I like fall and I love for the seasons to be reflected in my home but, I don’t want to keep bins and bins of fall decor in my garage all year. Here’s what has been worth keeping or buying through the years.

1. A string of wooden beads.  I use them September through December.  I found them for 50 cents at a yard sale.

2. Nuts and or a few sprigs of pretend red berries.  Again, you can use them through Christmas and tuck the berries into whatever wreath you already have on your door.  Fill up a lantern, apothecary jar, or dish with nuts and it looks fall-y.  I also add in random stones and rocks that my boys have collected through the summer.

3. Golden greenery.  Ok so I made that name up.  A few years ago I bought those golden branches and I love them all year but especially in the fall.  You can put them in any container and they fall it up.  I like how it warms up my cool colors.

4. Velvet.  Velvet = Fall, Fall = Velvet.  The end.

5. Sticks and a dollar store bird.  Black birds are fall to me.  I have no idea why.  Maybe giraffes say fall to you.  If so, find you a giraffe of some sort and put it out in the fall.

6. Oh Shame.  Maybe I do need one tiny bin after all.  I am a sucker for a pile of realistic looking gourds and ‘kins.  I always buy real ones at the farmer’s market to put on our table but for high places like this, I pile up the fake ones.  These too, can stay up through Thanksgiving.

7. Feathers.  I use them all year, but they really look the best in the fall.  They also help warm up some of my cool tones.

8. Trays.  I love trays all year around but something about the fall harvest thing makes me want to fill them up with nuts and candles and bark and pebbles.  Or a feather. Or s’mores.

9. White pumpkins.  We all love them.  They look pretty anywhere.

10. Crisp weather. Open the windows and welcome that cool, crunchy morning air {before it turns 98 degrees because you live in the south}.

What’s your easy secret to falling up your home?