10 Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall

I like fall and I love for the seasons to be reflected in my home but, I don’t want to keep bins and bins of fall decor in my garage all year. Here’s what has been worth keeping or buying through the years.

1. A string of wooden beads.  I use them September through December.  I found them for 50 cents at a yard sale.

2. Nuts and or a few sprigs of pretend red berries.  Again, you can use them through Christmas and tuck the berries into whatever wreath you already have on your door.  Fill up a lantern, apothecary jar, or dish with nuts and it looks fall-y.  I also add in random stones and rocks that my boys have collected through the summer.

3. Golden greenery.  Ok so I made that name up.  A few years ago I bought those golden branches and I love them all year but especially in the fall.  You can put them in any container and they fall it up.  I like how it warms up my cool colors.

4. Velvet.  Velvet = Fall, Fall = Velvet.  The end.

5. Sticks and a dollar store bird.  Black birds are fall to me.  I have no idea why.  Maybe giraffes say fall to you.  If so, find you a giraffe of some sort and put it out in the fall.

6. Oh Shame.  Maybe I do need one tiny bin after all.  I am a sucker for a pile of realistic looking gourds and ‘kins.  I always buy real ones at the farmer’s market to put on our table but for high places like this, I pile up the fake ones.  These too, can stay up through Thanksgiving.

7. Feathers.  I use them all year, but they really look the best in the fall.  They also help warm up some of my cool tones.

8. Trays.  I love trays all year around but something about the fall harvest thing makes me want to fill them up with nuts and candles and bark and pebbles.  Or a feather. Or s’mores.

9. White pumpkins.  We all love them.  They look pretty anywhere.

10. Crisp weather. Open the windows and welcome that cool, crunchy morning air {before it turns 98 degrees because you live in the south}.

What’s your easy secret to falling up your home?


  1. Could you share your paint color on your wall with the white plates?

  2. I love the way you decorated for the season. Over here in Australia we don’t tend to do that (except Christmas of course), but I think it’s a wonderful way to celebrate each change in season!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration! I’m off to pick up a nice fall-ish giraffe! :)

  4. Nester…can I just tell you how excited I was reading this post!! One…we have alot of the same color scheme going on in our homes and I was literally thinking today how “summery” my house looked with the creams, tans and blues and now I know how to “fall” up my home…yay!! Also…I chuckled when you mentioned how black sticks and a black bird remind you of fall…me too! I can’t wait to get mine out :)

  5. 1) I love how “fall decor” stretches through three entire months–because I’m lazy and I don’t get around to changing things up very often.

    2) To me, Fall says it’s time to put out the giant ceramic pumpkin. My aunt and dad made it together in 1977, and my parents used to put it out every fall. I stopped by a yardsale my dad was having a few weeks ago and saw the beloved pumpkin out on a table with a sticker marked $3! After a lengthy lecture about tradition, I grabbed it up and brought it home to continue the silly ritual myself. I’m sure my husband was simply thrilled to have to find space in our tight storage for a giant ceramic pumpkin… :-)

  6. love me some white pumpkins!

  7. I love the glass boxes in your second picture (not sure what they’re called). Where did you get them??

  8. My house (esp LR) is rather fall in color and tone already (which irks me all summer long when I want it brighter and lighter!) So I tend to not want to bring in the usual fall colors/fabrics. But, white pumpkins! Now there is something I never thought of! Wonder if I can find them up her in Maine! :) Also, we have a Chinese horse-chestnut tree that is the bare of our bare feet in the fall… the kids love the harvest the nuts once they burst out of the spiky-ball shell, and we use those in jars for decoration.

  9. Totally #10. I can leave everything the same in my house and just open the windows and it changes everything! Oh, and burning a wonderful fall candle too! I love Farmer’s Market from Yankee in the fall!

  10. Do you remember where you bought the black candle lanterns? I really like them. Having fun watching the Ebay auctions. So glad you did that……toooooo interesting.

  11. I’m all for the velvet. I love the added texture!

  12. beautiful ideas!!!
    love me some ‘kins and velvet!

  13. I love you beautiful and natural autumn decor.

    The leaves are already turning here. I usually have a large wooden bowl of leaves, acorns and conkers. It always reminds me of collecting things for our nature table at school!

    Would love to find some white pumpkin decor here in Ireland – we only seem to have very fake looking bright orange ones.

    I am afraid (very!) I can’t do the feathers though – I have a real phobia of them and they freak me out!

  14. As a Canadian girl from a prairie province I can say that fall has DEFINITELY arrived here – frost warning last night! One of my favorite decorations for this fall are the (horse) chestnuts the kids and I gathered from the neighbour’s tree.
    Just over the past year or two, I have started changing some decor as the seasons change. My kids LOVE it. Now I look at it as another small way to bring joy into our home :)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  15. Am I the only person in the world who has never seen (or heard of for that matter) a white pumpkin? lol Learn something new everyday! Where would one find a white pumpkin? :)

    LOVE THIS! It made me giggle! –> Velvet = Fall, Fall = Velvet. The end.

  16. I’m just starting to accept the fact that fall really is here and was thinking of decorating, but wasn’t sure what to DO to actually decorate for the season. We just moved and I now have a really cute front porch that is just screaming to be decorated. I like the idea of using natural items, gourds and pumpkins are a good start. Someone also wrote in the comments to use a bale of hay, and I LOVE that idea!

    Thanks for a great article and for sparking so many decorating ideas in the comments! Very helpful to a newbie fall decorator ;)

  17. I love the golden greenery, but how do you store something like that without it taking up a ton of space? That’s my big reservation about “investing” in items like that…

  18. I love these ideas. I always have trouble decorating for fall because I want to stick with the warm colors.. It never hurts to add some cool too! I think I’m a little better prepared for next season now. Thanks for all the great tips!

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  20. Keeping it simple is my favorite. I love warming up our home for fall. We have 4 boys and 1 girl and even our big boys appreciate the touch of fall in the house!

  21. LOVE the inspiration, thanks! I adore decorating for each season.. even if it’s still in the 90’s here in “fall”. :)

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