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If you have yet to hear, our dear friend Edie from Life in Grace lost her home and all of her family’s possessions to a fire last Tuesday.    Her family escaped.  And in her words in an email to me and Emily on Christmas, in true Edie fashion she said

“what a christmas gift i’ve been given.  my children are all safe with not so much as a singed strand of  hair.  the mercy of Christ is boundless.”

That it is.

Edie’s blog is a blend of crafting and cooking and faith and decorating and homeschooling and fashion.  She’s one of the most intentional homemakers I know and I’ve learned much from her and been greatly influenced by her style.  Her use of color, whimsy, pattern and period pieces worked like magic in her home to create a cozy, welcoming environment where she loved her family well and homeschooled her girls.

Although her family is safe they all suffered a tragic loss.  Join me by remembering them in your prayers and thoughts.

{song:: Gratitude by Nichole Nordemon, photos:: Life in Grace}


  1. Is there anything we can do for the family, besides of course thoughts and prayers?

  2. While I don’t know Edie personally, it seems that through reading her blog that I’ve known her for years. She is an amazing woman with unbounding strength and courage. This that has occurred in her life has weighed heavy on my heart. I pray that much more will come from this than she has ever imagined. Prayers are with you, Edie.

  3. How beautifully said, in a time like this by Edie. What a wonderful blessing no one was harmed. Their family is totally in our prayers.

  4. What a precious tribute to Edie and the family that means the world to her. What an example Edie is to all of us who follow her blog and her trust in our Savior. She is an example to me of trusting God in all circumstances. My heart goes out to her and her family.

  5. so glad you shared, girl. what a time to lose everything (well, almost) you have. i’ll be praying for her joy to remain strong in Him, who is our strength. love you.

  6. beautiful.
    i can’t get her off my mind….have been covering them in prayer continually

  7. breaks my heart, but also puts everything into perspective.

  8. Nester, what a beautiful tribute to Edie. My heart breaks for her while learning from her all at the same time. I too wondered what could be done so I’m going to check out her blog to see if I can help somehow along with my prayers.

  9. Beautiful. I’ve been praying since she posted on Christmas Day. I’m so, so thankful no one was hurt. She’s been such a blessing to me the last year. Thank you for posting this.

  10. so sad! :-( my house burned down in a fire 10 years ago, and i lost every material possession i owned and had to rebuild my life (did not have insurance- dumb!) but as she said, if everyone is healthy- well, you can’t put a price on that. 8 years after my house burned down, my identical twin daughters were stillborn- and can i just say that the two events have no comparison? it is so awful to lose your house (i know this firsthand), but having everyone alive and counted for is such a blessing…

  11. praying continually….
    this was a beautiful tribute to Edie!!!

  12. Have been lifting the family in prayers since hearing this tragic story. Sad for their loss but rejoicing that no one was hurt. That tribute was lovely. I listen to that song everyday on my walk. It will hold a new meaning for me.

  13. If there’s one thing I know from experience, it’s that God can pick us up and carry us even in the darkest hours. Things may seem scary right now and the deep loss of the things you left behind in the fire may be hard to comprehend, but even in the midst of our sorrows there is renewal. I can say without a doubt that during the “valleys” I find Him more and more. He loves us and knows us well. He will provide for you, give you all that you need and help guide your footsteps. I pray that you may find Him in every midst of the storm, that you would feel Him carry you through and find a newfound foundation In Jesus Mighty name….AMEN!

  14. Nester,
    Thank you for posting this tribute to Edie and to what her life is all about. I know it was just “stuff”, but the Lord allows stuff in our lives to resource us to build His Kingdom…our land, territory and dwellings are as important to Him as they are to us….I have been praying for their sweet family ever since I read of it a few days ago.
    I loved the song you posted….so fitting.
    Thanks and God Bless!

  15. I just bawled my eyes out through that video.

    I dreamed of Edie last night that I was cooking meals for her family and hugging her and was so sad when I woke up and realized that I couldn’t do those things for her.

    I’ve had a heavy heart since hearing of her loss but the small tidbits I am reading of her words after the loss are overwhelming me with how beautiful she is inside and what a strong person she is (even more than I thought before).

  16. I have had Edie on my mind ALL day since I found out this morning!! What a sweet thing making that video!

    Edie is such a beautiful strong woman, and I know this will just make her stronger……but for now I’m praying for her and her family

  17. My heart breaks for Edie and her family.

  18. I follow and am blessed by Edie’s blog. I cried when I first heard of her loss, and since then have prayed for them, thanked God that they are all safe, and stood in awe of her strength and attitude in her post and those of her friends. This video is so beautiful and really captures the amazing Edie! I was not familiar with this song but wrote it down to add to my playlist.

  19. Praying for Edie and her family. While I was not a follower of her blog, my heart goes out to her as a wife and mother. Such a great loss, but she is so right in that the Good Lord spared her family and the material things can be replaced.

  20. What a beautiful video…My thoughts and prayers are with Edie & her family. What an inspiration she is….during such a time to let our thoughts be negative she finds the positive & she is 100% correct. How I strive to be more positive and faithful….

  21. Ok, that made me cry! What a beautiful thing you did for them! Very thoughtful! xoxo, Melaine

  22. Here’s what I want to tell her:
    Oh Edie! I’m so thankful for your family being safe, but I’m so sorry about your home. I wish I could hug you!

  23. a beautiful tribute-!

  24. What a blessing no one was hurt! And what a great outlook on it all that she has. What a strong woman. Praying for her and her family!

  25. we had our house robbed last summer and it was devastating so many centimental items taken like jewelry and my daughters laptop with all of her pictures from her semester abroad. i can’t even imagine having everything gone! i am glad they are all safe and will pray for her family that they will have their needs met. what a woman of faith!

  26. So sorry to hear of this—glad everyone is ok.,
    Please pass on my prayers to her and her family.


  27. A beautiful song for such a tragic time. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. My thoughts and prayers are with them!

  28. So thankful they are all okay and praying that every need is met for this precious family! What a sweet, sweet tribute and the combination of song and pictures are perfect.

  29. I confess that I wouldn’t have that graceful a reaction if that happened to me. Something I need to ponder.

  30. this was so sweet and beautiful. thanks for doing that.

  31. If there is any sort of fundraiser or collection going for her family, will you let us know?
    Praying for provision in every way–


  32. Roxie Meiske says

    I am always amazed when I see how others can thank God for blessings in such a tough situation. I do not know it I could find such grace in myself.

    I pray for their every need it met. I also thank the Lord that they got out of the home safe.

  33. Thank you for posting this video. I have visited Edie’s blog now and then and yet I feel a part of her life now. I couldn’t get through watching that without crying. The loss has to be devastating and yet to see her thankfulness to God in the midst. Simply amazing. So sweet that you made a video in tribute to her.

    I will be praying for Edie and her family.


  34. I sent Edie an email asking for a mailing address so that I could send some goodies from here in Japan. I’ve never spoken to her nor met her but she seems like such a wonderful person & is loved by many! If anyone else is planning to send anything to them, I would love to help out as well.

  35. Beautiful. I don’t know Edie, but I can pray for her family now more specifically.

  36. Edie has been such an inspiration to me for a long time. I can only imagine that it’s the things that have emotional value, like her children’s first shoes, or paintings or those things inherited from grandparents that are causing her the most pain. I ache for her, and am covering her in prayer. Like a phoenix from the ashes, however- I know she will rise, beautiful and strong as ever, showing the love of Christ in all she does…

  37. Wow. Many non stop prayers for her and her family… with hiden inserts praying to have the stength she displays in such a trying time!

  38. Brought to tears as memories from my own family house fire flood my mind. Praying many prayers for Edie and her family. And praising God for HIS abundant grace extended to them.

  39. when i heard about this last week she has since been in so many of my thoughts & prayers.

    i think of her when i wake & when i fall asleep. her blog has touched me & inspired me greatly. i just can’t imagine.

    what GRACE she has to even form an email & write what she wrote.


  40. such a beautiful, heartfelt video.

    i have been lifting edie and her family up over and over again. a beautiful heart and an example to all of us. i know that edie is tucked up under her Savior’s arm. He knows what it is to be displaced, to have nowhere to lay your head. i am confident He i whispering that to her more than ever.

  41. I’m glad they are safe and well. Stuff can be replaced, people can’t. Much love to them all x

  42. Beautiful. I posted on my blog about it on Christmas and asked everyone to pray for them.

  43. What a blessing that she lives out loud on her blog. Many memories are preserved that those of us not brave enough to do so would have lost.

  44. I have not been able to stop thinking of Edie since I heard the news. :( The video tribute is beautiful with the perfect song of Gratitude.

  45. Prayers, prayers and more prayers. And rain too! Is anything set up locally? Where might out-of-towners send something? Thank you.

  46. There are no words to describe the beautiful lady that edie is. And her faith is ever inspiring. I really want to send something too, because edie has helped me so many times. just her words of faith can put it all into perspective. and, thank you so much for doing this video. thank God for blogs, too, that will at least have “records” of their lives. Please post an address where we can send the gift cards.

  47. beautiful tribute to a beautiful family in a time of refinement. i pray for their peace and willingness to share HIs work in their lives — for all to grow.
    pax Christi – lena

  48. I have no words. What a beautful reminder of what is really “real” in our lives. May G-d”s grace and the strength of their family bring them through this awful tragedy.

  49. What a beautiful gift you have shared with your friend and your readers. My priorities for today have shifted to a more God filled place.

  50. This news was so heartbreaking and unimaginable to me. One of the reasons I started following Edie’s blog was because of her faith and I know now that it is her faith that will get her through this terrible tragedy.
    She is blessed in many ways. I wish we could all have the faith that she has.
    Thank you for posting this beautiful, memorable video. For memory is all that we have and all that we take with us.

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