This post is dedicated to my sister, the person who introduced me to the wonders of the coffee cabinet.

For at least 6 years now {in 5 different houses} we’ve had a coffee cabinet.  You know how you always try to put your coffee maker right next to the sink so you can easily get water unless you are rich and have a fancy coffee maker that’s hooked up to your water in the walls?  Now, we always MUST have a cabinet dedicated for coffee paraphernalia.  In this house we couldn’t believe our luck to have an entire skinny cabinet to use for coffee and tea.  The cabinet holds the coffee, the grinder, the mugs, the filters and our disposable to go cups for guests.

And if for some crazy reason, you don’t like coffee, I bet you can apply this technique to all sorts of different things in your kitchen.  Make yourself aware of how you are using your kitchen and take note of if you can make a few adjustments that will make more sense.

I’ve become addicted to keeping charming disposable cups in my coffee cupboard. Many times guest come sometimes they need to leave early in the morning or simply want a to go cup of coffee or something hot. So, instead of sacrificing one of our coffee tumblers, I give them a to go cup and they are SO impressed.

And….LOOK at all of this adorableness?  I feel like I am playing house.  Garnish, a long time partner with Nesting Place provided me with all of these items.  And I’ve been known to order replacements a time or four.  Once a girl get used to having these items, it’s hard to live without them.  I think the ripple cups and lids and the striped paper straws are my favorite items.

See that disposable wooden cutlery? If you are hosting any type of gathering this fall or Christmas season, you’ll want to check out all of the food storage, gifting items that are available at Garnish. You can stock your coffee cabinet, get your lidded containers for handing out Brunswick Stew to your neighbors, and be the envy of your friends with your to die for paper straws.  Have I mentioned that I like the paper straws?

I even use Garnish to wrap my Christmas presents.

You can feel it, can’t you?  A giveaway.

Leave a comment telling us what you would Garnish in your home and be entered to win one of four $25 gift cards from Garnish {$25 goes a LONG way at a shop like this!}.

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Special thanks to Garnish for sponsoring this giveaway and helping us make our homes more functional.