31 Days :: Don’t Put Stuff Where It Belongs

Have I ever shown you the inside of this hutch?

It’s part homework station, part holding area for a few of my husband’s books that he uses downstairs.

Instead of putting what’s expected in each area of your home, pay attention to how your family uniquely uses your home.  Then, put stuff where you actually use it.

What do you not put where it belongs?

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  1. I keep my youngest son’s cereal & fruit jars in the bathroom cupboard because I always feed him in there during his night bath:) My husband thinks it’s silly, but it makes sense to me…that is where I use it! Why run all the way to the kitchen? I wash the bowl & spoon in the bathroom also~ then put them back in their bucket in the cupboard…so glad to know other people keep things where they make “don’t make sense” because you use them there! I think it is so liberating :)

  2. I absolutely love your hutch. What color is it? Do you know the manufacturer or is it a thrift find? Your home is so lovely and inspirational. I can almost feel the warmth.

  3. my linen closet is my school closet.
    the red buffet houses school supplies.
    vintage suitcases house dress up clothes, dvds, wii supplies.
    nothing in my house is at it seems.

  4. I made an entire “buffet-looking” wall in my dining room. But, since I really don’t have lots of gorgeous things for tablescapes, I use this for other storage. For instance, the top of one cabinet has all of my not-often-used kitchen ware (pots, covered casseroles, candy molds, cake pans, etc.) I have extra decorating stuff scattered throughout, old pictures in a bottom of one cabinet, and a large/bulky storage area covered by a curtain between the two. It has worked out even better than I imagined!

    Here is a link to my new improved and functional dining room:

  5. After almost five years of looking longingly into our sunfilled guest room daily, in January my hubby and I moved out of our master bedroom and into the guest room. I still use the master closet but I couldn’t be happier in our cozy, sunny guest room.


  6. last year we moved all our dry food into the downstairs hall closet and our pots, pans, baking dishes, small appliances into the shallow pantry. My dutch oven barely fits, but it is so much easier to get what I need for cooking and to hide the good snacks in the back of the deep closet shelves. Who knew?

  7. Sing it sister!

    Living in a 100+ year old house means we live with little attacks of charm and character ALL the time. Namely: storage or a lack thereof.

    The first few years here I tried to use closets and such FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE. So we had, for example, a clothing type closet in our dining room (why???) because that is so where you want to keep coats and boots – not.

    It took years before the light bulb went off and I figured out that SHELVES transform the “stupid closet” into the smartest home office/game storage/small bar area ever!

    Ditto the soccer gear stored in the laundry room RATHER than the mudroom where I had tried valiantly to keep it. I followed the trail of clothing and finally figured out that I took it FROM the laundry to the mudroom where my kids dutifully took it BACK to the laundry room (to change!) I cut out the middle-mom and just added some dedicated “soccer storage” in my laundry room. Problem solved!

  8. Where did you get the majority of those gorgeous white dishes in your hutch? Love it!! Please email me

  9. Haha! I would not have expected books and paper lying in storage there for sure! But I’m a culprit of this, especially when guests comes over. Out of sight, out of mind!

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