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  1. Felicia Beaver says

    I would use the pedestal more; I love the saying that goes around it and it’s like a piece of furniture. It stands alone or with tons of options (ideas that you gave me; heaven knows I couldn’t think those up myself!). The idea of winning one of them makes me giddy inside!

  2. Helen Tassara says

    I love the caddy. It would fit perfectly in our kitchen!

  3. Kathy Meade says

    Stunning! Absolutely stunning. I host many buffet parties a year for my friends and family. The guest list can be as few as 6 people or as big as 20. I can see making the pedestal the centerpiece each and every time since it is so versatile. Love it!

  4. Buffets are great fun, because you get to decorate your table AND the buffet. Love your ideas and photos. Love the giveaway!

  5. Louise in NE OK says

    Oh, would so love that pedestal…..Perfect for serving holiday dinners!

  6. Love the caddy, and would love it at my house for my 50s baking–apron party.

  7. What a lovely caddy! I would use it in a number of ways, changing around each month. I would also use it on a buffet table at my church. Everyone would be green with envy!

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