Do You Have Goals for Your Home?

Every year my husband and I write down our goals.  We have fun goals and serious goals and paying off debt goals and business goals and we are both nerdy so we think it’s fun and look forward to it.  Even better, my parents and my sister and her husband and me and my husband get together every year in January or February and talk about our goals together.  We’ve done that for about 10 years and again with the nerdiness and the fact that we all look forward to it.  As a family, we even have one goal that is HUGE and crazy and insane and my part would hopefully one day involve you. But I’m not ready to tell you about that yet.

Another thing I do every year is write down some things I want to accomplish in our home.  Tangible, I’ll-be-SO-thrilled-when-it’s done, goals.  We’ve been renters for the past 3 years so those goals look a little different than when we owned our house but, they are still goals, and they help me focus and look forward to change.  They also give me time to think about what I want and what I need and what is best.

In the past my home goals have been anything from “pay cash for a new sofa” to “plant something in the front of the house”.   Some years they are big goals, some years {like the first year we are renting a home} they are baby steps.  You can have goals for your home no matter what your housing situation.  Maybe your goal is simply to learn to love your home more.  Maybe you need to take a risk and start filling some of those empty rooms with things that will serve your family and that you love even if you have no idea where to start.  Maybe you need to get rid of some things. Maybe you have a specific project that’s been bugging you.

Will you join me in thinking about goals for your home and come back here on Thursday and we’ll all link up and share a few of our home goals? You can have one goal, you can have 20, there are no rules.  But, you want to have goals that are measurable and not too overwhelming.  Be realistic but, challenge yourself.

I’ll work on mine and we’ll discuss amongst ourselves in a few days.


  1. What a great idea! Although, this is what I have to work with right now:

    and I’m having a REALLY hard time narrowing things down! We actually finished our big master bathroom project on New Year’s Eve (which I plan to reveal the Befores/Afters tomorrow). But what to tackle THIS year? It’s all so overwhelming! Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. My fiance and I did this last night!! We made January goals – three goals for each category: our home, our life and our relationship. Our plan is to check in at the end of the month and set new goals for February!

  3. PERFECT topic! My one new year’s resolution actually deals with our house – I can’t wait to link up on Thursday!

  4. I can’t wait until Thursday! This will challenge me to document my house goals, because I do have them! Now I will photograph the “old”, purpose to write down my house goals and then photograph the “new” this year once we have accomplished them.
    So excited! What a great practice.

  5. What a great idea to include Honey in making Goals for the Home.
    I know he wants fresh tomatoes this year–
    Let’s see what else we come up with. I’ll check back for the discussion.

    It’s a great idea.

  6. Sounds like a plan. I need someone to convince me my goal is a good one…because it will be hard on my heart to execute it.

  7. I love your family’s nerdiness! How awesome to have so many supportive people to discuss your goals with and to hold you accountable!

  8. Yes! I could probably come up with a dozen right now! :)
    I get so much inspiration from your blog. I am passing along the “stylish blogger” award to you. You can grab the award off my blog at

  9. I needed this inspiration! Can’t wait for Thursday. This will be my first link party, though, so can someone share the process with me? Do I just post my goal on my blog then link it back to Thanks for letting me know!

  10. You encourage in so many areas.

    The fact that you and your entire family get together to share goals is a new idea for me and I am all over it like white on rice.

    You are a blessing!

  11. Ok. Strange question for you. Do you happen to know where you got the fabric in the picture? The one with the ball of yarn. I have been hunting for fabric to recover my kitchen chairs and that would be perfect!! Hoping you remember and it was in the Charlotte area. I am in Clemson, SC and would totally make the drive for it :). Thanks!

    PS. love, love, love your blog! Your home is beautiful and looks so cozy.

  12. I love nerds.

  13. I don’t have a website.. but I do have a home that I’ve finally working on. I rent a townhome and my goal this year is to redecorate everything ONLY using thriftstore finds, homecrafts and things I myself do. Mainly because of the expense. I simply can’t afford new furniture, shopping at crate and barrel etc..But I can afford Salvation Army/Savers and Goodwill. So my goal is redocorate in good taste and style on a SHOE’ s SHoestring budget.

  14. This is for Paula:

    Paula, I love that fabric too! I first saw it when our outdoor furniture arrived with it used on the accent pillows. I had to find out where they sold it because I wanted the same for inside (if you can leave something out in the rain, it should be able to withstand a boy and his dog, right?). You can find it online at Ballard Designs. Here’s the link: Hope this helps!

  15. I’ll have a post up tomorrow about our goals for the year, including our goals for our home. :-)

  16. Your blog is fine, but beware of the ad on your blog for “StraighterLine.” Their online courses do NOT even have instructors. There are even blatant errors in the material they use in their “curriculum.” Their courses and their entire program is NOT accredited. Which means courses do not transfer or count at a real university. It is a scam, and a terrible waste of money. Sadly, I know people who have lost a great deal of time and money to such bogus programs. Not a good choice for education.

  17. I’m a big dork and thought it was Thursday. I was all fired up to share a post only to find that I showed up for the party early. I guess I’m just really excited about this! I’ll be back sometime tomorrow…

  18. Whata great idea, I defintely have goals for our home, humble as it may be. A house is a house, but a home is what you make it. Will definitely work on a post for tomorrow:)


  19. Our home is our nest. They say that is the safest place. Well, who would not feel it when love, security and peace is present on it. With that setting a goal for the improvement of it is necessary. Well, I should congratulate you making one and for inspiring us to have our goal for our home. Actually you have a great vision for the betterment of your nest together with your husband. More power.

  20. Oh it is so encouraging to hear that the goal doesn’t have to be big, just measurable! I know that, but I forget. So because I am not blogging anymore I will just post my goals here – I will put something in a planter on our back deck. :) I will also vacuum occasionally. And TODAY I will iron the fabric I’ve been meaning to staple to the ceiling of the nursery for a window treatment.

    I can totally do that! Even with a new baby and a husband deploying, I can accomplish these things. Thanks for the encouragement!

  21. Funny – I just read this post today and this morning I blogged about cleaning out and decorating/organizing our laundry room. Big goal for the year. :)

  22. I just started my blog as part of my New Year’s resolution to bring every room in my house to optimum organization one month at a time.

  23. Oh man oh man ohmanohman…. I have searched the world over for fabric like in that first picture…. khaki with the graphic pattern. Where did you get it???? AND is it still available????

  24. Annnnnnd never mind…. I just read the previous post! :)

  25. I took out a notepad last weekend and walked through my entire house to note everything that either need to be replaced, updated or fixed. Three pages later, with some big ticket items and a small budget, I narrowed it down to the carpet. = ) Though I would love to re-do the entire house!

    Thank you for sharing and providing inspiration!

  26. Our home is the only place we’re comfortable with. And sometimes, when we’re just setting on our sofa doing nothing, maybe could think something to work on stuff that will enhance the surroundings of our home. Its really an advantage to have our own set goals. Even on simple things we ought to do, setting goal is very important. At the end of the day, it would be satisfying on our part if we had accomplished a single task.

  27. Our big goal: a DIY sunroom addition *eek!*.
    Also in the works, redecorating the nursery
    But mostly, I just want to get everything really organize and get better at sticking to my routines. Of course, with baby girl # 3 on the way, that is going to be easier said then done. :-)

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