31 Days:: A Review

Nester’s House of Less Messiness

  1. Big basket for super soft queen size blanket that can warm the entire family while we snuggle/watch The Middle on the sofa.
  2. Something less annoying than a cardboard box to corral our wandering remotes.
  3. Big huge lined laundry basket–the only thing large enough to contain all of their ever growing lego collection.
  4. $18 yard sale dresser that I painted.  It’s full of Harry Potter {books, not the character} games, and my excess frames and little urns and candles and tchotchkes.
  5. One of 4 laundry baskets that I don’t mind looking at because I ALWAYS have laundry in some form hanging out in the family room.


Winners of the Garnish Giveaway

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Kellie @ Blue House Academy

Heather Knutson

Lorri @ Lizards and Lollipops


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  1. I just want to say “Thank you!!!” for mentioning The Middle the other day. I’d never seen it, and my dh and I really needed a funny new show to watch together. We love it!

    I’m really enjoying the 31 days series.

  2. I’m glad your house can look a little messy sometimes, too :)

    The 31 days series is winding down!! I’m going to be so sad when it’s over! Will you girls be taking a bloggy vacation? I hope not, although you do deserve it!

    • no vacation here although I will not be posting every day. that’s SO hard! how do every day all the time posters do it?

      • When I was taking pictures and posting everyday on my blog last month I almost ran into the woods naked and screaming. Then, a few weeks later, I missed it. I’m weird.

  3. Colleen P. says

    But you forgot #6-Big brown dog to contain all the crumbs that get spilled whenever any child is in the vicinity.

    • yes!

      however, something is drastically WRONG with our dog. he does not eat crumbs. he’s like a snob or something, unless it’s in his bowl he won’t eat it.

      • Colleen P. says

        Oh dear-I think you should consult a specialist immediately, what kind of dog doesn’t lick up crumbs?!?!

        You’d think he was a cat!

  4. NO WAY!!!!!!!! I am so so excited! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  5. We LOVE the Middle and I feel like a kindred spirit when I see how many legos you have. ;) (That and the three boys who go along with them. We have three boys and then 2 girls, so I know what its like to have boy stuff you have to decorate around! :)

  6. I liked your idea about corralling the blankets so much that I am going to drastically reduce the amount of toys in the living room trunk (ie. take them all out), redistribute them, and use it to store blankets for cool Fall nights. :) There’s also a piece I got in my BU kit that is perfect for remotes. I just have to train the hubs to stick them in there!!! ;)

    That’s what I need!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the tip!

    Off to Wal-mart……

    Layla :-)

  8. I think that coffee tables should come with Lego bins underneath or something. I have two large rubbermaids full of Legos, still…

    That sound of all the Legos being dumped out still haunts me :)

  9. Do you have, like, a 365 day program? ;)

  10. A dog that doesn’t eat crumbs? Insane!
    I’ve never noticed the paint job on the blue and white table. LOVE IT.

  11. I was so surprised to see my name among the winners!!! Thank you so much!!!

  12. Do you have any tips for homework tables? My son (1st grade) has a homework table in the toyroom, and it’s in a constant state of chaos! I’m wondering if I had him use the dining room table (where we eat every night) if that would solve the problem. Then we would be forced to tidy it up.

    • Our homework table is the one in the family room there with the laundry basket on it. That table is PRICELESS!!! It takes up precious room but keeps our main eating table free.

  13. I love The Middle too. Too funny! Thanks for the awesome idea about having a basket for the blanket. I have 2 sets of blankets for the couches, to protect the brand new leather couches from the crumb-eating dogs and their long claws, but I never know what to do with the clean set that’s waiting to be put on the couch next. So thanks!

  14. We pile on the couch and watch The Middle also!! We call my daughter Sue sometimes cause she always has her school hoodie on.

  15. Please, please, please, help. I noticed the dog in the picture. How is it that even though you have a dog your house still looks beautiful, inviting, and clean? Can you pretty please write any tips you have about helping a pet fit into your home. Do you have particular routines? How do you deal with hair? How do you deal with the daily necessities? We have two lovely black labs but although I thought I was a dog person growing up, I’m finding as a mom in charge of the home I don’t enjoy them very much. I’d like to make peace with them and make a little room in the nest but I need some encouragement and any tips you can give. Thanks!

    • you just can’t see all the dog hair or the bowls in the picture. Hair is too small and the big huge bowls are in the kitchen. I think my house is 10 times dirty with a dog. But, he brings my husband, boys ok, and even me much more love.

      great post idea! thank you!

  16. I absolutely LOVE this picture…it is beautiful even in the real life…not magazine look. My favorite is the handle on the middle drawer of the dresser being up…cuz I have one like that currently (mine is the end drawer.) Wish I had thought of the nice looking laundry basket for my son’s legos when he was young. We kept his in a rubbermaid tote behind the sofa.

  17. wow…wow…wow….my first “gift win” – thank you so much! This is truly a delightful little suprise treat today to break up the monotony of studying for boards. Such a blessing….mwah!

  18. I too stick random stuff in hutches and dressers. Right now I have all my gift wrap in a dresser in the kitchen. It is temporary but people laugh that you can grab a spatula and tissue paper all in one space!

  19. I don’t know how much you care about Legos, or how many different kinds y’all have, but my mom bought plastic tackle boxes to put our legos in. One for space, one for Knights, one for City, etc….

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