall between your curtains. I kept reading your post looking for where you talked about why you had place mats hanging on your rods.

    • I know, that bugs me to no end. If I had the money, I’d take down all these plastic blinds and put up bamboo or something and mercy me START IT AT THE TOP ABOVE THE WINDOW.

      But whatever, it’s still worth it to hang the drapes high, makes the room feel bigger.

      cannot wait to see you in a few weeks!

  42. Looks beautiful! I wouldn’t expect any less from you.

  43. Oh my goodness, want to know why I am in love with this so much? Because I have that same bed and have been wanting to paint it! I’m so giddy to see your transformation (I say giddy like you say rats) lol Everything looks fabulous!! So happy you shared :)

  44. I LOVE it!! – Looks amazing, I am inspired to try again on our master!

  45. mel zeiger says

    Wow, I am in complete shock and awe, the bed sheet as window panels, where have you been my whole life?!?!?!? We just bought our first house last year and we have 9 floor to ceiling windows and two full glass paio doors that you can see walking in from the front door, and have been agonizing over what to do and how we could afford it!!! SHEETS, holy cow, SHEETS!!! you are amazing and I’m on my way to wally world as we speak! THANK YOU!

  46. this is amazing – I love your changes and how you were able to do this on your terms. LOVE IT1

  47. Your master bedroom redo is gorgeous!! Very nice!

  48. I think your bedroom is gorgeous just they way it is. Your bed looks AMAZING in white – what a difference it makes. The whole room is exactly my style so will be keeping the pictures for my inspiration board. Hope you don’t mind? I will link back when the time comes. Promise.

  49. OK, so can I please tell you how excited I am that I found a Big Lots today? I’ve been mourning Big Lots and Ollie’s since we’ve moved to our new home 1.5 years ago. I didn’t think there were any locally. And better yet, right down the street from BL is the coolest, bestest, newest Goodwill EVER. I stumbled upon both by accident this afternoon and I couldn’t be happier! Well, I could be happier if BL had more than 3 of the drapes I wanted. Of course I need 4 minimum…..I’m hoping our bedroom comes out as nice as yours.

  50. Such a beautiful room! It’s been almost 2 yrs since my hubby and I bought our house and I still haven’t finished decorating our bedroom, it’s my main goal for this year. I’m in love with your drapes, they are exactly what I want for our room, I think I’ll have to full out my sewing machine this week :)

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