Frame It

Old weathered frame for $3 from the Goodwill, white serving dish.

Have I told you how much I hate the placement of the light switches in this house?


  1. What a neat idea! I love how the simple, white dish looks framed. I’ve never understood how people put dishes on a wall. . . what kind of hooks do you use to hold them there?

  2. love the detail on that frame – gorgeous!

  3. yes, I love this idea. I spotted this a few weeks ago in one of your pics! This is absolutely something I will do! thanks, nester!

  4. Your home is so beautful, the light switches aren’t so noticeable.

  5. I like that!! The two different textures look really cool together. I have no words on the light switches. I suppose the only way to camouflage them would be to paint them the same color as the wall, but then how would you find them? ;)

  6. If you don’t mention the light switches, people like me won’t even notice! ;)
    Love the framed plate!! :) Did you seriously find that frame just like that in goodwill?? Lucky duck! I will have to “weather” my own…

  7. This is such a great idea! I LOVE the way it looks – so creative, and so simple. Perfect! I hate where our light switches are too — you’d think by now the world would figure out some sort of inconspicuous switch. :)

  8. Nadir@hodgepodge says

    I love that idea! Very cute & chic.

  9. Framing that platter like that is a genius idea! Nice work

  10. OH, Nester, I love how you frame everything. I get mega compliments on my framed silver (forks, spoons) ALL.THE.TIME. I love all your ideas!

  11. Have you ever thought of painting the light switch plates in the same colour as your wall? You can find them in the dark anyway.

  12. What a neat idea!! THanks for posting!

  13. Don’t even get me started on light switch placement!!!!! Every house and this is our 4th, ughhh. I so dream of a time when we’re able to design our own house ground up…sigh:-)

  14. love that! Man you are talented. Can I go thrifting with you…pretty please?

  15. my husband use to do remodeling/construction and he had a lady hire him one summer to rewire all the light switches and move them to her ideal placement. . .I just hide mine that I do not like. . I put a little shelf and then lean some pictures on the shelf against the wall. . covering up the lightswirch. I do this with the thermostat too. . .

    Have a good weekend-

  16. Wow that looks great! I have a frame that looks exactly like that only different dimensions that I have a piece of fabric framed in. Your idea is better. Hmmm you got me thinking here… Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow! I totally love that idea…. I’m rethinking avoiding the frames aisle in goodwill now. :)

  18. I have all ready copied your idea in my guest room. I loved it when you showed a few weeks ago. It looks great! Thanks again for inspiring!

  19. Clever girl! Looks perfect! And the switches, ya, not ideal, but it is what it is!


  20. I love that , that tray is such a cool shape too! If women designed the house I bet the light switch would be in the right place because most men just wouldn’t think about the decorating aspect of it (;

  21. I love this idea – now this is Nester style. I was looking back through past blogs and found your black lantern. Can you tell me if it came from TJ or HG and how big is it? Sorry for the questions, we’re planning something at church and these would make great centerpieces.
    Thanks for the help

    • It’s from my marshalls/homegoods–mine is one big store.

      They had like 4 different sizes but that one is probably 18 inches high

  22. Love it! I frame paintings…big frame, smaller painting…using the wall color and texture as the mat. Sometimes I have 2-3 smaller paintings in the large frame. It’s a wonderful look.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  23. I’m a lurker, but your website totally inspires me. Today I went to Goodwill for the first time. No painted furniture potential, but I found a great vintage platter!

  24. What a lovely frame!

    Have you thought about painting your light switch covers to match the walls? That would them less obtrusive.

  25. That frame, with that dish, with that chair…………………is perfect.

    When we built our house (if you build, you might like to do this) I asked that all the outlets (not switches of course) be put next to the windows..knowing that my drapery panels would hide them. They wanted to put the outlets right in the center of windows. They acted like I was silly…(the builders) but I have loved that little detail for 22 years.

  26. Builders(usually men ;)) don’t care about such things…we paid LOTS more money for all my electrical do’s & don’ts when we built. It was worth it though.
    The plate & frame are lovely…as are all of your ideas. I will try this with one of my MANY frames!

  27. I think this is quite brilliant. what a great idea! (light switches are a hate for me, as well. I find myself planting furniture in front of them all the time…)

  28. I love the clean white dish and rustic frame together. So simple yet elegant. Thanks for the constant inspiration!

  29. you get a big LOVE IT from me.

  30. Hi Nester,

    I just want to say that I love your blog and I want to contact you about advertising on here, possibly a giveaway! Anyway, I just can’t seem to find your email on here. Please email me at if you are interested. Thanks and have a great weekend!

    Bonnie :)

  31. I have plates hanging in a frame too…. but I LOVE the shape of that platter. So simple and wonderful.

    Warm blessings,

  32. What would it look like if you framed the darned light switches?

  33. OMG, I am so with you on light switches! Why do they have to put them in the center of the dang wall! ARGH!

    Meanwhile, though, love the frame/dish combo. I have a collection of old frames because I love them, and also a collection of old dishes, same reason, and I have been trying to think of a way to use them. This is great! Love this.
    ~Angela :-)

  34. Hi Nester,
    What is the beautiful blue/gray color on your walls in this room? I have looked over your blog but can’t find where you stated it. Maybe I am just blind.

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