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If you have yet to hear, our dear friend Edie from Life in Grace lost her home and all of her family’s possessions to a fire last Tuesday.    Her family escaped.  And in her words in an email to me and Emily on Christmas, in true Edie fashion she said

“what a christmas gift i’ve been given.  my children are all safe with not so much as a singed strand of  hair.  the mercy of Christ is boundless.”

That it is.

Edie’s blog is a blend of crafting and cooking and faith and decorating and homeschooling and fashion.  She’s one of the most intentional homemakers I know and I’ve learned much from her and been greatly influenced by her style.  Her use of color, whimsy, pattern and period pieces worked like magic in her home to create a cozy, welcoming environment where she loved her family well and homeschooled her girls.

Although her family is safe they all suffered a tragic loss.  Join me by remembering them in your prayers and thoughts.

{song:: Gratitude by Nichole Nordemon, photos:: Life in Grace}


  1. My family went thru this 9 years ago. It forever changes you but there will be good that comes from this. I have never looked at material things the same. When you have everyone safe in your arms from such a tragedy you don’t even care about the stuff. You have a new outlook on “things.” Eventually, when you are over the grief of losing things, you will feel a sense of freedom from attachment of things. Believe me it will happen.

  2. i’m humbled and thankful to lift up this precious family in prayer.
    prayer breathed heavenward …

  3. Wow, what a demonstration of faith and a reminder of what is truly important. My heart aches for Edie and her family. It is refreshing to see the fruits of the church at work. The daughters of Christ coming together to encourage and uplift one another. I will be praying for restoration and God’s good will and purpose in this tragedy to be revealed. We know that all things work together for good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose. Press on Edie, God will see you to the other side!

  4. As I watch the video & read the post, tears are streaming down as ‘Our God is An Awesome God’ is playing on K-Love radio. That He is! I will lift this family up for strength & provision, but THEY have been such a blessing to me today. God bless you Nester for sharing with us. :)

  5. am praying.!!!! He is a God of restoration and peace.

  6. Thanks Nester for sharing your friend’s blog and story. I am in tears, but also rejoicing in what she has written about our great God, how she is handling it all and how God’s people responded IMMEDIATELY to their needs.

    Praying …. and THANKFUL ….

  7. What a blessing all her friends and online friends are! You guys are all posting about this, keeping it at the forefront of our minds so that we can continue to pray for them. I can’t imagine having my home burn down and losing all those things you can’t replace. However, what truly matters is that everyone was fine. Praise the Lord! His mercies never cease!

  8. Blessings Nester… This breaks my heart! This is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman! I love the video that you put together and the choice of Nicole’s GRATITUDE truly makes this appropriate to Edie! This is tragic! I consider this a privilege to pray for such a time as this for such a beautiful woman and family. I’m so thankful that God was able to lead them all out alive! I’m so sorry for their material losses but grateful that the family and dogs are safe! Thankful for their angel daughter and Cody rescuing each one! May Edie find comfort and strength to endure and rebuild. May God guard her heart and mind. May there continue to be an outpouring of love on this great family! May God restore each and every loss and heart break. May Edie find peace to destroy the nightmare of this tragedy! I listed her at our team Lighthouse of Prayer and I noticed Andrea had a prayer blog hop(at least I think it was she that led me here). I do not know Edie or this beautiful blog… but have bookmarked you both! Your hearts have stirred mine, your blog homes are beautiful and I am honored to have passed this way today! Bless you Nester for sharing this!

    Peace and joy in 2011 ~ prayers for LIFE IN GRACE… they have marked my life today,

  9. Nester, this video is such a beautiful gift that you have given to Edie and Steve and their entire family. When she is again ready to “look at her house” as she said, this video will undoubtedly bring her great joy!

    I wish your sweet family all the best, Edie and pray for healing and joy to come and wash over your souls.


  10. Thank you for your tribute,and for posting a snip of Edie’s email. What faith and grace and absolute *power* in her words, true and real power. Blessings to all…-s-

  11. I do not know Edie and had not seen her blog until I saw a comment about this tragedy on another blog. I read her post today and was so amazed at her faith and strength. Thank God she and her family and her pets got out of the house. I had tears running down my face as I watched this video. The power of prayer and the kindness of strangers is so powerful. I pray for her and her family as they cope with their loss, but praise God that they were are all safe and sound tonight. Thank you for sharing this.

  12. we had a house fire years ago and it took me years to get over the smell of it.Take one day at a time. Cry, get angry and talk about your feelings,especially with your kids. Let them talk too. Sounds like you
    have wonderful friends and family – keep letting them help you and loving you. .And yes, you will look differently at material things.Keep holding onto God’s hand,moment by momnt. Your heart will slowly heal.

  13. WoW! What a beautiful way to honor their family. Thank you so much for sharing. This side of glory we will never understand the ways of our God, but his timing is always perfect! My prayers go out to them as a family.

  14. I just saw this on Edie’s blog. What a beautiful gift you have given her.

  15. So very sad. You are sweet to help her remember. I can’t imagine what they are going thru. Do u know what started the fire? That is terrifying!

  16. Praying for Edie & her family. I am blessed and encouraged by her God-given perspective… in the midst of pain and ashes she is able to see the beauty of God’s grace.

  17. You’re a sweet friend for making this beautiful video for Edie! I’m praying for her and her family.

  18. I totally agree with Amy although I have not had this personal experience. A dear friend has and she said that “things” ceased to be important…the focus was on the family, their health and being together.

    This is a beautiful tribute to Edie. I will hold them in prayer.

  19. thank-you for sharing that Nester. i am touched by Edie’s strength and faith. she truly is an inspiring woman, mother, wife, homemaker. i will be praying for her and her family.

  20. What a beautiful tribute to a friend in need. I have had two personal friends go through this as well. I am happy to stumble across her blog today and now yours. Life is good!

  21. Oh ! my gosh !!! what a horrible thing to happen to a family … I loved the tribute to Edie and her family and her home …. I know she will be so proud one day when it doesn’t hurt so bad ….My thoughts and prayers are going up tonight for this family and thier loss… blessed

  22. Kimberly Dial says

    Such a beautiful gift. Thank you for sharing it with us. Praying for Edie & her family for peace and for restoration and joining them in praise because they were all kept safe.

  23. Thank you for sharing Edie’s site with us. It’s been quite a blessing to me, and it’s an honor to be able to pray for her during this terrible time. I love how she quoted Job – The Lord gives and the Lord taketh away, blessed be the name of the Lord. This is so true – I experienced it in my own life in September with a liver transplant. God’s mercy and grace are so evident and deliberate through all of life’s trials. I love your site and it’s posts like these that make me love it more. It feels so much like a community. :) God bless you.

  24. What an honor to Edie – and an honor to the Lord.
    Thank you~

  25. This brought tears to my eyes… Thank you for sharing. and I will join you in prayer.

  26. What a precious gift you have given Edie & her family with this collage of memories paired with a beautiful song! None of us can imagine what it is like to go through this trial (literally by fire), but we can & will pray for this family.

  27. Theresa Begin says

    Edie, what a a beautiful family you have! You are truly blessed! As you already know, nothing is impossible with God. You have a wonderful perspective and the right one that by His Grace you and your family are safe and sound. It would be a priviledge for me to lift you and your family up in prayer. You see in ’05, I had to start over again after a flood destoyrd my home and belongings and now 6 years later I can tell you God had his hand on that as well. I’ve never felt more fulfilled in life than i do now and I have modest, but nice things. Afterall, though, they are only things, God can replace them with so much more than even you can ever imagine and in the most awesome ways. You are loved and your Family is being prayed for, but He will hold you and lift you up!

  28. Edie, my prayers go out to you and your beautiful family as one who has been in your shoes back in January of 2000. Our home for a family of five and one dog was totaled also, but we were also blessed with everyone being safe and some photos and videos that were only soot damaged. Most all things can be replaced………… You have been in my thoughts as you come to grips with your loss. Lean on your family, friends, church and community for support. We would not have made it through the turmoil without them and love for God and most importantly, love from God. He lifted us up until we were ready to accept the loss and move on. We still have “days”, but they are fewer than before and not quite as upsetting. God be with you….

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