31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 17:: Messy Organization

I like my home to appear pretty, clean and organized.

But I don’t care enough to do this.

Right now my drawer o’wires suits me just fine.  I’m sure it would drive normal people nuts.

I stole the title from Productivity 501 here’s a quote from the post::

some types of “messes” are actually more efficient than rigid organization

-Mark Shead

Is there something that works fine for you that others would see as chaos?


  1. Love the cord drawer. We throw all of our toys in one bin. If there feels like to many to clean up, there are too many to play with! And we toss them! Anything that needs extra organization like legos or blocks is chucked or saved only for big kids who will keep them in order while the little kids sleep–they must’ve proved their orderliness before playing with those messier toys. Having more than you can handle is no fun for anyone, but what does that teach our kids? We’re all happier with fewer toys in our home.

  2. Courtney Landes says

    I just found this series, even though it’s 3 years old.

    I have a middle ground between the super neat wrapped cords and the tangles drawer o’wires (fighting with the tangled wires to extricate the one I need would frustrate me as much as having to unwrap & rewrap the wires every time.)

    Toilet paper tubes to the rescue! You don’t even have to roll them up neatly to do this–just loosely wad the wire so that the whole wad is about 6-8 inches long and then stuff it in a TP tube.

  3. We have a drawer just like yours, but I label each one so we know what it goes with.
    I wrap a 4in length of masking tape around the cord once and stick the ends together, leaving a tag to write on.
    And if you use washi tape, it’s pretty as well as functional ;)

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