A friend of mine is selling her darling house and I was so impressed with her home’s website that I wanted to share it with you.  These days, having an online presence when your home is for sale is vital.  Why not take it one step further than the MLS listing packed with bad photos taken by a Realtor {my apologies if you are a a realtor who takes fantastic photos, some of you do exist–but lets face it, you are the expert on selling houses, not taking photos}.  If your home is for sale, consider creating it’s own website packed with professional photos that show off your home.

Let’s just look at this no nonsense, practical beauty in all it’s glory.  It screams, move in and love me. Beautiful, professional photo, simple design and great curb appeal.  Half the battle is convincing people to walk through the door.  I want to see more, don’t you?

“A new home for you to love”.  She’s got that right, half the battle when selling a house is getting the wife to fall emotionally in love with it.  This owner  knows her beloved home is no longer her home, it is merchandise that is compared to other merchandise, in this case it happens to be a house.

The website has a ton of light filled photos taken from all sorts of angles {angels? wait, angles yes different perspectives, not heavenly beings} so you can see the walls, floors and ceilings. Half the battle is getting good photos.

Remember, when you are selling your home, there is no need to paint all of the walls white.  This gray is very inviting.  I can picture myself living here, can you?  Half the battle is getting a potential buyer to picture themselves living in your house.

Don’t forget to show all the little details.  Once you have your website or blog for your home up and running, print fliers with the web address to put in the brochure box next to the for sale sign, my friend put links to the site on her facebook page and emailed her friends. Also, see if you can get the link added to your MLS listing.   Half the battle is getting the word out to potential buyers that your home is for sale.  Lastly, don’t feel weird that people will know the price of your house.  These days, what a house sells for is public information so anyone can find out how much your house sold for when you bought it. The goal is to sell your house, not to try to hide the price–be proud of the price because your home is a great deal, right?!

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