31 Days To A Less Messy Nest Day 14:: Coffee Cabinet & A Giveaway

This post is dedicated to my sister, the person who introduced me to the wonders of the coffee cabinet.

For at least 6 years now {in 5 different houses} we’ve had a coffee cabinet.  You know how you always try to put your coffee maker right next to the sink so you can easily get water unless you are rich and have a fancy coffee maker that’s hooked up to your water in the walls?  Now, we always MUST have a cabinet dedicated for coffee paraphernalia.  In this house we couldn’t believe our luck to have an entire skinny cabinet to use for coffee and tea.  The cabinet holds the coffee, the grinder, the mugs, the filters and our disposable to go cups for guests.

And if for some crazy reason, you don’t like coffee, I bet you can apply this technique to all sorts of different things in your kitchen.  Make yourself aware of how you are using your kitchen and take note of if you can make a few adjustments that will make more sense.

I’ve become addicted to keeping charming disposable cups in my coffee cupboard. Many times guest come sometimes they need to leave early in the morning or simply want a to go cup of coffee or something hot. So, instead of sacrificing one of our coffee tumblers, I give them a to go cup and they are SO impressed.

And….LOOK at all of this adorableness?  I feel like I am playing house.  Garnish, a long time partner with Nesting Place provided me with all of these items.  And I’ve been known to order replacements a time or four.  Once a girl get used to having these items, it’s hard to live without them.  I think the ripple cups and lids and the striped paper straws are my favorite items.

See that disposable wooden cutlery? If you are hosting any type of gathering this fall or Christmas season, you’ll want to check out all of the food storage, gifting items that are available at Garnish. You can stock your coffee cabinet, get your lidded containers for handing out Brunswick Stew to your neighbors, and be the envy of your friends with your to die for paper straws.  Have I mentioned that I like the paper straws?

I even use Garnish to wrap my Christmas presents.

You can feel it, can’t you?  A giveaway.

Leave a comment telling us what you would Garnish in your home and be entered to win one of four $25 gift cards from Garnish {$25 goes a LONG way at a shop like this!}.

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Special thanks to Garnish for sponsoring this giveaway and helping us make our homes more functional.


  1. Everything!! I would garnish everything! Especially my coffee cupboard:)

  2. 806 comments! I guess I am not the only one who loves Garnish..it is on my favorites list. I have a Keurig and would love the coffee cups and packages to pack Christams cookies! Cindy macintosh603@hotmail.com

  3. I would totally set up a coffee cupboard for my hubby…he would be soooooo impressed!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win something really cool :)

  4. How neat! I def need a coffe cabinet. What a great idea.

  5. I would love to garnish my Christmas gifts. I have already ordered from her to package my embroidered baby gifts and they turn out soooo cute!

  6. Must. Have. Coffee. Cabinet. What a great idea — and great products from Garnish!

  7. I, too, love those to-go cups, the striped straws (pink!) and would have to do some cute to-go containers topped off with some bakers’ twine. Love all the Garnish-es!

  8. I would Garnish up my food packages that I take to the families with new babies at our church. It would be SO much cuter than the disposable aluminum trays! I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

  9. pick? you seriously want me to pick ONE thing? ha! i love it all… every. last. thing. It is physically and mentally IMPOSSIBLE for me to pick ONE thing… so what is my fave? GARNISH is!

  10. I like the ice cream exchange. That’s what I’d get my wife to do.

  11. I really think I’d go with the coffee stuff myself. I don’t personally like to drink coffee, but I think people who do look so dignified. I would love to be able to serve coffee and it look really cute.

  12. I don’t know that I could pick a favorite. That would take some serious contemplation. I love it all!

  13. There are so many things I would buy – striped straws, twine, labels… So fun!

  14. Coffee garnish. Maybe it would make my wife like to drink coffee.

  15. Love the ripple coffee cups!

  16. I would order Kraft Molds to make Christmas gifts in! That would totally dress up and ease up my Banana Nut Bread frenzy this year!

  17. I agree with Rhonda, there are too many choices but that ribbon that you “garnish” your Christmas presents is a good start, and those boxes are great too!~

  18. I would Garnish all of the random odds and ends that have ended up junking over the top of our microwave into one organized pile. I would also use the throw away loaf pans for Blueberry Crumble bread I give away at Christmas and Thanksgiving. What a great site!!

  19. What a fabulous site! Thank you for the introduction. I would Garnish my Christmas baking. I also LOVE the coffee cupboard idea and will have my own by the end of the weekend. :-)

  20. Disposables for traveling guests! What a great idea. Generally I really do not like to use paper plates or cups but I will for this from now on. And love those ripple cups. Thanks! Have a great Saturday.

  21. I love your coffee station idea and we have a simalar one. Hoowever after reading your post I think that I may go and tweek ours.

    As for the garnish, even if I don’t win I am going to order some stuff for thanksgiving leftovers. I would really like to win though! Thanks for such a great series.

    :) Michelle

  22. ooh! this would be perfect for me!! every year i’m blessed (read: stressed!!) to be chosen to host thanksgiving dinner for hubby’s family. and every year, we run out of water trying to prepare and then clean up after this wonderful dinner. i’m still new enough to the family to want to make a good impression and i’ve been searching for some alternatives to the regular paper & plastic – i think garnish would do the trick nicely and earn me some oohs & aahs!!

  23. oooh! the straws, the to-go cups, the loaf molds…

  24. We’re big football fans here. I can just imagine how cool it would be if I “garnished” our tailgate party!

  25. And I LOVE the idea of a coffee cabinet. It almost makes me wish we were coffee drinkers here just so I could have a coffee cabinet.

  26. I would love to use Garnish things for gift giving. I love to make baked goods and give them to friends. This would be perfect!

  27. I always have a coffee/tea cupboard, too! A definite must!!! Garnish products are wonderful. I love any type of container!! Blessings!

  28. Wooden berry boxes! I’ve been looking for these forever but didn’t know what to call them in my searches. Yippee.

  29. I love the coffee idea!! I will definitely do that too. Also I think the cookie boxes are really cute too. Perfect for Christmas goodies!

  30. Oh, geez. I would garnish…well, everything. My home decor, gift wrapping, wardrobe, everything in my life are of the minimalist approach–not because I prefer it that way, but because I am too dang cheap to pay full price for pretty much anything. So, instead of buying that cute throw pillow or patterned ribbon or bangle, I wait until it goes on sale (and it either never does, or it sells out before I get back to it. Grr). So thanks for entering cheap little me in this giveaway!

  31. I have started an annual cookie swap, so I would get cute containers for that, and window boxes for the guests to take home their decorated grahm houses.

  32. I like the straws.

  33. Rachel Millard says

    WOW! Can’t wait to win!

  34. I would love to garnish my son’s upcoming birthday party!

  35. Great Blog! Oh my gosh! Garnish!, what couldn’t I Garnish! Lets see…. Care packages to my lovely daughter away at college, gifts, parties, I think I could garnish everything!

  36. I just started reading this blog… wonderful timing, I am so enjoying it!!! I am blessed with a cozy coffee and tea corner… I have mugs and tea and coffee, but find myself looking for to-go cups that fit our rustic style… the ripple cups and lids would fit so beautifully!!! But then, the disposable wooden cutlery is so very unique and would fit in so well, too…. I need to check out their website!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful and inspiring ideas!!!!

  37. Stefanie Boe says

    I would definately go for the paper straws! I didn’t even know they were something I could buy! My kids demand straws.. I’d feel better about paper over plastic.

    I also love this idea about a coffee cabinet… great idea!

  38. Jennie Roland says

    I have a coffee cabinet! Yeah for coffee cabinets! I would garnish my meals and see if it makes my kiddos more tempted to eat them!

  39. I’m loving those clear acetate boxes and the baker’s twine and the clear containers that Barefoot Contessa uses and the disposable cups and ………………… Guess I like a whole lot of their goodies!

  40. so many things I didn’t know that I needed! Let’s see, I could use some coffee cups of course, as well some paper straws. But I was alos thinking that the glassine bags or goodie bags would be great to replace all those ziplocks I use in school lunches.

  41. loooove garnish! those striped paper straws would be perfect for lemonade at my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday- which is candy shop themed :)

  42. i love the “garnish a front porch” ideas!! what a beautiful way to welcome new neighbors!

  43. Ooo, I’d love any coffee accessories… those to-go cups would be so fun. We host people regularly, and I’d love to send them on their way with a nice hot cup to go.

  44. Don’t know if the giveaway is still on but I’d love to Garnish the coffee bar that is soon to be in our home – my hubby would be happy!

  45. katklaw777 says

    What a neat site… I would Garnish my xmas candies, cookies and other baked goods.
    I like the coffee cupboard idea and will have my own soon. thanks.

  46. oh my gosh i just bought my first coffee maker and i need a coffee cabinet!

  47. Just about everything :) but my niece’s birthday is coming up so something for her

  48. oooooohhhhh – BIG fan of the wooden silverware :) I would definitely get that.

  49. Garnish is lovely! I like all of their products and would be so happy to shop for all the bits that make wrapping things up pleasant and tidy! Thank you!

  50. I love making homemade munchies to give at Christmas and I am kind of tired of using Dollar Store tins–Garnish goods would be WAY cuter!

    I could also use some cuteness when delivering meals to new moms. I try to deliver in disposable so they don’t have to worry about washing/returning.

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