31 Days :: The Floor is Not To Store

Do you have things stored on the floor that have been there so long that you don’t even see them anymore?  I know I do.  Look around each room for items that have purposely or accidentally found a home on the floor that don’t belong.  That stack of magazines, school book bags that are on the floor constantly, that grouping of photos to be hung on the wall~ just waiting.

I’ve been amazed at how just moving something into a closet and clearing up the floor can make my house seem bigger, cleaner and less messy.

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  1. Cortney Lovelace says

    I am def. guilty of this one! I love that rug- where is it from?

  2. So true so true!!! I will try and pick up some floor junk this afternoon!!

  3. Baskets! Baskets! Baskets! With 2 young boys and about 500 matchbox cars, the key to a lovely home is beautiful baskets to store away all of the toys! Love the rug Nester, is it new?

  4. Luv the Rug!

  5. I am bluuuuushing b/c I am very guilty of this at the moment!! Our little camcorder bag has been stuffed on the floor in between a trunk and the TV armoire for longer than I care to admit. And I have this disease where I can’t stop changing out my purses, which wouldn’t be so bad except for I don’t take the time to return the unused purses back to our bedroom…so we have a nice stack of purses on a chair in the kitchen. For shame! :s

  6. I have loads of things stacked on the floor, on top of each other. :(
    That rug is GORGEOUS! Love it with your dresser.

  7. LOVE the rug – it looks great!

  8. Yes. I am sure you will receive a bazillion other comments regarding your rug. But I have rug envy right now. ;) LURVE it. AND your 31 days to a less messy nest…the realistic approach. thank you. thank you thank you. My fave so far: stop apologizing. I do that ALL the time!!!

  9. Wii box from like last spring is stuffed between my couch and end table, picture frames leaning up against the wall in the dining room (really, I’m going to hang them someday before I die!), stack of kids books sitting NEXT to the bookshelf in the living room, Trim that I’m “thinking about” laying against the baseboards….this is just my main floor!!! I am so guilty of this! This is my “project” this week – get the clutter OFF the floors! Thanks for the kick in the pants : )

    • Talk about timing…I just unpacked a box of CDs and cassettes that were plunked in the middle of the family room floor. The room really isn’t used that much unless we have the grands over or on holidays, so WHO CARED? Obviously, no one until today. Holidays coming and it was not pretty. I have a few more things to work through, but it’s a dent on my way to a tidier nest

  10. L-O-V-E that houndstooth chair!

  11. You are absolutely right, Nester! I have a habit of being worse than everyone else in my house {even though I’ll get on them about their stuff}. I blog and work on my laptop in our living room. I tend to put things on the floor in there, especially projects I want to work on, plan to work on, am in the middle of working on or think I should be working on. Friday I made a conscious effort to pick up the material, craft project, box, wreath, and a few other things and put them away. When I am ready to actually do the project or craft I’ll go pull them out. Obviously, having them in front of me on the floor wasn’t helping in getting me to do them.

    Next to deal with is the dining room table, which, because it’s a room we rarely use and is more of a pass through between the kitchen and stairs, has become loaded down with my sewing machine, some folded laundry, my new laptop which hubby is installing software in, and my actual Fall decor that sits in the middle of this mess. Wish me luck! : )

  12. Yep, cute rug. I am going to miss this series. Off to pick up all the laundry off the floor. Not mine of course ;).

  13. Yes, I do that, especially in our master bedroom and in my closet, the black hole. I totally agree with you! It helps so much to be organized! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rug……ahhhhh……..so pretty!


  14. Isn’t that the truth? We had some friends over for dinner over the other night and my husband had to step over the magazine basket and the stack of magazines next to it cause there wasn’t enough room left in it! Needless to say, I started a magazine purge the next day!

  15. Dearest Nester,

    One question…however do you keep that gorgeous rug so beautifully white with 3 boys and a dog? I have only 1 boy and 1 dog, but sometimes even the brown throw rug looks dirty!LOL

  16. This is hands down our biggest issue. James Bond thinks the floor is a perfectly acceptable place for well, everything. It drives me mad. Mad, I tell you! You can tell where he’s been by following the trail of stuff on the floor. And he LEAVES it there! Aaaahhhhh!

  17. Amen! I actually cleared up several piles from the floor for a birthday party last weekend – and my house feels great! (toys, bags from vacation in July, projects, books) I don’t have a great place in my living room to store throw blankets, but maybe someday I’ll find something I love and am willing to pay for!

  18. yes, my floor turns to storage often. And you’re right, I just don’t see it anymore. Maybe something I can work on today. I just LOVE the rug in the photo!!

  19. Yes. Guilty.

    Looking around now I see it. I do.

  20. Great post and all very true. It was dreadful right after we moved into our house. We had boxes that seemed to take up ‘residence’ in certain areas of the room for weeks at a time. Granted we had JUST moved and were slowly unpacking, it still bugged a nerve with me that those boxes were everywhere.

  21. I looooooove your blue and white rug!!!!!

  22. I just did my Sunday Sweep of the house for this very reason, I like to start our week cleaned up and fresh. It always seems that over the weekend the floor becomes the drop all in our house. It feels so good when I walk the house with my laundry basket and pick up all the out of place items and then have the kids put them away, hang them up or help me find a home for them.
    BTW love the rug under your table!

  23. Yes, and if your house ever floods, you’ll be glad you did!! Our old house flooded just 4 or 5 inches but when you have stuff all over the floors–it’s a big mess!!!

  24. I am guilty of this one too. What I try to do when I notice that something keeps getting piled somewhere is to either put something else there (preferably something pretty), or make a spot (in a basket or something) to put the stuff. For example, we have very little bathroom storage, so my hair appliances always ended up in a pile next to my bed. I put them in a basket and it looks much better. Now if only I could train the toddler to leave them there.

    That said, I need to put away those two boxes of photos that are beside the bed…they’ve been there since July.

  25. I think that’s your office. . . but where did that glorious houndstooth chair come from? Have I just missed it??

    I never met a houndstooth I didn’t like. :)

    • JC Penney did a promotion for a new furniture line a few years ago. So they gave me a gift card and I added $$ to it to get my beloved chair. I love having my own chair.

  26. don’t think I’ve ever noticed that rug before. I love it!

  27. That is so true!!!! Uncluttered floors and countertops make such a dramatic difference! Hmmm…I need to go home and declutter :) I am loving these posts. Thanks for doing them!

  28. Is it embarrassing to say that this was the single best piece of advice for me in the whole series so far??? : )

  29. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that rug!! You definitely need to talk about that rug sometime.

  30. Well, just get me right in the heart why dontchya? ; )

  31. I know everyone else has said it already but… I LOVE that RUG! You should show us more pics of your floors we usually don’t see that angle :-)

  32. I absolutely LOVE your armchair and pillow and rug! In fact, I love the colors and styles of your house. I love the mix of old and new, crisp and delicate. And I love these short-but-sweet posts that are OH so helpful!

  33. that’s gorgeous! is that your new bedroom makeover? where in the heck did you get that amazing rug?

  34. I know this to be true, but I just can’t enforce it! I’ve got three very cluttered drop spots…the corner of my kitchen, the corner if my bedroom and the corner of my closet. Stresses me out to see the things I bring in but don’t put away. Would you believe I have a Target bag that has been sitting there for almost a year? Insane, I know.

    Want your rug! For my daughter!

    Happy weekend!

  35. Kathy Sandy says

    So seriously…. This is no longer an option ;) Tell us where we can buy that rug! Pretty please…..

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  37. Sean Sheridan says

    Is there a model number or SKU or something on the tag for this rug? I’m trying to find it for my wife. We both spent about fifteen minutes scrolling through every rug One King’s Lane has on their website and were unable to locate it. Google Image search was no help either. But I’m usually pretty good at finding things if I have names or numbers to search. Can you help me?

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