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  1. They are both very pretty. I would really like to win one or both
    !!!! So nice to win something this nice—right before the holidays.

  2. Oooo, I love the caddy!

  3. I love them both but I think I would use the caddy more. SO cute : )

  4. I would probably use the caddy more, but love the pedestal as well. Tough decision!!

  5. Cheri Cosentino says

    The pedestal!! I was just seaching on ebay for them. Southern Living has a nice one as well. The pedestal is so practical and you can use it all year long for any holiday, celebration or just every day. You can put food or decorate your table as a centerpiece. I am all for the pedestal!!! Pick me pick me pick me!! Please hope I will either one.!

  6. I host 25-30 people every year on Christmas Eve for dinner – the pedestal would be absolutely ideal for the many dessert/buffet items that I serve, especially my famous pumpkin pound cake…the pedestal is absolutely gorgeous and has such wonderful holiday message!

  7. lauren semmes says

    LOVE THEM BOTH…tough decision…surprise me!

  8. Shelly Taylor says

    Pedestal is beautiful. But so is the caddy. I would appreciate either.

  9. Connie Hites says

    Love them both! Being disabled, I don’t get out to shop, but these would look beautiful on my dining room table.

  10. Love them. But the pedestal for sure!!

  11. That pedestal is simply lovely. And the message is beautiful. It makes the pedestal not only useful and elegant, but also a simple and subtle way to be a witness during the holidays!

  12. I love the words on the pedestal!

  13. I would love the pedestal! I have been looking for something like that, as well as candlesticks, for a long time. I can’t find them cheap enough in stores, and haven’t seen them at yard sales. The caddy is great as well!

  14. I would love the pedestal! I have been looking for something like that, as well as candlesticks, for a long time. I can’t find them cheap enough in stores, and haven’t seen them at yard sales. The caddy is great as well!

  15. I LOVE the pedestal! I’m pretty new to your blog and have loved it! Thank you for sharing your home and all your great ideas!!

  16. Love your blog; just discovered it today! The caddy looks wonderful; what a grand piece of table top decor!

  17. They both will make a beautiful spiritual addition to a home. Here, utensils are set out in an unappealing plastic tray or stand up right in a sturdy mug – not very appealing – and this wooden caddy would compliment our decor wonderfully. The pedestal makes practical use of vertical space which is perfect since table/counter space is always at at premium. Practical – Pretty – and Prayferful – what a wonderful combination. Well Done designers – Well Done!

  18. I love all your products. I decorate my home with things that have Bible verses on them. I love the caddy!But would be thankful for either.

  19. Well they both are wonderful. I would treasure which ever one came my way… bless you.

  20. I’m newly married with only the essentials in our home and barely any decor right now. I love both the caddy and pedestal. I could do so much with either! it’s exciting to start putting our new home together :)

  21. I would be honored to win either of the DaySpring items! Thank you for blessing us with your encouragement and decor! I love love love DaySpring!

  22. What beautiful items! To win either one would be such a blessing!

  23. I absolutely LOVE the caddy. I think, no I know, I could use that in everyone of the rooms in my home.

  24. Both the pedestal and the caddy add warmth and flair. GREAT designs and meaningful inscriptions! Thank you for continuing to bring us beautiful, functional items with great meaning!

  25. Leonalindsey says

    Oh those are so pretty. This is my first entry, I am assuming this is how I enter?! Haha, I’m such a newbie at this. I have loved this blog for so long, I am so excited to jump in finally:).

  26. I would love the pedestal, It’s a constant reminder that God’s Goodness is always present!

  27. Felicia Tasabia says

    I love the caddy!

  28. Sharyl Cowan says

    I love the inscription on your products which not only remind me of God’s goodness but also gives opportunity to share about God’s love to others.

  29. I often shop for gifts and cards on the Dayspring website. I truly enjoy having this available. I am an activity director at an Assisted Living facility and I am able to share the cards and gifts with the residents( A perfect way to share my love our our Lord with others)!

  30. The pedestal is breath taking and thought provoking. Would definitely be appreciated in this household!

  31. Teresa Burger says

    I’d love them both…but, would enjoy the pedestal if I had to choose :-)

  32. Love your products–especially the caddy and pedestal.

  33. I would love both the caddy AND the pedestal!

  34. Love the pedestal!

  35. love the pedestal!

  36. I love the pedestal. You have inspired me – I’m going to the thrift shops this weekend to find me things to make a beautiful buffet presentation. Thanks!

  37. Love the pedestals. They look great and very inspirational. What a way to complete your Thanksgiving Buffet.

  38. I adore the pedestals. I have nothing like them!

  39. Thanks for the great ideas! And the coffee filter tree and wreath look great!

  40. I just discovered your website this week and have been very inspired! Thanks for sharing your blessings and the encouragment to enjoy the imperfections! I would be thankful to be selected to win either gift!

  41. What great ideas for using things you already have and even use every day — I call that good stewardship! I love both the caddy and the pedestal – I would use the caddy often – but the pedestal – I have a small collection of these – so that’s the one I’ll vote for! Will probably order the caddy for sure …

  42. I LOVE both of them. I think that I could use the pedestal more, so if I had to choose, I’d go with that one. What a beautiful giveaway!

  43. I could use the pedestal on a daily basis; it would look great on my dining table with either fresh flowers, fruit even cake!

  44. I just got turned on to your website this week by my bff! LOVE your coffee filter wreath and hope to try one very soon!! LOVE the pedestal, too!

  45. I would love the pedestal. It looks so versatile! I love the beauty of your buffet. That is one thing I hope to do better this year.

  46. I love, love LOVE both of them! The saying on the pedestal is beautiful, and I do collect them. (The pedestals, NOT the sayings :) ) But the caddy would be more practical. Hard decision…

  47. Love the pedestal! I’m probably too late but just love it anyway;)

  48. … probably the caddy – – though, I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the lovely pedestal!

  49. I would want the caddy :) Or both!

  50. Love them both! But i think I would love the pedestal. Thanks for the inspiration.

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