Setting Up a Buffet {a giveaway}

Alternate title:: Buffet setting up for lazy people who don’t want to think too much plus two super great giveaways

Our family is hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and maybe one more get together in the coming months and I’ll certainly be setting the table a few times but, I’ll also be setting up a buffet on our table as well.  I thought I’d share how I think about buffeting.

The buffet set up must be functional.

Clearly, we need a place to get plates, utensils, napkins and most importantly food into our guests in a rational manner.  And since a buffet is self serve, you want everything to be organized {maybe even labeled} so you can sit back and relax.

The buffet set up can be beautiful.

Here’s how I like to think about prepping a buffet::

Gather a variety of food holders. Stay away from a bunch of the same flat plates.  Think about what you have that you can use to hold food and napkins.

  • I’m partial to white dishes so I start gathering all shapes and sizes from around my house and {ahem}, walls
  • cutting boards, cheese boards, lazy susans~all can be used to create different levels of interest
  • trays of different shapes, pizza boards, bread boards these can hold or create a boundary for food
  • wooden bowls~personally, I just love the warm rusticness that wood bowls and dough bowls add
  • baskets lined with a cloth or burlap for rolls or pastries

Also, think about varying heights.  I’m looking forward to using my three tiered wired stand {winners announced tomorrow} and Old Faithful {my double decker plate stand}.

And I also grab any pedestals, cloches and apothecaries and consider those.

Then I put it all on my table and play around with it. And once all my serving choices are out, I think about what I want to use to decorate.  I’d rather spend my money on things I can use all year around {like servers or candles and such} but, since I just made my coffee filter wreath and tree, I plopped those on the table too.

This buffet is just a mock up. If my mom and dad and sister’s family were coming, they would arrive and we’d make all the food here together and I’d think about what we are having and then choose the appropriate containers that look nice together.

So here’s what I came up with.  A rustic yet classy wintery table that includes various heights, shapes, colors, textures and all works together and reflect our house because it was stuff I was already using in my home.

However, I did work in two new items that I wanted to share with you–the centerpiece and the workhorse of the table.

For the centerpiece I set the Wood Pedestal from DaySpring into my huge coffee filter wreath {added note, the coffee filter tree sits perfectly on top of the pedestal too}. They sent it to me a few weeks ago and naturally, I’ve used it in 4 rooms of my house already.

It is hugenormous. and HEAVY. And it has beautiful words on it: To Live With Joy Is To See God’s Goodness.

Did I mention it was big?  In the photo where it is the centerpiece, that is a dinner plate on top of it.  They really should brag more about how big and heavy this thing is.

I can even fit my glass cake cover on top of it and it looks like a huge cloche on a stand.  So if someone in your family makes a special cake every year, this could work out really well and make them feel like a cake baking queen.

There’s a giveaway coming up so hang in there for the conclusion of the longest post in eternity…

I also mentioned the workhorse of the table.  The most practical item on my buffet.

It’s the Give Thanks Wooden Caddy. I admit, I’ve gone 15 years of wifeing and never had one of these.  It’s a luxury that I now wonder how I’ve lived without.  We’ll be using real forks or my favorite wooden forks this year because I don’t want to junk up my pretty caddy with my hillbilly plastic forks.

Then again, this is how I’ve been making use of my pretty caddy for the last 3 weeks and clearly, it’s not possible to junk it up.

Lastly, a quick idea if you are not hosting something this year. Whenever I’m invited somewhere for a major holiday I try to bring a little gift {cream cheese with green pepper jelly anyone?} and put it on a pretty plate and cover it with a thrift store glass cheese dome {you can find them at practically every thrift store for $2}.  DaySpring has the perfect plates to give as a hostess gift for the upcoming season.

Giveaway Alert :: this giveaway is closed winners announced here.

DaySpring is giving away 3 Wooden Pedestals to random commenters and for every 100 comments left, one random person will win a Wooden Caddy.

Leave a comment and tell us which you could use more, the pedestal or the caddy.

Special thanks to DaySpring for sponsoring this post and giveaway and for providing us with meaningful beauty for our homes.


  1. The caddy is really nice, but I actually have several caddies hanging around…what I LOVE is the pedestal! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to heighten arrangements. I’d love to win it!

  2. I love the look of the pedestal especially the verse, so the pedestal would be my choice.

  3. Pedestal baby!!! just perfect!!!

  4. I’m sure I would use the caddy more, but oh how I love that pedestal.

  5. Oh goodness. And you are probably laughing yourself silly as we all try to decide which we’d use more! Probably the caddy for me, but oh. my. word. I LOvE the pedestal too. I think I’d just have to close my eyes and make a jab. Hope you’re having a splendid weekend!!

  6. I would love the caddy! So cute. DaySpring has some amazing stuff.

  7. Definitely the pedestal! Thanks Nester & Dayspring!

  8. the caddy is so useful. I have a couple of pedestals and they are wonderful to use for decorating and serving. I have one on my half bath with guest towels on it…I dare my sons to touch it! (he!he!) Thankfully, they prefer the towel hidden in the cabinet.

  9. Wow! DaySpring totally has my taste! Pick ME!!

  10. The pedestal!

  11. I love them both, but I could really use the caddy. I love the words on that pedestal–they make it so special!

  12. That pedestal is fantastic! Beautiful sentiment and a great size…I’d love to have it in my home…Love everything at DaySpring!

  13. I have a great basket with three dividers – I use that for cutlery. The pedestal is so beatiful. Simple, and a precious word from the Lord! Thanks for always offering such great ideas and thoughtful giveaways.

  14. Oh boy… tough choice. I’d have to say the pedestal. They are both lovely!

  15. I just love these darling ideas! Such a perfect touch to a Christmas morning buffet! It is my turn to host Christmas breakfast this year and I think the adorable pedestal is just what my dinning room table needs! I especially love the sweet quote surrounding the top. What a beautiful reminder. Thanks!

  16. I love the pedestal – I’ve been looking for one and this one would be perfect! Thanks.

  17. Hard to choose!! Love the pedestal! I like it’s masculine look. Since I only have a pale pink pedestal, which is very feminine, I think this one would be great to have around! I do not have a caddy though, and could really use one. I’m sure we’d use it every day, so I’d have to choose it over the pedestal. I like it’s rustic look! What great giveaways!!

  18. Those pedestals look great!. Very versatile.

  19. Love them both, but if I must pick I think I love the pedestal! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Both are cool. I really like the caddy!

  21. I love the pedestal!! I am always looking fo things to heighten my table decor!! Thanks!!

  22. I like them both but could probably use the caddy more. Thank you!

  23. I LOVE them both but since I seem to be addicted to pedestals that would be my pick :-)

  24. I would love a Pedastal!! There are so many possibilties!!!

  25. The pedastal!

  26. The caddy!

  27. I could definetely use the pedastal!

  28. My life needs both of these! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  29. Both are beautiful pieces! I hope I win! Thank you

  30. I would use the pedestal-beautiful!

  31. Don’t let anyone drip food on your wreath though! :) Kelly

  32. I would LOVE the wooden pedestal! I feel like I’ve been searching for something to display a centerpiece, a cake, etc. but have not been satisfied with simple white serving dishes like all the rest of my brood. Love this!

  33. Hmmm. I love them both! But since I have to be specific, I choose the pedestal. Thanks!

  34. Love the pedestal! First time here an LOVE IT!

  35. I would love to have the pedestal!! Like you I can think of many ways to use it. I sure hope I win. I would be over joyed to win either of these great pieces. Pam

  36. I love that pedestal!! It is perfect for the brown coffee filter tree I started today!!

  37. I would use the pedastal all the time! I love having extra height in a buffet and we host people in our home weekly. Love it!

  38. LOVE LOVE LOVE having varying heights on a table. It adds dimension and interest and creates way to free up actual table space for more food or decor. Would love to win these!

  39. I really love this! Here are a couple of my favorite easy fixes:

    I bought a whole bolt of burlap, and made tablecloths for my dining table, picnic table, card table, everything. It looks great plain, or with a runner. I’ve thought about stamping some simple motifs on one but haven’t done that yet. (Snowflakes in white paint?) And when I say “made tablecloths,” I mean “spread it out over the table and cut the ends.”

    Ikea sells tons of small mirrors for super cheap. (As in, like 20 stacked in a box the size of a book). I put 4-6 of the 6″ round ones all over the table, just laying flat, under candles or flowers or whatever. They add some beautiful shimmer and don’t take up space because they lay so flat.

    If you want a more cohesive look but only have mismatched cake stands, put them out and lay another tablecloth over the top of the cake stands. Voila, levels without clutter.

    Hobby Lobby always has mercury glass cheap after Christmas. It feels right to me; fancy but not overly formal. Sparkly but antique-y.

    Thanks for the great ideas! I like how you layered items on top of one another; I want to do that more after seeing your pictures. And I always put my napkins just out on the table; I’m going to put them in a basket now after seeing this.

  40. Hmm…caddy. For sure.

  41. Probably the caddy. The pedastal is cool but I know I wouldn’t use it. I always need a caddy though!

  42. That’s a close call…..pedestal wins out!

  43. Gorgeous! I’d love to win that pedestal!

  44. i think the world is a better place because of that caddy. it makes me happy just to look at a picture of it :o)

  45. I love the pedestal-so many uses! I love what it says,too.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  46. I love the look of pedestals.

  47. I like the pedestal.

    Lynn G.

  48. I love the caddy!

  49. That caddy would be wonderful!!! (Please pick me…pick me….pick me) ;D

  50. Love the pedestal! Thanks for the giveaway!

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