2011 Home Goals

I’m starting this post with one of my goals from last year.  Our bedroom.  I cannot believe I haven’t told you all about this room, we worked on it in October during the 31 day series and then the holidays happened and now it’s next year.  I’ll tell you more than you ever want to know about this room next week.  But for now, I need to enjoy this photo before I show you the carnage of my before photos of my next projects.

Also, let me preface my goals by saying that I take great joy in doing projects in our home, my main hobby is my house.  It always has been and always will be.  Plus, I have a blog where I write about my house, not only do I love doing house stuff, it’s kind of like my job, so you know, it’s pretty normal for me to have many projects going on at once.  Many years I’ve done nothing but unpack boxes and see how we live in a house.  This is the first time we’ve lived in the same house for more than 1 year in the last 4 years.  Did you get that?  It’s been FOUR years since our family has been settled in a house for more than one year.  And even though we are renting I finally feel at ease and somewhat unpacked enough to start doing things.   For this house project loving girl, I feel like I can finally catch my breath and have some fun.

1. Three Boys Rooms

{updated to add a picture of the lego table}

  • window mistreatments
  • walls {paint & something interesting that he likes}
  • lampshade

We just separated our 9 and 10 year old boys so they have their own rooms.  This boy now only has a tiny dresser.

  • larger dresser
  • new rug {this one smells like burning rubber?}
  • lighting

This room drives me insane.

  • declutter
  • rug
  • bedding
  • window mistreatment
  • organize wall stuff so it’s not just papers taped to it
  • lighting
  • storage
  • a chair on wheels

I want their rooms to be all about them and show their unique likes and personality but we can do better than taped up papers on the wall and a rug that won’t stay put.

2. The Bonus Room

The playroom doesn’t even have toys anymore.  It’s more of a bonus hangout/guest room.

  • bedding
  • wall decor
  • window mistreatments
  • fix/replace tv stand
  • paint

Here’s the other side of the room.  We have lots of extra chairs since we use our dining table in the kitchen now.  What do I do with all of these chairs?

3. TV Wall

TV wall in the family room.  This wall drives me and my husband crazy.  We LOVE the TV on that wall but I can’t figure out what to put next to the armoire.  Plus those two boxes high on the wall–the doorbell and ? Plus….

You can see the guts of the TV from the side.  When you walk in the front door.  I’ve hung a drape on that wall, put bulky things on the wall and on the table but so far I can’t find a combination that I like.  My husband has a solution that of course involves a new TV.

And I have a few other things I’m wanting to do:

  • Add pops of color {incorporate more shots of color I can easily switch out}.
  • Finish mistreaments {those striped ones need to be finished at the top and bottom}.
  • Paint the kitchen {it’s 90 percent done, why don’t I just finish it already?}
  • Get a sailfish {I’ve been wanting one of these for too long}.
  • Incorporate more handmade items {my pet peeve is when an entire house looks like it was purchased from Kirkland’s {not that there is anything wrong with Kirklands} or any store for that matter, I want to make sure I use things I’ve made, things from nature, items from etsy shops, things my boys made and the imperfect and unexpected}.
  • Get a round coffee table for the family room.
  • Continue to be content living with imperfection, I feel like this is my strongest quality and the most important thing that frees me to be able to do things in my home.  You should try it.

Those are my goals to help keep me focused this year, what are yours?


  1. I love your taste and this blog. PLEASE let me know what you end up doing with your boy’s room. The first picture (the flags over headboard) is the EXACT room my son has! Same bed (that slightly overlaps window) and size room…I would love to see how you end up transforming it. I can’t figure out what to do with mine.

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