If one of your lifelong dreams has been to have your home in a magazine today is a good day for you.

The upcoming episode? chapter? scenario? publication?  ugh, what do magazines call their next…ISSUE of Holiday with Matthew Mead is running a contest looking for a fresh home to feature.  Not only that, the winner will have their home styled for the holidays, by a team of wonderfully, talented people that come to your house and spend 3 days primping it to perfection.  This is SO exciting.  Not that I’ve ever wanted to have my home in a magazine or anything.

Anyhow, here are the official rules and stuff.  Yes, I saw that the very first rule is no renters allowed.  Trust me, no one felt that sting more than me. Not that I was planning on entering, I get to show off my house every day to the point where you are probably sick of it. But, as a renter it’s easy to feel second rate, so it hurts to be excluded from anything.  I asked why renters weren’t allowed and Matthew and Linda said it’s been an extreme pain in the past to get the appropriate releases signed and approved.  That makes me mad at past owners who couldn’t see the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a downside to having their home featured in a magazine. They could probably up the rent after it’s featured.

I’m currently petitioning to get the releases put online so any renters who want to try out can send in the forms with their entry.  I’m sure Matthew and Linda are in love with me and my emails right now, I’m sure they have nothing better to do than to cater to my every whim.  I have no idea if any renters would even want to apply but, I didn’t feel right about telling you about a great contest that excludes renters, without making a little fuss.  However, it’s Matthew’s contest and he has every right to say he can’t allow blue houses, or anyone who eats pop tarts, or that he doesn’t want to mess with renters, I’m an amateur and he’s the professional with experience and if he says it’s a big pain and not worth it to him, then I believe him.

I’m also thinking that you have to live in the US to enter.

Here’s what they are looking for in a nutshell::

Clean, fresh, light-filled modern sensibility with interesting collections and a description of some of your HOLIDAY traditions.

My guess is that they are looking for creativity more than perfection.

Angela, & Wendy, & Janel, & Britt & Lindsey, & Pink, & Kate, & Shelly you were some of the first people who came to mind that should enter–although I could list 79 more if I had the time.

Good luck!