Ok, so maybe it’s not spectacular.  But this is what it looked like yesterday and I wanted to join in Thrifty Decor Chic’s Christmas Tree Linky.  It looks like it’s been lassoed by turquoise rope.  It’s kind of annoying.

I found 6 packets of this twisted paper {same stuff from the wreath} at the thrift store $1.41 for all six.  But they are a bear to untwist.  I found a date on the packaging {not that I needed to, I should have known from the basket picture} and it’s from 1991.  These things have been wound up for 19 years.  So far the tree only has 2 strands on it.  I might decide to unravel the rest.  Or I might take it off.  Or I might just leave it.

In other news, Monday is the Christmas Tour of Homes 2010 bequeathed to Nesting Place from Boo Mama and I am still shocked about that.  I am asking for only one link per blog–so if you joined in all these wonderful parties and have mulitple posts you want to share, you may one to work up one MAIN post that can be your landing page that links to everything else.  There are lots more instructions here if you need them.

Also, if you don’t have enough of me, I am guest posting about mantels at Tip Junkie today.  I forgot to ask Laurie what time her posts go live and I am a major early bird so as of now it’s not up.  I’ll change these words when the post is published.  But, if you are reading in a reader and it’s after 8am, you might want to risk the click.