Pottery Barn Hacks for Thanksgiving

Put a bunch of leaves of any kind around your turkey and it will instantly look better.   If you want to look even more fancy, make some paper turkey leg frills.

Layers, textures, words of thankfulness, and warm wood tones.  That hugemungous tray written on with chalk has me thinking–what else could hang on the wall and have thankful words written on it?  I bet you have something in your garage right now that you could rig into a thankful piece–an old window?  that extra piece of plywood? a mirror?

Berries in warm tones can take you from fall through Christmas.  Just pile them in a urn or planter or basket.

Use twine to wrap Indian corn around large glass hurricanes.

How about an entire wreath made of corn?

Gather a few glass bottles and stuff them with candles.

Or gather every glass container you can get your hands on for bigger impact.  Love the leaves cut from scrapbook papers.

Pottery Barn sells these as Vintage Wood Pedestals but, to me they are called little stools.  Guess who’s gonna break out the Mrs. Meyer’s to scrub her wooden stools to a shine and serve appetizers on them this year?  The Nester, that’s who. {Deal alert, Mrs. Meyer’s coupon is available in the sidebar–you can find her Clean day products at Wal-Mart now!!}

Apothecaries filled with leaves, nuts, berries, pears, raffia, twigs, and candles.  Don’t forget to mix in anything you have that is glass, maybe that hurricane on top of your dresser and the empty glass thing on your bathroom counter?  Group, group, group for impact.


  1. So simple yet to beautiful.

  2. Love those candles down in those bottles!!

  3. Pottery Barn always has great ideas!

  4. Gotta love Pottery Barn! That big chalkboard is fab – I’m beginning to realize you can put chalkboard paint on just about anything and it’s instantly interesting! :-)

    • and, little known secret, most things you can write on with chalk and erase later–just try it in a secret spot and make sure it fully erases!

  5. GREAT tips, Nester!!! :) I get to host Thanksgiving dinner for the first time this year, and I am so excited. :) Would you mind if I added your link to my Thanksgiving Round-Up? I’m getting a nice little collection together this week to keep all the ideas on one spot. :)

  6. My mom and I actually made the corn wrapped around the hurricane……not as easy as you would think. The corn would not cooperate and we had to improvise, but they are still really cute.

  7. The craft paper leaves … every year I pull out the leaves my middle daughter made for our Thanksgiving table years ago. Each one has the name of a person in our family. We place them name side down on the table and after the meal, everyone draws a leaf. And whoever you draw – you affirm. There are always tears … with much gratitude.

  8. I’m not normally a commentor (just a stalker haha!), but I love it when people comment on my blog, so I’m making an effort to comment more on other blogs that I read. I read your blog all the time (you’re on my google reader). love your blog and i love this post! I needed some inspiration for holiday decorating! thanks!!

  9. Some of their ideas are so simple and easy using stuff we already own {which is probably the best part}. I hacked a PB hurricane idea a week or so ago for a Fall centerpiece ~ and I had everything on hand to do it!

  10. Love these great, yet simple ideas! I was flipping through my latest subscription of Martha Stewart Living this morning and there was a Home Made Simple for the Holidays insert that showed how to make a simple rag garland. I think they totally stole that from you! Just sayin’…

  11. I love these ideas. I never thought to use old glass bottles as candle holders, although my husband might look at me a little funny if we polish off a bottle of wine and I start trying to cram candles in it. I could see him just saying, “I think you’ve had enough…you know candles aren’t corks, right?” :)

  12. Great ideas and I have to remember to buy some chalkboard paint this weekend…love the tray that would look neat above my dry sink.

  13. Gorgeous! I love the tray chalkboard and the little wooden stools.

  14. Lovely! I’m really liking the grapevine, nuts and old photos in the glass vases. I could do that!

  15. Awesome ideas! I just recently purchased some chalkboard paint and have plans for revamping a few things in my home. Just a quick comment about using “leaves of any kind” under your turkey …. don’t use Oleander leaves, they are poisonous. Haha, couldn’t help myself! By the way, I love your blog, you are so inspirational!

  16. Gorgeous ideas!

  17. I love stealing Pottery Barn’s ideas! I made the Indian corn candle and wrote about it on my blog. So easy, and it looks so pretty on the table!


  18. Beautimous….thanks for the images and the inspiration!

  19. I am always amazed at how simple yet gorgeous Pottery Barn magazines are styled! Thanks for the inspiration, I have a composition notebook full of little inspirations I found looking through Pottery Barn’s magazines. I’ll have to add these!

  20. I voted for you!

  21. also poisonous: rhododendron and many kinds of berries. so don’t put berries under your turkey with the leaves unless you’re sure they’re cool.

  22. Those little pedestals are adorable~I might make one out of a cheap bamboo cutting board and a few wooden legs. Not that I have spare wooden legs laying around, but I bet they are cheap at Michaels.

  23. I love the table of all glass pieces, so beautiful!

  24. No poison ivy leaves either, although they are pretty!

    • That would be a Thanksgiving to remember. I guess if you never want to host Thanksgiving again that would probably do the trick.

  25. I have been on the search for an extra large tray I can turn into a chalkboard since I saw this in the catalog. Love it!

  26. Great ideas, it’s no wonder their catalogs draw me in every time!

  27. Thanks Nester you read my mind. Every time I get that catalog in the mail I totally tear it up, pulling out everything I can possibly hack. Recently I made some wooden bins from pallet wood which were inspired by PB’s desk trays, you can see them here on this post:


  28. Thanks for breaking down all those ideas….it makes it so much easier to focus on what is possible. Very glad to know about the Mrs. M coupon & being found at Walmart!

  29. Love this! Thank you for breaking these down and making suggestions for cheaper alternatives. I’m adding your feed to my reader!

  30. I made both a wreath like you pictured and a sap bucket lined with Indian Corn this year… so fun and organic!

  31. This is a Christmas Decoration but I just noticed that Pottery Barn has cute little Paper Stars. I don’t see why those couldn’t be made yourself with some old sheet music and this tutorial http://www.origami-fun.com/origami-lucky-star.html

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  33. Stunning quest there. What occurred after?
    Good luck!

  34. Great design! I do love your work!

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