An Easy $5 Fall Wreath

I’ve had my eye on this Martha Wreath for awhile now and the other day, while in a craft store, I went ahead and grabbed some supplies.

Here’s what I used::

  • 14 inch straw wreath {no need to unwrap} :: $3.47 from Hobby Lobby
  • 2 packs of that rolled up wide raffia rope stuff :: $.99 each from Hobby Lobby
  • Hot glue

When I got home I did some research and found how the Martha people made the original wreath just in case there was some magic that I couldn’t see by looking at it.  Turns out, they use real corn husks, not that paper ribbon.  I followed the same method for the most part~

  • cut the rope into 6ish inch strips
  • unroll the rope to create a flat rectangle
  • cut the flat rectangle in half long ways
  • fold each part, hot glue the ends together and hot glue those onto the wreath in rows

I only did 3 rows and Martha did 4-5 I think her’s looks better, if you want that look you could cut your rectangles into thirds. And, if you don’t want to use paper ribbon rope raffia stuff, you could use wired ribbon, starched folded fabric, scrapbook paper, book pages, sheet music, wall paper, felt and I’m sure you are thinking of something right now that would work even better.

Is it fall yet?

This post added to TDC’s Fall before and after party.


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