2011 Home Goals

I’m starting this post with one of my goals from last year.  Our bedroom.  I cannot believe I haven’t told you all about this room, we worked on it in October during the 31 day series and then the holidays happened and now it’s next year.  I’ll tell you more than you ever want to know about this room next week.  But for now, I need to enjoy this photo before I show you the carnage of my before photos of my next projects.

Also, let me preface my goals by saying that I take great joy in doing projects in our home, my main hobby is my house.  It always has been and always will be.  Plus, I have a blog where I write about my house, not only do I love doing house stuff, it’s kind of like my job, so you know, it’s pretty normal for me to have many projects going on at once.  Many years I’ve done nothing but unpack boxes and see how we live in a house.  This is the first time we’ve lived in the same house for more than 1 year in the last 4 years.  Did you get that?  It’s been FOUR years since our family has been settled in a house for more than one year.  And even though we are renting I finally feel at ease and somewhat unpacked enough to start doing things.   For this house project loving girl, I feel like I can finally catch my breath and have some fun.

1. Three Boys Rooms

{updated to add a picture of the lego table}

  • window mistreatments
  • walls {paint & something interesting that he likes}
  • lampshade

We just separated our 9 and 10 year old boys so they have their own rooms.  This boy now only has a tiny dresser.

  • larger dresser
  • new rug {this one smells like burning rubber?}
  • lighting

This room drives me insane.

  • declutter
  • rug
  • bedding
  • window mistreatment
  • organize wall stuff so it’s not just papers taped to it
  • lighting
  • storage
  • a chair on wheels

I want their rooms to be all about them and show their unique likes and personality but we can do better than taped up papers on the wall and a rug that won’t stay put.

2. The Bonus Room

The playroom doesn’t even have toys anymore.  It’s more of a bonus hangout/guest room.

  • bedding
  • wall decor
  • window mistreatments
  • fix/replace tv stand
  • paint

Here’s the other side of the room.  We have lots of extra chairs since we use our dining table in the kitchen now.  What do I do with all of these chairs?

3. TV Wall

TV wall in the family room.  This wall drives me and my husband crazy.  We LOVE the TV on that wall but I can’t figure out what to put next to the armoire.  Plus those two boxes high on the wall–the doorbell and ? Plus….

You can see the guts of the TV from the side.  When you walk in the front door.  I’ve hung a drape on that wall, put bulky things on the wall and on the table but so far I can’t find a combination that I like.  My husband has a solution that of course involves a new TV.

And I have a few other things I’m wanting to do:

  • Add pops of color {incorporate more shots of color I can easily switch out}.
  • Finish mistreaments {those striped ones need to be finished at the top and bottom}.
  • Paint the kitchen {it’s 90 percent done, why don’t I just finish it already?}
  • Get a sailfish {I’ve been wanting one of these for too long}.
  • Incorporate more handmade items {my pet peeve is when an entire house looks like it was purchased from Kirkland’s {not that there is anything wrong with Kirklands} or any store for that matter, I want to make sure I use things I’ve made, things from nature, items from etsy shops, things my boys made and the imperfect and unexpected}.
  • Get a round coffee table for the family room.
  • Continue to be content living with imperfection, I feel like this is my strongest quality and the most important thing that frees me to be able to do things in my home.  You should try it.

Those are my goals to help keep me focused this year, what are yours?


  1. Hold the phone! You mean there will be a time in my life where there won’t be any toys in the bonus room?!!! Oh I can not wait!

  2. Have you thought about adding some moulding to the side of the armoir that holds the tv to make it deeper and hide the back? You have to have it away from the wall anyways and if you could extend the back it would hide the tv.I am still making goals for my house, I think it’s about time to get serious about redoing the master bedroom. It is about half “done” but then I get all confused about what I really want to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration. I read you all the time:>)

  3. Ok, I love those little black birds so much I ordered myself some from Target and while I still love them I can’t find a good way to get them to stay put because I am not using the nails they came with thats a lot of holes, lol. How do you have yours up? My solution right now is duct tape and it is working at the moment but I have had few fall so I don’t think it is a good long term solution because how embarassing would that be if we had company and they fall off! BTW I just love your style!

    • Hi I just left a nail-phobia comment at The Pleated Poppy so gonna throw in here too! :D My two fave non-screw&anchor hangers are 1) 3M Command hooks (just follow the directions &they don’t fall OR damage anything!) and 2) “Helping Hand Push Pin PictureHangers” found on the mini tool racks at Walgreen’s. (Helping Hand’s parent co at http://www.faucetqueen.com) they have a great little hook and leave a hole the size of a…pushpin! My only caveat is to make sure you angle the pin UP when u push it in. Both will hold up better than duct tape, and since I GR8 BIG HEART duct tape, that’s hard to say. BTW, the OriginalDUCK tape co., Manco, was started in a guy’s garage here in Cleveland Rocks! OH. -s-

  4. I know what you mean about staying put as a renter. We just celebrated our 3rd Christmas in this house… I think that is a record! For your tv wall… can you put a plant (palm?) on the right side to hide the back from the front door? To me, it looks like it should be centered on that wall, with something on either side. I do have a drape hanging near my entry to make a visual block into my formal-living-room-turned-office-and-scrapbook-workshop. I love how ambitious your list is! I have so much decluttering and organizing to do that I can’t think of many other projects, although I have rooms seriously begging for help! Blessings!

  5. Rug smells like burnt rubber? I had the same issue too, wrote about it, and found so many others out there like myself. Mine came from Pottery Barn, but I’m sure others share the same problem. Many say it’s from a cheap latex adhesive and that it can be harmful to your health, especially if anyone suffers from asthma. I’d start there and throw it out!

    I do love your website! Thanks for all the great inspiration and good luck with the re-do’s!


    • yes, i’m thinking it’s off gassing {doesn’t that sound repulsive?} it’s now a garage rug, already have the new, wool rug without a rubber backing down in his room :}

  6. I LOVE your house and your style. If I had more disposable income {don’t we all need more?} for projects, you and I would have very similar home style. I’ve had to get creative with some areas of my home.
    I had a light bulb go off over my head when I saw your armoire and how you hate that you can see the guts of the tv when you walk in. Have you ever considered building out the back of your armoire so that it appears deeper, but the function would be more to hide the wires and thus making it sit flush to the wall? Sort of like a faux extension of the cabinet, with crown at the top and maybe a 2×4?? I’m not so good at the explaining, but it sounds good and looks good in my head!!

    Just a thought. Thanks for sharing your home with us. I’m so inspired!!

  7. oh and PS. HOw do you keep your sofa so clean? i have a white corner sectional too and even with washing I can’t get it to stay white. Any tips??

  8. The guts of our tv showed too since we’re about 2 decades behind technology and all. So we flanked the armoire with a pair of narrow bookcases which are pushed back against the wall. Mixing height, color and details keeps it from looking too matchy. Love your house!!!

  9. On your tv wall…have you thought about putting the armoir in the center of the wall and then adding two prints (one on top of the other) to each side?

    if the prints were big enough, it would be all you would need, right?

  10. I didn’t have time to write a post but this year I plan on getting my office in order. There’s still a bunch of boxes in there from when I moved in May, furniture that needs to be bought, items contained, and so on. It’ll get there!

  11. What are you going to do with the sailfish?
    I have to say I never thought of you as a sailfish girl. :>)

  12. Nester! Get a large print from Red Letter Words and hang it from those two silly boxes. Then you have beautiful art and they are covered :)

  13. Maybe you could stick a shelf like the white one from your last photo (or something like it) at a stratiegic level to hide the guts of your TV.

  14. Dear Nester,
    I notice you use ‘we’ in a lot of your posts about decorating your house as in your husband and you. My question? How do you get your husband to be excited about decorating the house? I ended up painting our now two year old’s nursery when I was pregnant with her because my husband refused. I am currently trying to decorate our bedroom with no opinions or help from him. How do you get yours into it? Mine doesn’t care as long as he has a place to lay his head at night that’s comfortable.
    A lover of home decor married to someone who could care less

  15. Rebecca O'Neill says

    I am now working on my goals. Goal number 1: Stop buying stuff from Craig’s List just because I like it and can afford it. If I don’t need it, I’m not buying it!

    That’s about as good as I can do right now. Thanks Nester!

  16. OH my…I do have a BIG one… I want new family room furnishing…I have had mine for over 12 years and it’s time!!!

    sandy toe

  17. I just love your style! All your chairs could be turned into a wonderful little bench. Just screw them all together and get some foam and fabric to make one long padded seat. I’ve seen it done before and it is just so charming!!

  18. Hi, Nester!!!
    I love this post. You are so organized. ( I just started putting Christmas things away!)
    And I also love your style. I think you should have your own SHOW. What could we call it…? HGTV’s Nesting Place…? I’ll watch : )
    Having said all that, can I say something about your tv wall in the living room…? How about switching out the table, chair, mirror for a gallery wall? You could use a wonderful collection of plates/photos/art. All plates, all photos, all botanicals. Or a wonderful mix of things.

  19. holy cow – i LOVE that room. and great goals for your house! i should sit down with the hubs and make some for ours

  20. That’s it? Not to be rude, but you’re kinda lazy. JUST KIDDING, of course!!! I know you will go with your bad Nester self and get it all done.

    Love how your bedroom looks!

    Have fun with all your projects!!! (I hopefully have a big one in the works…but trying not to get too excited.)

  21. First, thank you for hosting this link party! Great idea! Second, love your bedroom. Third, on your TV Wall, how about removing everything but the armoire and centering it on the wall. Then place tall vases, birdcages, or other large accessories on top of the armoire to hide the boxes. I think that would look super!

    • Does everyone want me to explain why my armiore isn’t centered? It’s not centered on the wall but it is moved so we can see it better from the corner sectional. the way the room is, if I center the armiore, one entire length of my sofa will be directly lined up with the tv, bad for watching tv, i’d rather have it off center. as far as the top, it’s curved so can’t put anything up there but, that wall is where i’m going to one day hang my fish!

      Thanks for all the comments you are all amazing!

  22. You are SO lucky you are able to do what you would like to in your place. We are also in renting having just moved from the UK to Australia and this house needs seriously dragging from the 70’s to the 21st century. Unfortunately we cannot do ANYTHING to the house without prior approval. There is only one hook throughout – in the lounge – where I have to hang my kitchen clock!

    Have just started my own blog, so the house tour will shortly be starting. How can I make a 70’s house look like it belongs in the now? I don’t think I can. But I’m going to try anyway.

  23. Finally! The phoneweb *worked*…had almost given up. I guess it was good, I read Emily’s post first&the vision crystallized. Thanks again!. OK, am making this simple, because the GOALS are the rooms/common areas, and the MEANS to get there are all the same- 1)sort-sell/donate/trash; 2 )empty room/area, rip up carpet,oil hardwoods;(lucky to have all red oak natural flooring&woodwork in a 75yo house built by carpenter! Friend mason did exteriorred brick) 3) dropcloth/prep,prime/paint walls&ceilings; 4) contents to stay back in; 5) build frames/hammer&punch coppershutters, install shutters bottom&bamboo roman shades top; 6)any furniture painting to be done in summer, a la driveway. GOAL ROOMS/AREAS-1)Dining room (to house promised momma’s treasures), hi-gloss aubergine, aqua/teal armoire (to be concocted of other pieces in pecan finish) and her lt oak 60″round table,dark oak&walnut china cabinet, all the Fostoria&Fenton. Think will have to sell 12-14 place settings PfaltgraffYorktowne. :( her oak blanket chest

  24. GOALS, contd-sorry I was typin away & it cut it off. So quckly, the chest will be the nook window seat. Other GOAL AREAS-2) Center Hall, up stairwell& up hall 3) Kitchen 4) former enclosed porch cum office now certifiable disaster area. Will be office/sewing&knit,with antique twin 4poster as daybed for busted-body naps and/or sleeping porch. -s-

  25. I LOVE this post!! Maybe its the nosy side of me but i love to see what other people decide to do in their homes – plus it gives me a little inspiration which i’m always in need of:) Your home is fabulous! I am getting ready to update my son’s room from a baby room to a big boy room – sigh. I’m anxious for the decorating part but NOT the my boy is growing up part! ugh. I am desperately wanting a black trundle style bed for him – and I see one of your boys has a black one!!! I must know – wherever did you get that bed?!??! I adore it!! Please share:) Thank you!

  26. I also would love to know where you got both the red and black boys beds. I have 3 pre-schoolers that all have toddler beds still and my goal is to update them all to either twin or full beds this year and just LOVE those beds you have. Thanks!

  27. Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed seeing the challenges…I mean opportunities…that you are facing in your home this year. We are renting too and have been in our house less than a year…we got married in April of 2010. :D I have done a little bit to make it ours but I need to do more to focus on doing that. I just found this challenge and I write about homemaking on Wednesdays now so I will be back to join in your gathering next week. Thank you for holding it open so long for those of us who are a littler slower can catch up! :D

    Have a great weekend, my new friend!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  28. Love that you have goals for the home—why haven’t I ever thought of that? Anyway…had to laugh and laugh when I read one of your goals was to get a round coffee table for your tv room. I’m trying to find a square coffee table in my budget (practically free) to replace my extremely dated oval one. Just too much fun how we are all in different seasons while doing the same thing—being lovers of our homes. Thanks again for the idea of making a list of goals for the home. Going to do it RIGHT NOW!

  29. I missed this post yesterday and came back to see “the bed”….

    Don’t know why I am missing your posts on my google reader.. note to self.. look into that!!

    About your TV armoire… I have the same problem with the hutch in my family room… So I centered it, then got two coordinating plant stands and 2 huge indoor ferns… I put a fern on each side, and called it a day..or in fact two years. You can see it on my blog or on COTM August 2010. Can you believe my two Home Depot ferns have lived over 2 years? Anyway, if you don’t need that desk on the side of your TV this may be a nice option as your front door would show a beautiful plant… just a thought….

  30. Oh my gosh. My house looks like it was pulled straight out of Kirklands front display. And I don’t think anything is actually from there. How did that happen? And I’m a little nauseous thinking about how to fix it!

  31. Love all of your goals! Your bedroom looks awesome – would you mind telling me what color you painted your walls? I love them!

  32. stargazyrr says

    For the tv armoire, I’d tack on tall pieces of molding from floor to top, extending the depth and hiding the tv butt. Then paint to match armoire…could work. To hide doorbell and other box, I’d put up a shelf with plants, candles, etc to hide the boxes. :-)

  33. In looking at your wall with the tv cabinet, I would center it on that wall, put something on top like a plant and a birdcage to help camoflage the controls up there. Then, in the side that you see when first walking in, put a large potted plant/tree so the top covers the tv side and also softens the edge. To balance the other side, maybe two small farmed bits of art. Just a thought, and what I’d tell my interior design clients!

  34. I love your goals for the year ahead. Your TV cabinet made me want to fix the one in the living room which only has half its back on.

    Thank you for adding the link button – I receive so many lovely comments and views when I link to your posts.

  35. I’m curious about the bedroom’s paint color as well!

  36. I always think a room should have some plants. Maybe a large floor plant would look nice beside the armoire to block out the t.v. guts.

  37. Nester I can’t wait to see what you do this year with these areas! It’s gonna be great! :)

  38. This idea may have been suggested, or you may have already tried it, butI had a wall with an annoying doorbell on it too. I don’t know if you have room over the tv, but I did a collage of empty frames and plates around it. I bought a super cheap woven basket and spray painted it to match the empty frames and hung it over the ugly door bell. It looks like it belongs there and no one knows the doorbell is hiding under it. Here’s a pic…it’s still a work in progress, and you, I’m sure can do much cooler things than me! :)


  39. Christine Walker says

    Where did you purchase the mirror above your bed?

  40. Oh, I don’t know, my son has the papers-taped-to-the-wall look going too. I tried making him a bulletin board using a large frame found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, but he doesn’t use it much. I’ve reached the conclusion that it may just stay the way it is until he goes off to college in the fall. . . Think you could wait that long to fix your son’s room? It’s kind of a sad thought, isn’t it? Oh, and I have to say, I’m with your husband on the TV update idea. For one thing, the new flat TVs are so light that you can easily rearrange your room at will. . . . .

  41. I am struggling with how to decorate my boys’ rooms, so I’d love to read more about what you and your boys decide to do with their rooms. Looking forward to that! Mine aren’t little or grown up, and it’s been surprisingly difficult to come up with a plan for their rooms that is appropriate for a 7 year old and that can grow up with him in the next few years.

  42. This may have been said as I did not read comments. I just thought, what about adding some molding to the side of the armoire to cover it up, make the sides look deeper, Since you painted it should be no problem to match it. i would love to see what you figure out for this problem.

  43. i love this post and love that you show all your imperfect rooms! we just moved into a new home and i’m struggling with trying to have everything perfect NOW and you inspire me to let it be a work of time and to be patient getting it where i really like it. i can’t wait to go through everyone’s 2011 home goals posts and be inspired some more!

  44. I would look for a game table to use with your extra chairs. Put it in the family room or the game room, wherever you have more room.

    I don’t have a solution for that armoire area, except I would say follow the hubbies lead, you guys are going to love a flat screen. They are so much less bulky and boxy. And the boys will love it too.

    When I saw the first boys room, I immediately thought, the furniture placement is wrong. Will the bed fit going to other direction? Headboard in the same corner? It looks like a long bowling alley shaped room.

    My goals for this year involve just finishing things I started last year. Find a chair for the living room that hubby and I can agree on, get art work and actually hang it. Get the mirror I’ve been wanting for our bedroom. Hang the curtains in the bedroom. Repaint both bathrooms. New shelving in master bath. Repaint laundry room, and replace sheetrock in ceiling where there was a water leak… oh the list goes on and on. It is mind “bloggling”.

  45. Have you considered centering your TV armoire on the wall and then putting indoor trees on either side of it? I think trees would add some lightness to the heaviness of the closed-door armoire without being dwarfed by it and the leaves would mask the TV sticking out the back.

    I’m a renter too and have those horrible boxes. My solution was to hang a shelf underneath them and use a grouping of objects or collection on the shelf to hide the boxes.

  46. Do you mind sharing where you bought the black and red beds??? I have been internet browsing for weeks now and have not found this bed with a trundle and/or storage… do you mind sharing?? thank you ever so much!!! My son will be 3 soon and i’m trying to create a cute ‘big boy’ room:)

  47. Aw! I missed the link party. But that’s okay, I’ll join you in spirit. I have a big ol’ to-do list that I worked up last year. I won’t get to everything, but that’s okay. I can’t do everything, but I can do something! ;-)


  48. Ha ha! I just figured out I was a *year late* in signing up. I’m am easily confusled.

    • NOOOO, there’s no late~just link up with your post about your home goals next week! This is LAST year’s party 2011– we’ll have this years on Wednesday.

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