31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 14:: Coffee Cabinet & A Giveaway

This post is dedicated to my sister, the person who introduced me to the wonders of the coffee cabinet.

For at least 6 years now {in 5 different houses} we’ve had a coffee cabinet.  You know how you always try to put your coffee maker right next to the sink so you can easily get water unless you are rich and have a fancy coffee maker that’s hooked up to your water in the walls?  Now, we always MUST have a cabinet dedicated for coffee paraphernalia.  In this house we couldn’t believe our luck to have an entire skinny cabinet to use for coffee and tea.  The cabinet holds the coffee, the grinder, the mugs, the filters and our disposable to go cups for guests.

And if for some crazy reason, you don’t like coffee, I bet you can apply this technique to all sorts of different things in your kitchen.  Make yourself aware of how you are using your kitchen and take note of if you can make a few adjustments that will make more sense.

I’ve become addicted to keeping charming disposable cups in my coffee cupboard. Many times guest come sometimes they need to leave early in the morning or simply want a to go cup of coffee or something hot. So, instead of sacrificing one of our coffee tumblers, I give them a to go cup and they are SO impressed.

And….LOOK at all of this adorableness?  I feel like I am playing house.  Garnish, a long time partner with Nesting Place provided me with all of these items.  And I’ve been known to order replacements a time or four.  Once a girl get used to having these items, it’s hard to live without them.  I think the ripple cups and lids and the striped paper straws are my favorite items.

See that disposable wooden cutlery? If you are hosting any type of gathering this fall or Christmas season, you’ll want to check out all of the food storage, gifting items that are available at Garnish. You can stock your coffee cabinet, get your lidded containers for handing out Brunswick Stew to your neighbors, and be the envy of your friends with your to die for paper straws.  Have I mentioned that I like the paper straws?

I even use Garnish to wrap my Christmas presents.

You can feel it, can’t you?  A giveaway.

Leave a comment telling us what you would Garnish in your home and be entered to win one of four $25 gift cards from Garnish {$25 goes a LONG way at a shop like this!}.

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Special thanks to Garnish for sponsoring this giveaway and helping us make our homes more functional.


  1. I’d love some of the berry baskets, the 2oz plastic bottles, and the disposable wooden cutlery. :) Probably some of the gable boxes too, for gifts!

  2. I think I would definitely get some adorable striped straws! How cute! My boys (and I) would love them! And I would also get some to-go coffee cups…especially since the last time my in-laws came to visit, they took two of our coffee tumblers with them while we were away at church. If I’d had the disposable ones, I wouldn’t be looking for a new coffee tumbler to take to work with me!

  3. I would love the gable boxes for holiday giving!

  4. I love the twine, paper straws, and the wine boxes!

  5. oooohhhh. . .the berry boxes, and the paper straws and the rippled coffee cups with lids and some clamshell containers. It’s all so beautiful and fun!!! What a clever, useful website. Thanks for the giveaway and post. :)

  6. I LOVE this site! I would definitely pick some things from That’s a Cuppa, Stick-em-Up, and Oh Goodie… love their ideas!

  7. We also have a coffee/tea cabinet and I’ve always been a believer in assigning a function to my cabinets so that the daily tasks we perform in the kitchen are easily accomplished. For instance, when my boys were little, I had a snack and cereal area in the cupboards with their plastic bowls and cups so that they could grab a bowl of cereal or a snack after school all by themselves. Even now, in the tiny kitchen here at the Love Shack, every cupboard has a function: spice/baking cabinets near to the stove. Coffee/tea, mugs and sweeteners in the cabinet closets to the sink. Snacks/crackers/cereals with daily dishes above the dishwasher cabinet for easy unloading and plating. Pasta stored with the big pasta pots…you get the idea…but if you need some visual aides (like me ;)…I’ve blogged about my cabinet organization at the Love Shack here: http://con-tain-it.typepad.com/my_weblog/2010/02/typical-tuesdayon-a-thursday-3.html
    I also love the travel cups and the gift boxes for goodies for my grown sons…thanks for a fun giveaway. Fondly, Roberta

  8. And i thought i was the only person to have a coffee/tea drawer under my coffee machine! I would get those great disposable coffee cups – they are gorgeous and the colours are just right for my kitchen. I would store some right on top of my coffee machine. The girl’s night in goodies look great as well – they would be perfect for a tween birthday party – they could be an activity and the favour.

  9. Thanks for introducing me to Garnish! Love the adorableness of their products!!!!!!!

  10. Didn’t tell you how I would use their products!!! we have recently built a new home and still have workers in and out! Most of them come early in the morning and are always up for a cup of coffee! I usually just give them a small Styrofoam cup from the cabinet, but not any more! Can’t wait to order some cute ones that I can write Thank You on!

  11. Ihave a coffee cupboard too! Ialso have a “kid” one – you know, that houses all their sippees and special plastic partitioned dinner trays, and special monogrammed cups…I have a bread making cupbord, with it’s very own set of measuring cups and spoons in it, so I don’t have to wash anything before I can get started.

    And without a doubt, I would get the Kraft Paper Loaf Pans. I love giving away homemade bread and this would be perfect!

  12. I would garnish my home (read small college apartment) with disposable cups, lids, and other paraphernalia so that I wouldn’t have to hunt people down to get stuff back.

  13. Garnish has so many great ideas. I could send my husband to work with lunch NOT in a tuperware that just gets left in the car or worse at work!

  14. Nester, you’ve done it again. What a fabulous idea. I’m off now to go clean out a cabinet and load it up with all the coffee and tea supplies. Oh, and I would luuurve the berry baskets!

  15. I would definitely order some of those adorable to-go coffee cups. We have company often, so that is an ingenious idea that would definitely come in handy!

  16. OH MY GOODNESS! I have been in search of the perfect to go coffee cup for over a year! I love to throw showers at brunch but hated having to hand cover my ugly wal-mart to go cups with cute paper. It was time consuming and not nearly as chic as these crisp white ones with lids. I was immediately drawn to that but since you said the ripple were some of your faves I’m gonna have to try those for my son’s first birthday party coming up. This may have just inspired a safari theme! And those gift boxes you made are incredible, I’m going to use those or the cute take out containers for the favors! Thank you so much for this great tip! I love love love garnish!

  17. Eeep! I love the idea of the paper coffee cups to have an outdoor chili party! But I must say, the thing I love and use the most from Garnish is the Kraft baking loafs. I make cakes ahead of time, bake them in the paper pans, freeze them, and then take them out one sweet loaf at a time. I have lemon and orange chocolate cakes in my freezer right now. One doctored up mix will fill 4 pans. The pans are just the right size for desert for my family!

  18. I’d also like to take this moment to thank you for your square basket idea. My kids snack drawer just got SO much better! That, and I can’t live without my coffee cabinet.

  19. The Playdough to go is really cool! Especially since I just made some playdough for our homeschool activities!

  20. The disposable cups, the uber cute cutlery, the sweet little display pieces for little desserts…..a new home, a new state, a new group of friends…..and lots of entertaining to do to bring all these “new” things together! I’ve been dreaming of how I can make our weekly get-togethers with our new small group at church easier (aka disposable), but beautiful….thanks for the garnish tip!

  21. I just recently started having a coffee cabinet because the coffee mugs seemed to be everywhere in the kitchen and I am amazed at how much easier it is in the mornings and how much more space I have in the cupboard with the glasses now that the coffee cups aren’t in there.

  22. I would just order everything from them. I’ve been coveting Garnish products for the longest time. (I’m now considering a coffee cabinet. It seems so organized.)

  23. judy rettele says

    I recently stumbled on your site through organized simplicity. I love your decorating ideas and the colors so much. That I am changing my home to these colors and I just decorated 2 months ago.
    Your ideas are incredible and so easy. I slap myself when I see these ideas and go why did I not think of that. You have really inspired me. Judy in Topeka Ks

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