I’m A Reluctant Entertainer

Seriously, do you remember that episode of Modern Family where Alex and Hayley are in their room and the youngest one is being taught by her older sister how to be popular and talk on the phone and then she accidentally says “love you” when trying to be cool at the end of a phone conversation with a popular girl?

Anyhow, if you have yet to get your hands on Sandy’s book you are missing out on the words of the Entertainer Whisperer gently reminding you that good enough is just fine.  It’s a mantra I proclaim but many times fail to apply. Sandy knows how to mix in the perfect amount of encouragement, funny stories, easy ideas and a dash of wonderful recipes.

I really want to try Sandy’s Sweet Potato Cran Apple Gratin.  She made that for the progressive dinner that she and her husband have been a part of with the same three couples for the past FIVE years.  Sandy is heroic. Kind of.  She tells us how anyone can be like her and actively entertain without worry and fear and you know what, I’m starting to believe her.

/></p> <p>Sandy joined me and 5 other bloggers for the 31 Days of Change in October. You can read <a href=Sandy joined me and 5 other bloggers for the 31 Days of Change~ read all of her helpful posts from that series here.

It’s not too late to purchase Reluctant Entertainer in time to get motivated for Christmas Entertaining, or for a gift for a newly married friend. If you are going to Blissdom in January, you can meet Sandy and high five or exchange recipes or watch Modern Family together.

Leave a comment to enter to win one of FIVE copies of Sandy’s book Reluctant Entertainer.  Tell us what your biggest obstacle right now is when it comes to having people over.

I’m off to procrastinate cleaning my house.


  1. Lee Ann Murray says

    My biggest obstacle are two small children (2 and 4) and the one that is in my belly and was due yesterday. I love to cook and bake and decorate but the house is never clean enough – and I suppose that as long as the little one’s are “little” – it won’t be! I need to let go of that and realize that toys on the floor really isn’t a big deal!

  2. My biggest obstacle is that I feel like my house is always in a state of disorganization. We are a busy family and sometimes it’s hard to make time for the relationships outside of family. We need to do better at that!

  3. Julie Young says

    Im so ADD I feel like I cant get ANYTHING done!! So frustrating.

  4. Kathy Fleming says

    Like so many others, it’s the state of my house. It always looks like a storm just hit. Honestly, if the doorbell rang and Brad Pitt, George Clooney and President Obama were all standing on my doorstep, I’d still go out to the porch to talk to them.

  5. My biggest obstacle is my job. I work every Friday and Saturday and so many of my friends work Monday thru Friday. It is hard to find time when everyone is available.

  6. Would SO love a copy of that book! My biggest obstacle to entertaining more right now is our calendar…which seems to be perpetually full with this or that practice or meeting or school event…I am hoping we can be more intentional & selective about the activities we choose in the New Year and open ourselves up to a little more time for just having friends over! Thanks for another wonderful giveaway!

  7. I loved your video!

    Oh boy do I really need that book! My biggest obstacle is my children, not only do thaey not know how to bend over and pick up their stuff but they have me going in 10 different directions. On top of that my husband is working 60 hours a week right now and has no time left to pitch in around the house (lots of work is good though, very very good.)

    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway.

    :) Michelle

  8. I LoVe having friends over – the more casual, the better. The biggest obstacle (besides the obvious keeping of the house with four small kids) is finding the time! So often we try to invite friends over, but their calendars are so full that it can be hard to schedule! It can get discouraging …

  9. Biggest obstacle – keeping the house clean. We are improving slowly but surely. Also, the house honestly needs some work like repainting woodwork and new carpets. Again, slowly but surely…

  10. Love your blog! My biggest obstacle to entertaining is the fear of NOT being entertaining. What if nobody talks?? Also, Im not that great of a cook. I recently found the Reluctant Entertainer, and hoping someday I will feel comfortable entertaining because I love having people around and laughing and talking. I just dont want them laughing and talking about my cooking. lol

  11. Too much stress (that I put on myself). Not enough room (we have downsized), what to serve. Ugh.

  12. My biggest obstacle is MYSELF! Just deciding to have someone over and then taking the time to call them is what always stops me! I always say I’m going to invest more time in relationships but then somehow don’t ever do it. I’ll keep plugging away at it!

  13. I am lucky I have a crew to help-teen/twenty year old children and a husband who loves to cook. My biggest obstacle to entertaining is my energy level. It would all seem overwhelming if I had to do it myself. I am lucky that my girls love to bake and that my husband love to cook. I love to decorate so we work well as a team.

  14. I have the perfect expample of my biggest obstacle! We are having our Sunday School Christmas party here tonight! So naturally yesterday should have been cleaning day… and it was, for the kitchen. We cleaned out cabinets, the fridge, drawers… but never made to any other room of the house. (kinda got a little side tracked) The kitchen is outstanding, now if I can just figure out how to keep my guests in that one room :)

  15. My biggest challenge is just putting dates on the calendar. My husband has a crazy work schedule and I never know when he will be home to be with our guests.

  16. We LOVE to have friends and family over. The challenge that we face, though, is that I am a busy mom of a 5, 3 and 10 month old and many of our friends have kids around the same age. Working around busy work schedules and nap/bed time schedules can be difficult. Plus I don’t have much time to devote to preparing intricate menues. Sometimes I feel like I am serving the same easy but yummy things over and over.

  17. Working full time outside the home and renovating our house one room at a time makes me feel as if we are never “party ready” here at home. I’d love to get over that feeling and just enjoy having friends over!

  18. Boxes are my biggest obstacle! We moved last week (who moves two weeks before Christmas anyway?!)…and boxes are everywhere.

  19. My biggest obstacle is getting my house cleaned. We have 2 very furry dogs and they shed like crazy!

  20. My biggest obstacle now is money. I need to learn how to pull things together with less. We’re really pressed financially, yet still want to practice hospitality and the joy it brings us and others. But don’t want to “short” our guests. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  21. I would love to win a copy of the book! Hospitality is so much fun for me. The area that I most struggle in is conversation. Sometimes I really get stumped with trying to think of something to talk about. Maybe I think about it too much.

  22. The biggest obstacle? Sadly, to have everything perfect. I have to clean the house like a crazed maniac the day of and for days before I fret about the menu. There are so many great recipes how do you choose one and then to pick a combination of foods that work together and that everyone will like. It stresses me out.

  23. Small spaces is my biggest obstacle.

  24. Sara Suastez says

    My biggest obstacle at this point is that I have a house that is 700 sq. ft. I love that it is small becuase it is much easier to manage but it does make it hard to invote people over. Plus, we accidentally got rid of our disehes when we moved and we have been using two large plastic plates and three plastic bowls when we eat. It makes for a very interesting situation when our friends come over and I forget that we have no dishes. They are very good sports about it though!

  25. At this point my biggest obstacle is that I feel that the house is always a mess. I got married a few months ago and he moved into my (now our) home and we are still moving stuff around. I did hold out in switching out room till after the holidays. I am still getting comfortable having people over and hope it gets easier as I keep doing it.

  26. My biggest obstacle is keeping the housework up. When we entertain, it takes an entire day to get the house clean and looking presentable. And so I don’t entertain even though I love to! I love it so much. It’s one of my gifts and yet, I almost never use it :(

  27. My biggest obstacle is unfinished projects around the house. I always feel they need to be complete before I can entertain guests. Obviously need to get over that! Thanks for sharing such a generous giveaway!

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