31 Days To A Less Messy Nest:: Bird Watching

Possibly the best post on decluttering that I have ever read:: Common Roadblocks to Decluttering @ Simple Mom, she points out an underlying message for some decluttering excuses, it’s like counseling for people like me.

Melissa’s 31 Day post titled Good Enough first of all, she stole one of my titles for an upcoming post I’m doing for 31 days, you know, great minds and all, plus, she would have to be a mind reader to know she stole it plus, I think the title fits her post better.  Plus, she said stuff I would not have thought of.  Read the post.  It’s a good one.

Organized Excess is the Cousin of Clutter via @ Minimalist Moms. Reminds me of FlyLady’s saying “you can’t organized clutter…”

Itty Bitty Mini Makeovers from BooMama makes me want to go visit a friends house and get inspired to make a few small changes in my own home–I like that she’s talking about little things that maybe lots of people wouldn’t notice right off but, they make a HUGE impact on how SHE sees her own home.

Emily, another fellow 31 Dayer is on a ROLL two of my favorite posts: Better Than Yesterday and Making Due.  And basically every other post she’s ever written.  I love her blog.

How not to simplify @ Small Notebook a classic from the archives and the comments are great, I think about the picture in this post often and wonder how I am sabotaging my own efforts to simplify.

Be sure to visit the other 31 dayers::Life With My 3 Boybarians, Reluctant Entertainer, The Inspired Room, Remodeling This Life, Chatting at the Sky, Balancing Beauty and Bedlam, My First Kitchen,  over the next 31 days. Want to read all the Less Messy Nests posts? Click here.


  1. thank you sweet nester for the bird watching love. i have a good enough titled post too! time to change it :)

    happy weekending!

  2. I have checked out these ‘birds’ and love the idea of ‘itty bitty mini makeovers’ from boomama. I have a similar idea regarding cleaning. I used to think it was an all or nothing event, now I just think small steps add up to big ones. Spending 10 mins cleaning or rearranging a corner is one step closer to the whole room being the way it should and the satisfaction of getting something extra done lasts all day, sometimes more, especially when in a busy household regular chores are done over and over without seeing lasting results.

  3. Thanks for the links!

    Yesterday I received a real swift kick the pants in the cleaning and decluttering department. The coil in my oven broke and spit sparks and smoke. I used a fire extinguisher on it, called the fire department and ended up with two trucks, 8 firefighters, one sheriff’s deputy and a slew of neighbor kids in my yard. Thankfully, nothing major happened except for a) I now need a new stove and b) that extinguisher left behind *THE* biggest mess of “nuisance dust.” It got on everything. My husband and Iiterally wiped down every surface last night and today I’m moving to the cupboards. Needless to say, my house is getting CLEAN, sister, because of this. I’m not telling my husband what’s dust from the fire extinguisher and what’s just dusty, though. :)

  4. THANK YOU, thank you, thank you, for the link to SImple Mom’s Decluttering post. You are so right! Fantastic. It’s extremely helpful to see the beliefs behind the actions. “Other people’s conditional happiness” – I SOOOO needed to hear that one.

    Did I mention “THANK YOU”?

  5. I too have found that I can “simplify” and not overwhelm myself with cleaning all at once. I now just try to spend even 15 minutes to half an hour at something and sometimes I will get into to it and keep going! It is very surprising how just a small amount of work can really make your house look cleaner. Keep it simple, a little bit is always better than not doing anything at all!

  6. I often have friends who want me to help them organize their house and I tell them the wouldn’t want me because I would make them throw out and get rid of most of their stuff. Thus, I don’t help people organize – I’ll teach you how to do it, but I won’t do it for you. (I posted this at Minimalist Moms too! Those are all great posts. We all need to learn to live with less and stop buying things to satisfy us – cause they won’t! I love organizing, but if there’s too much it is just not possible to make it organized even with the prettiest of things!

  7. I just visited each of your suggested blogs and what a treat. I’d have to agree with you that they are all super good. Thank you for “bird watching” I wondered what that title meant till I read it…..was concerned it might be bird watching:)

  8. I am loving the 31 Days series-thanks!! I have one question about decluttering…what do you do about your boys’ toys they’ve outgrown?? You know, the ones you keep thinking you should hang onto for grandchildren…as in “your dad used to love playing with this!” This is a major clutter problem for me! I can let go of anything else, but not certain toys…Help!!

    • I get rid of most of them. Right now I still have their Thomas the Tank engines and tracks and that’s all. I”m seriously considering selling them so we can take a trip the the Atalanta Aquarium. They are all for it.

      • Thanks for replying! The big stuff is what is killing me…the train table..why would I want to hang on to that!?!! I keep thinking we could enjoy the money now, too (DisneyWorld)!!

  9. Thank you sweet girl…..Good Enough is a pretty awesome and unique title. I might copyright it. Wait, mine is actually 31 Days of Autumn Bliss:: Good Enough. Yours would be 31 Days to A Less Mess Nest: Good Enough. I think you are in the clear.

    Oh how I heart you. Sure you won’t come with me next week?

  10. Cute! And so fitting…less mess! In a in…31 days? Good thing I hired a professional organizer this month!

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