I’m putting this photo of our bedroom {in makeover process} at the top of this post because

because I don’t want to put this photo at the top of the post.  This is the other side of my closet.  My weakness. The top of my dresser.  And I just cleaned it off about 36 hours ago.  I have clothes putting away issues. But that’s another post.  See that white thing on my dresser?

It’s where I store my jewelry.  And tights?  And knee socks? And belts?  Jewelry everywhere is cringing at this site, praying to their makers that they won’t end up in my hands.  I need good ideas on how to organize my jewels.  Because I like jewels.

And I think you like jewels too.  Erin from the Vintage Pearl thinks everyone would love more jewels.  She’s a partner here at Nesting Place and thought since we all love jewels it would be a good time to sponsor a giveaway.  Two lucky winners will win a $75 {!} gift card to the Vintage Pearl.   And look at some of the lovelies you can buy.  I think I would get the Vintage Love Birds.

Leave a comment and tell us which piece of lovely personalized jewelry you would get from The Vintage Pearl and if you have a great idea for my jewelry storage issues, tell me that too!