I have little doubt that you’ve seen this tray in photos here for the past year.  There aren’t too many things that I use as frequently as this tray that still look like new.

I love trays because you can use them for anything from serving a snack to displaying candles.  I’ve spilled a can of diet coke in this tray and you can’t even tell.

It’s called the Wonderful Grace Carved Wooden Serving Tray and it’s from Nesting Place’s BFF sponsor, DaySpring.   It’s not heavy wood like what you may think, it’s very lightweight and feels kind of hollowish.  I don’t know if they made it that way so it would be strong but I can tell you that I’ve dropped it twice onto my wood floor and it survived nicely.

This Wonderful tray is on SALE through the end of September~ it would make a nice fall addition to any home and make a beautiful Christmas gift.

And, for every 100 entries/comments left here at Nesting Place DaySpring is giving away one Wonderful Grace Tray!

Order one for yourself and enter to win one for a friend.  Or order one for a friend and enter to win one for yourself.  Or enter to win one for yourself and make cookies for your friends.  The combinations are endless.

Need help leaving a comment?

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After you post your comment, you will see it listed next on the comment page.   See how it doesn’t show my email address even though I entered it in the comment form?  And the website address doesn’t show but, if you clicked on my name where it says “nester says” then that would take you to the website I entered.  Computers are smart.

Now leave a comment telling me your favorite season and finger’s crossed, you’ll be one of the lucky winners!  Find out more about the Wonderful Grace Tray here, order now to save $10, go ahead and order one so if you win, you’ll have an extra.


mistreatment sale update and Lisa Leonard winners coming tomorrow