31 Day Interruption :: Rug Alert

I interrupt this series to bring you a special announcement.  A deal on BEAUTIFUL rugs.

One King’s Lane is holding a 3 day sale {if they last that long} on LOVELY Amy Butler rugs made by Chandra.

They have all sorts of sizes and colors and 5 x 8’s start at $399 which is a fantastic price for designer rugs like these if you have been holding out looking for the right rug.

They even have beautiful shag rugs starting at $189 for a 5 x 8.  I ordered one.  I’ve been looking for one for ages and this is a great price.

One Kings Lane is a great place to find some amazing deals.  You sign up to be a member just with your email address and then you are invited to browse their 3 day sales.  Along with the amazing deals are some not so amazing for my budget deals.  But, it’s been worth it for me to keep an eye on what they have available for the great deals.

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  1. I just found One Kings Lane and drool on a daily basis now. Thanks for the heads up! I am need of rugs, and I hadn’t gotten there email yet on this sale. Your the best.

  2. That first one is GORGEOUS!

  3. I love One King’s Lane, too! It’s funny to me, though — I always wait for the cheap things, which doesn’t always happen. Sometimes there’s great deals (like this one above), or even for things under $30, but I always laugh out loud when I see antique sofas from China for like $15,000. Soooo not me. :) But yeah, I love getting the updates and seeing what’s new.

    • I saw a pair of drapes for $1800.

      And I think they were used.

      You know like out of a show house.


      But fun, and worth wading through the stuff I can’t afford.

  4. I love these rugs! Thank you for posting this!!

  5. Zoinks!!!

    That first style is one of my most favorite lines ever. I have it in the brown colorway and I love it. I so wish I needed a run in my bedroom. It would be the most perfect there.

  6. What??!! I did not know that she had a line of rugs!! I was soo excited when I got a great deal on one of her bags at TCC. THank you for sharing, I am going to go look!

  7. What a deal – I didn’t find exactly what I needed (do I get points for not ordering just because it was cute and a great price? please?) but aren’t they beautiful? I love OKL.

  8. Christy Koeberle says

    Oh man if only I could afford a 300 dollar rug. My husband would still kill me even if we could afford it! Haha. He’s the kind of guy that sees no point in overpriced stuff.

    Anyone wanna donate me that first rug? ; ) It’s worth a shot! : )

    • and the sad thing is that $300 is an AMAZING price for a rug–have you ever priced them? They can be thousands!

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