Summerize Your Nest Part 3:: Collected

This is part 3 of a miniseries, Summerize Your Home Cool, Calm and Collected {no it’s not me spelling the word summarize wrong, it’s an attempt to be funny and lazy instead of saying how to make your home summery for the summer}

I just decided that this post needs a link up party so we can see your collection–link up at the bottom

In the last post about Calming your home, I told you of my love for all things accessory and how that can easily make my home feel cluttered and uncalm. Well, I have found a way to balance my love of things with my desire for a calm home.  It’s collections.  Like those birds up over our guest bed.  Even though there are 18 or so little black birds flying around, because it’s presented as a collection, it looks put together and not cluttery. It’s kind of like cheating.

All of these misfit white dishes magically turn into a collection when placed together on a wall. Whenever I find another plate, I just pop it up there.

I’m still working on a wall full of my black and white prints and shelves and stuff.  But I’m never one to wait to show you something till it looks perfect.   We all know that will never happen.

Our wall of empty frames up the stairwell.  I add to this wall little by little.

Grouping items of similar shape or color or identity is a great way to make a statement, not spend much money, and still display things you love or find interesting.  If you have things scattered about, consider grouping them for greater impact and for a more pulled together feeling.

There are millions of things that a person could collect or group here are 7 out of millions because it’s Monday

  • urns
  • framed photos
  • framed art {by the same artist or maybe same color palate, paint by number}
  • potted plants
  • framed maps
  • vintage cameras
  • mirrors

Here are some examples of creative groupings:

License Plates @ Vintage

Silhouettes @ Tatertots and Jello

Painted Vases @ ish and chi {she poured paint on the inside, brilliant}

Here’s an idea that anyone can do: display your collection of diamond rings.

Photo: Martha poor thing, I’m using her photos for evil, not good.  But I do love this picture.  However, I prefer to spend my money on lamps, not diamonds.

Framed Starfish @ While She Slept

Tissue Paper Pom Poms @ Home and Harmony

This could take forever to try to link to all the geniuses who have created collections so, just now I had a great thought–I want to see your collections.  Feel free to link up to an older post, no need to add in a link to Nesting Place unless you feel like it.  This is purely for inspiration purposes.


  1. I love the way your blue frames look!!!

  2. That table turned out to be the perfect height! Esp. for games like that!

  3. OH! I love that last photo of the 3 beds. When I was younger (I would write “little” but I’m still “little”) I l-o-v-e-d Madeline! Loved all the beds lined up in a row. So sweet… :]

  4. I could have been prepared for a grouping post. You’re so spontaneous. :)

  5. I know how much you love Etsy, so here’s a store for future use: Alysia makes the most beautiful paper poms in all sizes and colors. They are seriously gorgeous.

  6. Love this post and thanks for the linky! :) Linking up my jar obsession…yes obsession….

  7. I’ve been trying to come up with a way to display all of my diamond rings, so this really inspired me. Ha. (I wish!)

    It’s fun to see what everyone collects. Great idea for a linky!

  8. Great post! I love the blue frames. My husband isn’t sure about displaying empty frames so I’m going to show him your wall and I’m sure he will get my vision then! I hope it was okay to link 2 different collections. Thanks for hosting this!

  9. oh, what a great idea for all of my diamond rings ;) haha

  10. I love your blue picture frame wall and loved it even more in person! I love the starfish one too! Perfect for summer, huh?

  11. The collection of diamond rings cracked me up. What a life that must be, organizing all of your diamond rings. Fa la la la.

    Anyway, I love your birds above the bed and the blue frame collections. They are both gorgeous!

    I hope there are more “Summarize” posts to come.

  12. CCC – It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with the jar obsession :)

  13. Love your frames collection! Do you mind telling me what color you painted them? Thanks!

  14. I can’t WAIT to check out all these links, Nester. :) Thanks for summarizing your ideas for Summerizing our homes. ;)

  15. As I mentioned in my last comment you made me want to clear the decks, so I did! I removed everything from my dining room, and put back about half of it. I included a vase of hydrageas and voila! Soooo much better. I feel calmed in that room. Now, if I could just figure out how to do that with the rest of this cluttered joint I call my home…

  16. I don’t think you’ve ever showed us your guest room! I’m not a bird fan so that collection is not my thing, but I absolutely LOVE that plate display and the frame display! I am going to do a big plate display somewhere! You’ve motivated me to get out there and find some plates. Where do you find those itty bitty ones?


  17. My sister made my baby girl some of those tissue pom poms for her birthday! She actually made them out of pretty paper napkins. Genius!

    Have a great week!

  18. What great collections! I love those birds on the wall…and IF ONLY I had a bunch of diamond rings to display.

    I collect dust but I didn’t really think anyone wanted a photo of that. ;)

  19. LOVE the wall of blue frames – gorgeous!

  20. i agree…a collection always looks better. I LOVE your plate wall…just stunning.

  21. I love looking at collections and how they’re displayed. Thanks for the links. I can’t wait to check them all out.

  22. Nicole W. says

    Wonder-full post! Lots of great ideas from you and other posters!

    I’m hoping for some advice: How do you keep a collection looking like a collection and not a store display? It seems like such a fine line. I’ve been working over my mantel and so far it comes out looking like everything should have a price tag. Help!

  23. I got side tracked. I wanna hear more about your guest room. What’s your wall color? Is it the same as your living room? Or Oyster Bay? It makes me want to paint all of my furniture white. I’m so impressionable!

  24. the “diamond rings” that everyone can do!!! loved that. made me chuckle!

  25. What great inspiration you’ve shared! Can’t wait to check out all the links for more.

  26. Do dustbunnies count? Cause I have a killer collection of those! I love your site and am so inspired by it! Now if I could just take that inspiration into action it would be fantastic! Thank you for the lovely images!

  27. I simply adore the look of the painted frames running up the stairwell wall!! Janell

  28. I just found your blog today, and thought I would join in the party. I have an old home tour post that I linked up, and I show some mega groupings. Thanks for hosting, this is fun, off to see some more!~

  29. I would love to know what paint you used for your wall of frames. Also, could you tell me where you got the birds? Love the collections!

  30. I’m basically late to the party. Um, and basically used your empty blue frame collection/collage-y thing to frouf my stairwell a couple months back.

  31. link love!

    i had to prove to my readers that i wasn’t crazy putting empty frames on my wall! love your blue ones!

  32. Thanks for much for adding our girl’s room. I never thought of the pom-poms as a collection, but I guess they really are! I chuckled out loud when I saw Martha’s diamond collection. That was too funny and had a nice out-loud chuckle!

    Thanks again!

  33. Hi! I just saw my silhouettes on your super famous blog. I am so excited! I love seeing everyone’s collections. What a fun idea! Thanks for being so wonderful!


  34. your wall inspired a empty frame wall in my home too!
    Check it out

  35. I am lovin your blog! Hoping mine can be so interesting and well laid out some day. Just getting started. What a lovely job you do!

  36. Hello, I love looking at collections and how they’re displayed. Thank you for sharing this

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