Making a Coffee Filter Wreath and Tree and Things of That Nature

I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last to make one of these voluptuous, show stopping wreaths.

I used extra large white filters and hot glued them onto a wreath with the clear wrapping on {why unwrap it?}.  You can practice with folding the filters different ways to get different looks.  This project took about an hour and cost less than $5.

See how HUGE it is?  I liked it so much that I decided to make a tree too.

Get you a styrofoam tree form and do the same thing all over again.  I worked from the bottom up.

And again, it took me about an hour.

About half way through you will be convinced that you have lost your mind and that this project has already wasted 30 minutes of your life and that there is no way it will ever look like a tree.  Keep hot gluing.

I decided that I liked to fold most of the filters in quarters making sure not to press the ruffled part flat that way it would be nice and fluffy.  I folded some in half again after the quarters {is that 8ths?} just to mix it up a little.

Work your way to the top {by starting at the bottom you’ll ensure that the filters are already starting to point up as you pack them and glue them in–this is what you want at the top of the tree.

Then take your scissors and trim it up until it looks like a Christmas tree.

I’ve already put the wreath in our family room, it’s a year ’round wreath that you could add seasonal items to if you want.

And the tree is glorious.

I’m glad I stuck with it and finished it.  It’s great for Christmas and would be beautiful on tables at a winter wedding.

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Don’t want to make a wreath? Buy Coffee Filter Wreaths on Etsy from::

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Do you have a coffee filter project?  Link it up and share it with us–if you are selling them in your etsy shop, feel free to link to that as well.


  1. Super Super cute girl! I love this idea!

  2. I love the brown filters and in following your links – the stained ones. The pink ones are so pretty!


  3. We are such HUGE coffee fans that I HAVE to make this. Christmas or not. I LOVE the wreath!!

  4. Those projects are both beautiful and thrifty ~ just my style! Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. Love the size of yours. I’ve seen them around but they’ve all been teeny tiny….similar to the one that I linked up. I love the coffee stained ones but the bright white looks fabulous in your space!

    Oh and might I add that I LOVE that you’re already decorating for Christmas! I’m right there with ya!

    Kendra aka “Domestic Princess in Training”

  6. These are beautiful. But i can’t help but wonder if this is one of those crafts that looks fabulous in a picture on somebody else’s blog but in real life looks a lot like some coffee filters glued in a circle…?

    • Wondering the same thing. I like the look of the wreath in the picture…usually you are not going to get as close to a wreath on a wall. The tree…not so sure about that one…the shape seems a bit funny and the coffee filters are just really obvious. Love everything else though! Your stuff is so pretty!

  7. Fab-u-lous! Love the tree…I haven’t seen a coffee filter tree around Blogland yet. I think you probably just started a new craze, Nester. ;) I need to get off my hiney and try a coffee filter wreath. Maybe in red for Christmas?

  8. It’s amazing to see how these turned out. I am heading to Michaels today for my wreath.

  9. Nadir@StitchSense says

    Oh they’re beautiful! I have yet to make a coffee filter projects but I might try it! I am actually going to do a tutorial on my blog soon of a yarn wreath I made recently. I’m a crocheter so I love working with yarn in all seasons & a yarn wreath just seemed to fit :-) Take care!

  10. I spy the satanic ram.

  11. ok, I was resisting the urge to make something out of coffee filters until I saw that tree!! I am tempted to skip work today and play with coffee filters all day.

    Looking forward to seeing the projects that peeps link up!

  12. Did you use 2 whole coffee filter packages? I’m going to go buy the supplies for BOTH of these projects today and I want to make sure I get enough. I’ve been wanting a Christmas three for my bedroom for several years, and the white tree will be perfect! Living A Bona Fide Life

  13. I have made the wreath before and it’s hanging in my bathroom and I LOVE it, but the tree, my word the tree is to die for.

    Luckily I’m already heading to Joann Fabric’s today so Im’ just going to add that little tree form to my list. It’s GORGEOUS!

  14. Another must do project for me:))) Love it!

  15. Love the tree! I have some smallish cardboard cones (used for thread, I think) that my grandmother gave me. I may do a version of the tree using cupcake wrappers.

    This isn’t my tutorial (I spotted it on One Pretty Thing), but I made one of these coffee filter flowers and it is STUNNING.

  16. Love the tree and the wreath, and that pendant is amazing! I’m not a coffee fan, but I’m thinking i DO like coffee filters now! :-)

  17. That’s so stinkin’ cool! The possibilities are endless!

    Why yes, you have created a monster. *evil cackle*

    Now I’m off to add coffee filters to my grocery list…..

  18. Carol Settle says

    Just wanted to say how awesome that wreath looks and I am on the way to the craft store to today to try it out! I love your blog. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  19. The wreath is fabulous! I haven’t seen a coffee filter tree yet and I adore it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Sherry

  20. Love the coffee filter wreath! So cute :)

  21. Okay. So I am not a wreath kinda girl normally. However, you add the words coffee and filter to the word wreath, and now I think I NEED to make one. ;)

    I love that you added all of these links, btw.


  22. One more reason for me to love coffee:) Thanks for sharing!

  23. LOVE the wreath!

    I linked up a crafty project using filters that I did with my boys this summer!

    Coffee filter Paratroopers!

  24. Thank you so much for posting this. I was admiring your wreath/tree the other day and was meaning to ask you where you got them.

  25. Thank you so much for including a link to my wreath!

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for sharing it!

  27. that is so so cute! great ideas! i have made the garland before – obviously there is so much more to do with coffee filters!

  28. I am going to check out those Etsy sellers… I have always wanted to make one of these but never have gotten around to it, so why not support a handmade seller right? Thanks for the beautiful pictures and the tutorial.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE that wreath – and the gigantic sphere is AMAZING!!!

  30. I think I’ll try this wreath, Nester! I like it white and that you can leave it up all year. I have seen them around blogland and I do have a wreath and coffee filters and hot glue, so it’s basically mumbling that I should make it. ; ) I could just see sticking a bow on there to go with different seasons or holidays, too.

  31. i just found your blog and am in LOVE. dying to make this project.

    thanks for blogging… it’s a highlight in my stay at home mom life.

  32. Um, NO I don’t have one but you just added something to my list to do TODAY. :) Gah, it would have been such a lazy day too..;)

    Love it.. of course.

  33. Now something to do with all those filters that are the wrong size. Have to get a wreath…

  34. those look so great, I really like how the white picks up the light in the room too (nice for the dark, winter months!)

  35. Wow! That is just beautiful!! I love the voluptuousness. Wow, I didn’t even know that was a real word.

  36. Awww, thanks so much for including me in you fantastic post. Loving the wreath! It looks fantastic!

  37. Pretty! I haven’t made any yet, but I will soon.

  38. Thank you so much for the tutorial and explanations for the wreath and tree. We are in one state with our home on the market and because of “planning ahead”, our Christmas decorations are in storage in another state. We are calling this our “homemade Christmas” and are searching for inexpensive but glamorous ideas! The wreath and tree will look great and won’t break our budget! Thanks again for sharing, can’t wait to get started!

  39. Ok. I must have been out of the loop on this coffee-filter-craft-thing! This is so cool! I acutally have a ton of white coffee filters because our new coffee maker has a built-in filter. I am definitely doing this!

    You always have great ideas!

  40. Who knew? Gorgeous, I can’t wait to do this with my girls!

  41. yours is my favorite, by far. I’m so glad you posted this! I have SOOOO many coffee filters and will now be able to put them to good use!!!! :)

  42. BE-A-U-TI-FUL. Gorgeous. I’m sitting here at my computer, looking around at various places in my house, wondering where I could put one of these babies.

    My favorite part, I think, is that you didn’t unwrap the wreath form. You are just so dang smart!

  43. This really looks so awesome!! Thanks for the idea. I’m featuring it on my website sometime soon. :)

  44. Oh my stars you just made my day. I have had the supplies to make one of these for a month now and have been too afraid to start~because I needed visual aides and was too lazy and pregnant to look them up. Love you, Nester.

  45. I stinkin’ love this post! What a good idea! I’ve never seen this before, but now I am definitely going to try it. The wreath is so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  46. Gorgeous!!!! oh it!!
    PS. I love were you moved the satanic ram to…looks good there too. I didn’t mind it in the bedroom, but just needed somethign flanking it. He looks to scale over here!

  47. I LOVE the ideas! How creative! And you did a beautiful job!!! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Love it! I have a ton of coffee filters just waiting to be used (we now use the Keurig K-Cups)…off to buy a wreath.

  49. Oh! I can’t wait to make this!!! Thank you!

  50. I happen to have about SEVEN packs of coffee filters in my cupboard, because my MIL likes to buy them for us… way more than we can every use. I figured they would rot and yellow before we got to them! Tada!! I know what I”m going to do with them! :) (I’d make her one too, but she’d probably be irritated I used them for a craft project LOL)

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